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7-Day Colon Cleanse


The foods you eat have an impact on your body, especially INSIDE your body where you cannot see.

I was just reading a study by the US National Library of Medicine where they explained that “studies have revealed that exposure to and accumulation of toxins play a significant role in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity”.

And this is why we have been helping people with simple detoxifications for many years. Often using natural methods like herbs with healing properties like Turmeric and Clove.

A 7-Day cleanse is a recommended amount of time to focus on your health and proper detoxification. Usually on detox retreats like the ones Sophie Jones does in Costa Rica and Bali, are a 7-day or 10-day experience.

Please consult your doctor before starting a cleansing program. All our clients must have seen their doctor before commencing on any of our programs.

Cleaning “inside”?

But how about the inside? These body parts which are essential for everyday functions, the ones that never stops working even if you are asleep? How can we be clean inside in 7 days?

When should such a process start?

It does not matter what day of the week you start. The best day is always today. There are many things to learn about our colons; what it is, what is does and how we can make it healthier? Unfortunately, the first two is usually answered in medical books. Now, that could be a little boring but is very important. But as a rundown, colons are part of our digestive systems that is about 4.5 feet long and about 2.5 inches wide. This part is simply our large intestine.

How should a 7-day colon cleanse start?

A 7-day cleanse can start with a few simple steps, which is backed by colon mechanisms. One, you should take lots of water. Remember that the colon is tasked with water absorption, and the more clean liquid that passes through it is helpful in keeping it clean. This would also replenish the liquids that are used to flush out toxins in your body. Two, make sure that you are using a natural product for cleansing. There are products that can help you clean out the colon without suffering inconvenient side effects.

What happens while on a 7-day program?

Many side effects are associated with colon cleansing, like dehydration, skin problems (acne and more wrinkles) and worse the destruction of important intestinal flora. As mentioned earlier, dehydration can be addressed by taking increased water while on the cleansing process. Skin problems and destruction of intestinal flora can be avoided by using natural cleansing agents. However, you do not need to go through such places to gain the benefits of vitamins and supplements. There are already products that have would be able to clean your colon, by merely taking them. In seven days, you will surely reap the benefits of a clean colon.


Because of the fast paced lives we live, we cannot control what foods we will eat. We cannot always eat at home because of the constraints of time. But the problem with always eating out is that we cannot be sure as to what they would put in the food. They can place too much seasoning and MSG. we also cannot be sure as to whether the foods we eat are washed and cleaned properly.

All these things, both the good nutrients and any bad things, would be digested and the nutrients would be passed on to the different organs of the body. The remains of what we have eaten would be brought over to the lower part of our intestines and would be passed out as feces.

However there are times where in there would be some residue left in the lining of our colon where the deposits would come from. These residues would become harmful to the body if they are not removed. For this reason, it is important that we would use a colon cleanse plan to help take out the dirt from our body.

This program would allow us to rid the digestive system of the harmful things. Furthermore it would rejuvenate the digestive system and allow it to work to its optimum level. Without the dirt that will be taken out by the colon cleansing, the digestive system would not be so sluggish and would move smoothly.

After putting your body through a colon detox program, you will be able to feel a improvement with regard to your bowel movement. There will be a better and more regular bowel movement. You will feel ease as you do your bowel movements as your cleansing would help support the mucous membranes in your digestive system. As you detox, your body will be rid of whatever toxins your body might have. You will also get rid of any possible parasites that your body might be holding brought about by the many kinds of food we eat daily.

Cleansing with an Enema?

Because of the different types of foods we eat, our body becomes more susceptible to absorbing toxins. It is because of this that we need to make sure that we regularly detox and cleanse. It is thru this way that we would be able to clean our system and eliminate the toxins that slow our system down and possibly bring us health problems. Aside from taking the usual kind of cleansing foods such psyllium husks, many people opt to also use an enema kit, too.

What is Enema?

An enema is a liquid that is forced into the rectum through one’s anus. You would only use low pressure for enema. This is to make the bowel pass movement if the person cannot go to the toilet. The enema is also used for colon cleansing as the liquids (usually a coffee “good bacteria” enema) used are made of ingredients that are useful to the body. Another use for the enema would be to add good bacteria into the colon and treat some problems in the colon. This is a natural remedy that people use to treat a lot of illnesses and prevent other illnesses as there are a lot of bacteria populating the intestinal area.

Although we might not be sick, there are often still some toxins in the colon that could harm our body in some way. There might also be some underlying sicknesses that we do not even realize, such as some problems with our colon that result in bad skin. So by using the enema, you can release and make your body let go of the toxins through a good bowel movements.

In order to be able to do a complete enema, you need to have a douche that is pear shaped. This will be used to squirt the enema liquid into your rectum. You need to get an enema bag or enema bucket. You also need to get an enema tube which would connect the enema bag to the nozzle. You also need a tube clamp. Aside from all these things, you need enema liquid. This can be in the form of clean water, water with probiotics, water mixed with yogurt, water mixed with Epsom salt or water with coffee. You can also use fruit juices as these are natural ingredients.

When you are ready to conduct the enema, connect the nozzle to the tube then the tube to the bag. Place the liquid in the bag. Make sure it is filled up. Use the tube clamp to close the tube. Hang the bag about 3 to 4 feet off the ground. Lie on the floor with your back on the floor. Place olive oil on your anus to lubricate it. Rub olive oil on the nozzle as well. Gently press it against your anus. Once inside, slowly unclamp the tube to squirt the liquid in and release the liquid. Clamp the tube once the liquid is finished or you feel full. Keep the nozzle in for about 2 to 10 minutes then pass movement. After you go to the toilet, repeat this process once more. If you feel that the liquid was too much, lessen it. Make it a cup or a cup and a half lesser to make it easier.

