Thursday, May 28, 2020

Acne Treatments for Women Over 30


When you are a teenager, acne is pretty much expected. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t embarrassing and bothersome, but as most people will tell you, you will grow out of it. Sometimes, however, you do not grow out of it. If this is your situation, you need to know about acne treatments for women over 30.

Living with Acne as an Adult

If you thought living with acne as a teenager was hard, try living with acne as an adult. Adult acne can have just as much of a social impact as it does when you are a teenager, and in some cases, the impact is even stronger. People are not always nice, and they will look at you in a different – worse – light, thinking ‘why doesn’t she do something about that?’

What Can You Do about Adult Acne?

You probably are trying to do something about it. You’ve probably been trying every product that has come to the market since you were a kid, in an effort to fight acne, and nothing is working.

If no over the counter products are working, it is time for serious professional help. Make an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss the available options for getting rid of your adult acne.

What Treatments are Available?

In the case of adult acne, the first thing your dermatologist will want to know is if you are taking any regular medications, such as birth control. This type of medicine could actually be the cause of your acne. Sometimes, simple changes to your medication, with the approval of your family doctor, is all that is needed.

If this doesn’t work, the next thing that the dermatologist will try will be topical treatment. This involves prescription strength creams and face washes that you can try. You may also be advised not to wear makeup, or to purchase makeup designed specifically to help fight acne. Oral medication may also be prescribed. These medications could include hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, or antibiotics.

Your dermatologist may try other treatments as well, such as laser procedures or injections. The treatment options are varied, and each option is not always a viable choice for each patient. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your dermatologist, and make sure that you continue to see the dermatologist until your acne is gone.

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