Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Abdominal Liposuction: Risks, Recovery – Know Before, Not After!


Is getting liposuction to remove fat on your stomach really a good idea? Or is there a better alternative to this surgery?

For a start, abdominal liposuction dpes not remove all your abdominal fat, especially the “deep” fat.

I’ve heard this lamentation many times: “I tried diet and exercises; eat 1,000 calories and do 200 crunches a day. Nothing happened. My tummy shape did not change at all. So, I went for liposuction….”

Could it be the crazy craze of chasing after a flat tummy, a six pack, a sexy belly button that drives people to flock plastic surgeon’s office??!!

The Truth about Abdominal Fat

But do you know that a liposuction may not give you a flatter tummy?

This all boils down to the location of your abdominal fat.

Normally, it’s located in 2 levels: superficial and deep.

Superficial abdominal fat (or subcutaneous fat) is fat just below your skin and above your abdominal muscles. The surgeon can remove this type of fat by with liposuction.

The deep abdominal fat is fat inside the abdominal cavity on the intestines. The surgeon can’t remove this type of fat by liposuction because it would be too dangerous. You can only resort to diet and exercise to get rid of this fat.

Hence, if you’ve more of this type of fat, liposuction could imporve your tummy shape to a certain extent but would not completely flatten it…. And your dream of getting a flatter tummy is, what should I say, not there.

So, do you see the irony of the situation? That liposuction on your stomach doesn’t remove all of your abdominal fat. You still need to adhere to a combo of exercise and diet, to help slice off the “d-e-e-e-p” fat.

That’s after all the troubles and may be risks or even complications you’ve to go through with liposuction?

If I were you, I’ll stick to the tried and true combo of exercise and diet, which helps to slice off both superficial and deep abdominal fat. It’s natural, healthy and risk-free. No doubt it needs your hard input, but you get satisfying results all round.

Yet More Limitations…

Would you like to know more limitations of abdominal liposuction surgery?

Here, get a grip of all these:

  • If you’ve round abdominal musculature, the removal of the superficial fat may not lead to a flatter tummy too
  • If you’ve an abdominal bulge due to prominent or outward bulging abdominal muscles with little fat over them, you’ll have a hard time getting a flatter tummy from liposuction as liposuction will not affect the underlying abdominal muscle
  • If you’ve had pregnancy, it tends to stretch your abdominal muscles and cause your lower abdomen to bulge to a certain degree. This curvature of your abdominal wall muscles determines the flatness or the shape of your abdominal silhouette after liposuction
  • If you’re obese and subsequently lose substantial weight, it’s harder to remove the superficial fat because the fat then becomes more fibrous
  • If the surgeon doesn’t completely suction fat from your upper abdomen, when you subsequently gain weight, it’ll enlarge your upper abdomen and give the appearance of a bulky midriff

Oh, the Risks…

I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm if you’re “hot” for this type of liposuction, but I feel you need to know the risks before you go under the “knife”.

Ready for the “ugly” side of this surgery?

  • If you’ve had liposuction on the tummy before, a second time round definitely will cause deeper scaring or fibrosis within the remaining subcutaneous fat. The second time will be harder and riskier because of this excessive fibrosis
  • If the surgeon removes too much fat from your abdomen or you undergo liposuction in too many areas in one single setting, it’s dangerous because you could die as a result of it. The volume of fat, say like 8 liters (2 gallons) removed in a single setting, is considered excessive. This type of liposuction brings with it big time complications. It also results in gross irregularities of the skin. You also need to brace for prolonged recovery and possibly disappointing cosmetic results
  • Excessive duration and intensity of exposure to anesthesia can cause toxicity in your body and as a result you may experience light headedness, drowsiness, tinnitis, numb lips and tongue, muscle twitching and convulsions as well as slurred speech
  • The appearance of irregularities and depressions in the skin. This happens when the surgeon is tired or tries to do too much fat-suction in one session. If he or she uses large canulas, the risk of these irregularities increases. It’s common that the more fat removed from a particular area of your body, the greater the risk of fatty depressions (lipotrops) or fatty lumps (liponots)

Do? Don’ts?

You might think I’m too strong coming down on liposuction because thousands have undergone the surgery and are satisfied with the results.

But you can see that liposuction may not be the “be all” solution to your fat abdomen because it doesn’t remove all the fat there?

You still need to exercise and diet to get rid of those “d-e-e-e-e-p” fat that liposuction can’t fix.

My two cents worth: why subject your body to a surgical procedure that’s not medically necessary, may be even have to risk your life for it and then receive a backlash because the fat may return? Ooophs! You’re back to square one.

You couldn’t possibly go for repeated liposuctions (I’ve explored the risk of second time doing it in above para under “risk”) because there’s a limit to the amount of surgical trauma your body can safely withstand.

So, the safest way is to exercise and diet, to shed off the excess abdominal fat.

Whatever fat that you can’t get rid of, accept it as it is…

Anyway, if you consistently adhere to this combo, there won’t be much fat there for you to worry about.

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