Cleansing with Detox Tea?

As more people are getting aware about health matter, there are many emerging products in the market that promote different ways of detoxification. One of them is tea.

This is a natural laxative that helps the body to detox. It also makes the digestive system healthy. Because it helps the body get rid of all the toxins, it aids in the overall wellness of the body.

What are the ingredients?

To make the tea they use a myriad of herbs and plants. All these herbs and plants must be able to help in the elimination of toxins in the body. These herbs and plants must also help in removing waste from the intestinal tract. All these would eventually lead to aiding the body in absorbing nutrients better and easier.

One of the reasons as to why people must take cleansing tea is because there is the tendency for there to a build up of toxic matter in the corners of the colon and the intestines. This build up would be due to the occasional bouts of constipation each individual experiences throughout time. This buildup hardens, making it unable to pass through the digestive area. However as this toxic matter remains in the body, the body would feel the harmful effects of it as manifestations of it will show itself. These manifestations could be in the form of problems with the skin, some problems with the gastro area and a constant sluggish feeling.

How can Tea Help Your Colon?

The tea contains herbal natural ingredients that would calm your digestive system and allow you to purge out the waste materials. Some of these ingredients might include rhamnus purshiana bark, cassia senna leaf, rhamnus frangula barks, rubus idaeus leaf, berberis vulgaris bark, zingiber officinalis root, rheum palmatum root, stevia rebaudiana, foeniculum vulgaris seed, capsicum frutescens, mentha piperita leaf, camaemelum nobile, lobelia inflate and hydrastis canadensis root.

The amount of tea you would drink would depend on the brand you buy and the condition your colon is in. you also need to check as to how long you should take the tea. But the longest time you can take it is two weeks because there are some side effects such as nausea, headaches, cramps and diarrhea. This is due to the releasing of the toxins. Make sure that you check with the doctor as to whether you can take such tea in order to avoid any further medical problems.


  1. Priscilla

    This helped me a lot: DIY Colon cleansing herbs

    There are herbs that can be thrown together to create a recipe. They can cleanse liver, cathartic actions and they can be found easily. You can do it yourself, just study all about the recipe and that’s it. You can make your cleansing herbs. There are quick recipe herbal has been used such as: three to four fresh aloe leaves; a nice handful senna; fresh and not candied or powdered ginger; cayenne powder which can be found in powder form; and fresh garlic.

    Those are the simple ingredients needed. Now you’re ready to do the mixture herbal colon cleansing. The first and foremost thing to do is to crush the aloe leave. Use gel-like substance and pour in the middle. Put about three to four leaves into a bowl. Then use your palm, put senna on it until it gets full and simply add one table spoon of crushed ginger. Add one-fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper and about four cloves of garlic. Simply add your herbs and that’s it! Your colon cleanse recipe is ready.

    In order to keep your body away from these dangerous and harmful ailments, colon cleansing herbs was invented to help get rid of those sluggish bowels. It is the best way to achieve a healthy body, inside and out.

    Aside from being cheap, herbal medicine are very effective. It is natural way of curing. It is safe if you are sure that the process is done correctly. This method can also be considered as use homemade colon cleanse Often times, people combine one or two or even all together with water and the most important ingredient which is oil as stimulators.

    After taking the herbal colon cleanse technique, it is necessary to drink plenty of water as well as any vegetable or fruit juice before the initial procedure. This process will help the colon to flush out all the waste, contaminants or toxins present in your body. Aside from drinking juice, you should also eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  2. Kristina

    There are lots of colon cleansing products out in the market today. If you search such through the Internet, you would surely get a thousand or so results. So to find the best one, narrow what you really want.
    How to choose your colon cleaner?
    If you would really want to find the best colon cleansing product out in the market, find one that can make you feel more natural. Choosing your colon cleaner should also be convenient, so that it would not affect your daily activities. This should also be easy to acquire, imagine having to hike Mt. Everest just to find a good colon cleaner, so it would be wise to look for cleansers that are readily available. So the best colon cleanser should be natural, convenient and easy to get.
    Why choose a natural colon cleansing product?
    A natural colon cleanser has many benefits. It prevents the side effects of colon cleansing. There are some reports that such cleansing can dehydrate the users as well as cause the increase or appearance of acne or more wrinkles. Natural cleansers would also protect the intestinal flora found in your digestive system. These types of colon cleanse products also contain more nutrients that are important for the body.
    How to tell that colon cleansing products are convenient and easy to get?
    Convenient products should be available anywhere. You can carry them around without a problem and that the effects should not slow you down in your work or any other activity. These products should also be easy to get. You should be able to get these products in actual stores or over the Internet.
    What to choose?
    Acai berries are natural, convenient and easy to get. These berries are ‘superfruits’ from the amazons and the jungles of South America. Since the Acai berries are natural, it can prevent the side effects of colon cleansing, especially the destruction of intestinal flora. Such fruits are now imported from these places and are made available to everyone. Aside from the fruit itself, the Acai berries are now in convenient form that can have the same effects as that of the fruits. This comes in pills which are also joined by other products rich in anti- oxidants. Aside from all these, Acai berries are already available everywhere also as colon cleanse products.

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