Friday, February 26, 2021

Starting 7 Day Weight Loss “Juice Cleanse”


I love to do the juice cleanse part of the Weight Loss Cleanse Co program because it cleans me out, really my insides and also my out.

My skin is glowing, any mushy cellulite areas beginning to clear up and overall just looking and feeling so much better. So much fresher. Like a cloud has lifted in my life.

I walk outside and it is eternal sunshine. I feel so grateful to have discovered some of the specific cleanses for the body because they not only help to extend longevity, yet also they make me feel great! Like. Right. Now.

Not just doing it for extending my life — although I should think that the longevity effects are significant — but rather I just love how much energy I get from it now.

Everyday I have my go-to juice cleanses and also other detoxifications that I mix up and take during the day.

Some are for boosting the immune system. Others for clearing the digestive tract. Still more Bali-inspired detoxes for cleaning the colon.

What’s more I like to add my colonic irrigation theraphy at least twice a week to ensure I am not constipated and I am feeling well all the way through my body.

There is nothing worse for the body than constipation. It actually can quite rapidly lead to disease and a number of other nasty illnesses if left unchecked.

So that’s why I use specific flushes from the Weight Loss Cleanse Co program as well as use my own colonic irrigation system, which for me is simply using a home enema kit with warm coffee infused water.

Just wanted to blog this because just started my next 7 day detox cleanse and feeling AMAZING!

Stay tuned for more updates on my cleanse this week.

Sophie Jones.


  1. Lucy Morgan

    Oh! A hive of activity here must have been that post on facebook that sent everyone over, nice to hear everyone is so excited about this one. Am feeling better now by the way. Very good lasting positive effects once getting past the initial withdrawal symptoms.

    • Sophie Jones

      Hi Lucy! great to hear from you and am glad you are feeling better! It can be a struggle at first but when you get the hang of detoxing and cleansing you can begin to feel much better and fast! And when you do often it will result in uplifted light feelings and can be very nice.

      For me it’s all about getting past the first melt-down and then I A-OK 😉

      It’s all part of detoxing as you of course know and I saw some of the results you were getting so I think you are happy about it in the end.

      Sophie Jones Xx

  2. Helen

    Hi it’s Helen! Thought I’d find you all on here talking about it. Yes it was fantastic really amazing! Thanks to Sophie and everyone for making it such an amazing time i will not forget it.

  3. george

    I was in Bali Sophie and I really loved it! Great retreats and a fantastic detox program just looking forward to get the full 7 day program that you are on because I would like to continue now too.

    having been just back from Bali it has been on my mind a lot and have had thoughts about coming back and detoxing once more again.


    • Sophie Jones

      Come back George! We miss you and definitely detox starting again Monday morning. Try to keep up on it, we will have our Weight Loss Cleanse diet plan out very soon. Sophie Xx

  4. Julie

    Great! Found your new website Sophie and really like it. The clean effect works really well just like cleansing.

    Wow and I am always so excited to hear, and to learn more about, the detoxing and yoga and all the cool stuff that you do at home!

    Will be following along and applying everything I can for my cleanse.

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