About Us

We’re a bunch of bloggers, Yoga teachers and Detox retreat leaders who have held retreats all over the world.

Spain, Thailand, Bali and some of the top spots for detox retreat vacations and we’ve held retreats in all of them.

We’ve helped people lose weight and make meaningful changes in their lives through our retreat detox programs.

Everyday we seek to help more people find ways to help people with things like weight management, colon cleansing, detox dieting and much more.

Welcome to our website where together we share all we know from the detox and weight loss retreats we’ve held. And the plans and recipes we use for detoxification, cleansing and raw food dieting.

What We’re About

We’re all about detoxing, exercise, and fitness, for sustainable and healthy weight loss.

We take a long term approach to overall weight loss success yet at the same time, we flush and cleanse our bodies so we can quickly reduce our water retention and begin burning fat.

We add exercise and Yoga, healthy eating after the initial detoxification phase is complete and we actually start a new healthy lifestyle off the back of our detox program.

It’s about more than just cleansing, losing weight and then putting it all back on again!

While it can be a “cool” idea of many to live however they like year round and then once a year do the Weight Loss Cleanse program, burning off that fat and getting down to a slim again… only to go on and binge for the rest of the year!

This is not a recommended way to use our cleansing program.

The weight you lose on the program is great and we are very happy that you are getting the results you want. Yet after you have used this program to lose your weight you really must continue with the healthy eating and exercise recommended at the end of the detox.

About CleansePlan.com

CleansePlan.com is for the woman who wants to get in slim, flexible shape, in a safe and healthy way.

We provide everything you need to achieve your goals. Everything from what to eat, to what to do, and even how to think and act to get in your best shape ever.

If you’ve been searching for a shortcut to get the body of your dreams, there are a few things you should know:

  • Regardless of what method you use, it will take time to see results. You may have heard the saying, “there are no shortcuts”, well, we partly agree with that. Whatever path you take will require time and effort to see results. However, we also know, from our experience and the experience of women probably just like you, there are ways to shave-off time, effort and pain from your journey… and get in great shape, much faster than it would otherwise take.
  • The road can be rough sometimes and people/circumstances can serve to knock you off course. You’ll need to be strong in these “make or break” moments and learn to stay the course. It will be hard sometime; you may even feel like quitting. But you’ll stick with it, over-come all obstacles and come out stronger and better for it.
  • And, we’re going to be plain with you, it can be painful sometimes too. Choosing the apple over the chocolate cake; deciding to go to bed at 9pm instead of staying up and drinking wine with your friends; going for a workout on time (and when you said you would)… instead of binge watching Netflix, or wasting time on Facebook!

We understand that may not have been the news you were looking for, so, here’s some good news: shortcuts do exist and there are ways to shortcut the time, effort and pain you may have thought it would take.

While these shortcuts still require time, effort and even a bit of short-term pain, you’ll experience amazing long-term gain if you stick with them. CleansePlan.com is here to deliver these tips, step-by-step guides, how-to articles… and… short, to the point, articles aimed at helping you reach your goals.

Above all, CleansePlan.com is your guide to living a happy, healthy life; in your best body.

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