Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What I Wish People Knew About Being Vegan


My  vegan wishes…

  • That I could present the facts and information to skeptics in a clear concise  way.
  • That my friends and family would see truth before it is too late.
  • That the general population would come to grips that they are being lied to every single day by the food industry.
  • That diabetics (type 1 & 2) could know there is an answer, and it is not a hard one.
  • That going vegan to people was something that sounded easy and enjoyable (because it actually is)
  • That people would understand the cruelty of what is done in order for them to consume the food they eat.
  • That people would understand the harsh addictions that are in things like dairy and meat.
  • That people would not associate political motives for things like living healthy, refusing to accept cruelty and destroying the earth.
  • That people in all religions and non religion would be able to incorporate a compassionate life, and would want to treat their body with respect and honor by living as healthy as they could.
  • That people would realize they are strong enough to break their addictions and from what they think they could never change.
  • That people could understand why we have the diseases that we do.
  • That people would see truth as something that is beautiful, and be thankful for it.
  • That people would WANT to live and thrive.
  • That people could understand what it is to feel life, to be healthy, and to be contributing to saving life.
  • That people would come together to help one another, not to rip each other apart.
  • That people would see past what the media shoves down their throats.
  • That factory farms would be made with glass walls, so that we could see what is happening.
  • That I could give people an ounce of what it feels like to be so sick that you are afraid you won’t make it another day, and let them know that if they continue to do what they are doing, they will most likely end up in the same place.
  • That I could give people an ounce of what it feels like to actually be healthy, full of energy.
  • That I could give people the strength they need to make it through a couple of weeks of detox.
  • That everyone could see themselves on the other end of giving up what they feel they could never give up, and see that it wasn’t that hard after all.

And a wish from one of my vegan readers!

“My wish is to give animals the ability to speak human. That way they could express their feelings on the way that they are treated by humans.
The factory farmers would hear the weeping from mothers as their babies are stolen away, the fear of the animals about to go to slaughter, or the despair of the animals realizing what will become of them.
My wish isn’t a cheery one but would give a voice to the voiceless. Plus, I would love to hear what my companion animals have to say to me.”


  1. Anonymous

    I believe that as a community of people we can accomplish a lot, and by supporting wonderful orginzations like the Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary we ensure that they can continue doing the amazing work that they are doing every day.

  2. help out!

    I was really fortunate to meet Ryan earlier this fall. He was the first person that I had met who was vegan, besides myself, and walking into his house and seeing all the vegan cookbooks was enough to almost make me cry, but that would have been weird, I was there to do a photo shoot of his family, and I hadn’t met him before. Anyway, I don’t know why exactly, but just sseing someone else who was vegan, and seeing cookbooks, and seeing an animal product free house was so encouraging to me and I finally felt normal about being vegan.

  3. Nat

    I love this video that I found on Stephanie Ernst’s page I love it because it’s so real and says so much about all of the different people who go vegan. The animal cruelty is a huge part of me being vegan. It did not start out that way, I started only for health reasons. And I was not one to even pay attention to the animal cruelty part, prior to reading all of the vegan books on health that I did. Growing up and into my 20′s I was taught over and over that eating animal products was a means to an end, something we just had to do, and I believed it. I have read a lot since then, and have come to a greater understanding regarding the ethical side of being vegan. I know there are some out there who have just begun the journey, and perhaps you started it because of health. I urge you to look at what the food industry is doing, and what is happening to millions of animals. Going vegan did not just change my health it changed something with in me that I hope to write more on in the future. But for now I wanted to share this very awesome video..

  4. Andrea N.

    I wish all animals of the world would stop suffering and being tortured.

    (I love your pictures, you’re really good!).

    BTW, I’m deinha_ny on Twitter–

  5. Diva

    I wish that getting proper nutrition as a vegan was easier for me (I have problems with anemia).

  6. Kerri

    My wish would be that the stigma associated with being ‘vegan’ would dissipate. It is frustrating for me to try to be an example in a world where such harsh judgements is branded against people who are vegan. When I talk to people about my dietary choices, I can tell them I chose not to eat meat or dairy, but as soon as I say the word ‘vegan’ I can see their eyes glaze over. It makes me sad and also frustrated. People have such a hard line drawn in their minds about what they assume being ‘vegan’ means and how hard it is. I know that if they could just drop their assumptions and look at the bigger picture, they would see that it is simply a choice of comapssionate living for all of our world and its inhabitants.

  7. holly

    ooh…me, please! i need some visible reminders these days of making good choices for me and my body!

  8. Christy

    I wish that everyone could find their True Heart. The only way for this world to change is if our hearts change.

  9. Eileen

    My wish is that ‘being vegan’ wouldn’t get more eyes rolling than ‘having depression’

  10. Sammy Hill

    I could only wish that we as human beings could start showing respect for the earth and stop emanating superiority over others. I wish this so being vegetarian or vegan would not be seen as a fad or some gimmick, but as a choice to instill an awareness of balance in one’s life. This balance that not only encompasses one person’s singular desire, but a true choice that demonstrates true understanding of the world around him/her.

  11. KD

    My wish is to give animals the ability to speak human. That way they could express their feelings on the way that they are treated by humans.

