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Access Energy Transformation: What is This Treatment by Gary Douglas?


Access Energy Transformation is a New Age philosophy founded by American, Gary Douglas. The symbol is the dandelion, whose seeds are said to spread with wild abandon. The objective of Access is to encourage freedom of consciousness, to help people escape the limitations in their lives and to thrive in their own essence of being.

Gary Douglas – History

Gary Douglas, 62, who was born in the American Midwest and raised in San Diego, California, claims to have always lived a spiritual path and to have always sought deeper answers to life’s mysteries. He started to formulate Access Energy Transformation in 1990 when he ‘channelled’ information about special points on the human head where thought patterns could be accessed and manipulated. Following Gary’s decision to run classes teaching people how to use these energy ‘bars’ in the head, he began to expand around the world.

Access Energy Bars

The 32 points on the head discovered by Gary Douglas are called bars, when manipulated it is said that self-limiting thoughts and emotions can be released. An old regret that malingers inside your mind can be erased as if it were an unwanted file on your computer hard drive. Access Energy Transformation practitioners believe that the information comprising a person’s mind is stored in electronic fields around the body. The manipulation of these fields is the foundation of the practice and treatment.

Transformation Classes

Various classes are offered by Access Energy Transformation practitioners around the world. Classes range from introductory to in-depth. Classes usually run over one or two days, but intensive, week long seminars are also offered. It is said that attending these seminars can be a life changing event. Classes specifically aimed at businesses are also available. Unlike other corporate training programmes, Access does not focus on developing skills within participants, instead it seeks to encourage such qualities as creativity, inspiration, joyfulness and collaboration.


Children’s camps are run during the Northern Hemisphere Summer. In 2008 the seven night, Costa Rica camp is planned to take place. Children aged 12-16 will spend their days in such activities as horse riding, relaxing in hot springs, exploring the Costa Rican rain forest, experimenting with yoga, painting, photography, dancing, singing and hiking. A team of international Access Energy Transformation practitioners will serve to create an environment in which children are free to be themselves and to explore the full potentials of life.


Various supporting products are available through the Access Energy Transformation web-page, as well as through your local practitioner. One key product is Access Magazine, an important resource that helps connect people around the world who are involved in the Transformation. CDS, DVDs and various books written by Gary Douglas are also available; visit the Access Shop for the complete catalogue.


What Access Energy Transformation offers is an intention to erase completely a person’s personal issues from the energetic source. The idea is that traumas and dramas do not need to be re-experienced; instead the energy that gives these traumas power is removed directly. It is claimed that once dealt with properly by an access practitioner, personal problems will never return because they will have been permanently uprooted from the source.

The result is that people will potentially experience freedom in their lives like never before. Practitioners recommend repeated treatments and say that patients will become more and more awake to life with each treatment.

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