Saturday, January 16, 2021

5 Lessons From India To Help You Now


The Yoga Emporium, Rishikesh

Photo by Katya Nova

You all seem to love hearing about India. And it ain’t no secret – I love to talk about it. Today, while partaking in lesson 1, I started to reflect on all of the priceless things that I learned while in India late last year. 

In times of change, transition, loss, illness or upheaval – it can be helpful to reflect on other transformative times that have happened in our lives. Reflecting on the things that we’ve experienced can give us strength, insight and perspective on our current situations. 

Currently, my life is teeming with change and big plans. I’m preparing for a two month trip to Canada and New York. I’m getting married (!), moving (!),  planning my next trip to India and if the tides align, Bali. Amidst this topsy-turvy time, I’m grounding myself by reflecting on all the things I learned during my two month pilgrimage to India. 

I hope that these lessons help you and inspire you to take the time and reflect on all the big important things you’ve learned. 
Om Shanti, Lacey x

5 Things From India That Really Stuck With Me

Photo by Katya Nova

1. Slather yourself with oil everyday. Since India, I slather myself in coconut oil everyday. Sometimes twice. Not only is the process a nurturing one, it’s a way to cultivate Ojas – one of the three vital essences. Ojas is like the container that keeps us together. It provides stability, endurance and spiritual connection. When Ojas is depleted, we feel scattered, disconnected and sucked dry. So lube yourself up on the daily! Hot bonus – your skin will be really happy and healthy. 

2. We tend to recreate our most deeply engrained story-lines, no matter where we are and who we’re with. 
This is a wild one to witness. If you tend to find yourself in similar situations time and time again, it’s probably time to look at why and how this is happening. Sometimes we find ourselves living out roles and creating certain dynamics with other people. Without the self-work, we continue to live out our Samskaras – patterns, impressions and ideas that have been created and embedded throughout our lives. Samskaras can be positive and they can be negative. The negative ones tend to keep us from realising our own potential. See what things keep popping up for you and take the time to reflect on what needs to be released.  

Ancestor Ceremony on the Ganges. Offering thanks, forgiveness & recognition. Photo by Katya Nova

3. If 1% still lingers, you are not free from that suffering.  If there’s a part of you (even if it’s teeny-tiny) that’s still clinging to someone, something, some hurt or regret – you’re not free of it. This is a hard one to palate because it can take a long time to let something go and this can be frustrating. The answer? Just keep doing the work, letting go, softening and practicing. It’s like the thorn in the lion’s paw: be gentle, dig deep and eventually, you might get it out!

4. Meditation gets “easier” with practice. It really truly does. If yoga is hard for you, if sitting is hard, if breathing and being in silence is hard – that’s okay. STICK WITH IT. You have to practice and keep coming back to unlock all of the little treasures. It’s not magic. It’s just consistency. After sitting silently all the time, every day while in India, it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. Practice and all is coming. 

5. It’s not crazy to see the future, connect with pure consciousness or experience synchronicity. If you practice opening yourself up, if you take the roof off of your life and if you stop thinking you know everything – your consciousness will indeed connect to something greater. It’s not sorcery or crazy or really that mystical, it’s just the natural byproduct of going deeper and getting more connected. We all have the capacity to experience the purest part of who we are if we just dive deep and do the work. 
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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