    The factory farmers would hear the weeping from mothers as their babies are stolen away, the fear of the animals about to go to slaughter, or the despair of the animals realizing what will become of them.

    My wish isn’t a cheery one but would give a voice to the voiceless. Plus, I would love to hear what my companion animals have to say to me.

  12. Mariah

    I wish that people would stop with the eye rolling or the “Oh’s” when i tell them i’m vegan, and realize that going vegan will save the planet. i wish they would realize that i’m not doing this to be a pain the rear, i’m doing it to be part of something better than just myself.

  13. Sarah

    I wish more people would actively try to understand why people choose veganism instead of writing it off as weird.

  14. vegsoon

    I wish that we find find more sponsors for our Bake Me Up! LA bake sales. We’re in a crunch for money and w/out sponsors, I don’t know how we’re going to make it 🙁 We want this bake sale to not only promote the vegan life style but to raise money for Animal Acres and Earthlings.

    Some of the companies I’ve contacted are already broke themselves and feel bad they can’t sponsor us. I feel bad for them too. I hate this economy.

  15. Matt

    I wish that being a vegan meant not having to answer questions like, “But where do you get your protein?” and, “So all you live on is rabbit food?”

  16. Missy

    Very pretty bracelet! My wish revolves around my mom – i hope she gets her act together soon and stops being so difficult. I miss who she use to be BEFORE the divorce. My parents were married for close to 40 years and split a few years back. Ever since she’s been bonkers.

    I want my old mom back and i HOPE one day soon i will have her again.

    See ya on Twitter. (m38967)


  17. lexie

    My vegan wish is that the general population would realize the negative impact meat consumption has on the world by educating themselves with literature and movies like Earthlings.

  18. marg

    My wish is that my son’s generation can see past hatred & ignorance and make the preservation & respect of this planet & its inhabitants more of a priority than the generations before.

  19. Anonymous

    I wish eating healthy food wasn’t such a departure from the Standard American Diet (*SAD*) and that by the time my daughter is a grown up, it isn’t anymore.

  20. Alex

    I wish people felt the way I feel about health, environment and other species.
    I wish we had more time to turn things around and save life on earth.
    I wish people didn’t care so much about material things so much.
    I also wish I hadn’t eaten half the pot of humus, I feel a little sick now.

    By the way I am peanutbanana on twitter.


  21. Annette

    I wish for half the strength and determination of my 16yo who lives a vegan life at a residential high school. She amazes me! Such conviction. So looking forward to having her home this summer so that my diet will improve dramatically – can’t have her eating on her own!!

    I am enjoying reading about your vegan “journey”. I will definitely browse the store if I don’t win!!! Continued success and strength to you 🙂

  22. woerer

    I wish that more people would realize that even though it is the American norm, eating meat is just as much of a political choice as being vegan.

  23. Candace

    I wish that no matter what people decide for themselves, they were forced to consider the implications of those decisions. I have a hard time pushing what I know onto other people, but I think too often it’s easier to turn a blind eye to things and continue living as they are. The biggest injustice in my mind is that there is suffering that is ignored because it doesn’t always have an immediate impact on someone’s life. Maybe if people were continually faced with what their choices involve, it’d be a little more difficult for people to continue to live their lives in a selfish way.

  24. varga

    I wish that everyone had a clear understanding of where their food comes from. If one makes the choice to eat meat, they should have to be responsible for ‘life to table’. It is far too easy to be removed from taking a life and eating that previously living being when the meat is only associated with a styrofoam tray and plastic-wrap covering in a supermarket. Many would be much more receptive to responsible/sustainable/animal rights positive nutrition.

  25. leslie

    My vegan wish is that my mom would go vegan. She suffers from sarcoidosis, a disease that I have been trying to learn more about. She is a ham sandwich and Dr. Pepper kind of lady, and I think she would feel so good with some fresh juices and awesome vegan meals coursing through her! If I don’t get my wish, I know that I can at least make her treats and give them to her to eat. Every little step towards health counts.

  26. amy

    A few weeks ago I came across an artist who makes beautiful wishing bracelets, and thought that I’d love to have one for myself. I thought it could be a reminder of a lot of things, and to be a little bit of stregnth when I needed it, like for explaining veganism to a guy eating a steak. (no joke). So I drafted an e-mail, and before I sent it I got an e-mail from the artist asking if she could designa few for vegan hope! Crazy!

    Danielle is a very talented artist who recently went all vegan, and she makes wishing bracelets, pretty much at cost in order to help and encourage others. She has made a few Vegan Hope bracelets, one of which is above. They are beautiful!

    Today I’ll be giving away 1! All you have to do is leave a comment – what is your vegan wish – for yourself, for the world, for animals, for the earth, anything at all, wish away!

    And tomorrow I’ll announce a winner! In the meantime, check out her etsy store, and even if you don’t win, the bracelets are SO reasonable that you will want to buy a bunch of them. I think sometimes we need a little reminder why we are doing something, a little bit of stregnth, if you are thinking about going vegan, maybe you just need it to be with you as you change your life.

    So comment away! And on June 1st look for another giveaway that might just include a certain vegan cook book that might have just come out that might be about brunch. 🙂

  27. Alex

    I wish I had thought of wishes as inspirational and beautiful as yours…
    I am with you all along though!

    Take care,


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