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8 Tips That Burn Fat


Even if you’re always on the run and you feel you don’t have time for anyone or anything, try to be careful what you’re eating.

Do you feel that you never get enough time to rest? You have a lot of work to do and sometimes you need to go to business trips too. If you also have kids, you can kiss spare time good bye. Yet family and friends are so important for our mental balance…

And yes, you’d love to have fun and keep your figure at the same time, of course. It isn’t a wonder that the situation seems overwhelming. We have some pieces of advice for you so you know what’s good to eat and how you can keep your calm in any situation.

8 tips you should always consider

  1. Begin your day with a healthy meal and don’t forget about whole grains
  2. Don’t skip meals
  3. Hydrate your body
  4. Get enough rest!
  5. Whenever you have a snack, make sure it’s healthy and light
  6. Work out frequently
  7. Breath!
  8. You owe it to yourself and to the ones you love

Foods That Fight Fat

Simply put, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat. Most people don’t associate eating with fat loss, but it is a proven, scientific fact. The human body wasn’t meant to starve, and food is a requirement for survival and for good health. Since you must eat, you need to know the nutrients that promote fat burning.

Nutrients That Promote Fat Burning Nutrients that Promote Fat Burning

Consume Calcium

Calcium comes in numerous different foods, and believe it or not, it is essential for burning fat. Milk is the best source for this, but you have to use caution with milk, because if you consume too much, you will gain weight. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Tennessee found that consuming about 1200 mg of calcium daily helped people to lose twice as much weight in the same period of time, where the added calcium was the only difference. Go with low fat milk or skim milk.

Whole Grains Help

Do you enjoy whole grain cereal? Consume it with the milk that you will be consuming in your effort to lose body fat. This type of cereal contains the fiber and other complex carbohydrates that your body requires. Whole grains don’t cause any spike in your glucose levels. It is these spikes that tell the body to start storing fat and to slow the metabolism, both of which are detrimental to fat loss.

Oats are also a good source of fat burning nutrients. They are also rich in fiber, which helps to keep the metabolism going strong. Eat plain oatmeal – without adding sugar – each day for a healthy breakfast.

Other Fat Burning Nutrients

Capsaicin speeds up the metabolism, which in turn speed fat loss. This nutrient is actually found in jalapeno peppers. A great thing about these, if you can eat them, is that you can pretty much eat as much of these as you want without worrying about gaining weight. Mix it up with Chile peppers and habaneras as well as other peppers.

EGCG is found in green tea. This causes the nervous system to operate at a faster rate, which in turn means that you burn more calories even if you are sitting still. Make sure that you consume green tea before your workout, but try green tea in its purest form.

Other foods that contain the nutrients that can help you burn fat faster include chicken, coffee, pork, salmon, lean beef, tuna, turkey, and sardines. Make sure that you are preparing these foods in a healthy manner, however, without adding a lot of oil and other substances so that you get the most benefits from them.

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