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Does AcuEnergetics Work? Find out the Benefits & Uses


AcuEnergetics is a New Age healing technique developed by Australian, Kevin Farrow. The concepts behind AcuEnergetics come from both Ancient Chinese and Indian medical tradition. The view of an AcuEnergetics practitioner is different to that of a conventional medical professional; importantly, AcuEnergetics is non-invasive. It attempts to view a person as a whole and pays special attention to the consequences of emotion on a person’s well being. An AcuEnergetics practitioner will attempt to unblock energy channels within the body and thereby allow the body to heal itself.

AcuEnergetics History And Bio

AcuEnergetics founder, Kevin Farrow began to discover the energetic fields that surround the human body at the age of 19. Although he searched extensively for a system that would explain what he was experiencing, he couldn’t find any that fit properly. He decided that he must study the energy systems as they were available to him, and become an expert himself.

After returning from several years of study and practise in India, he began the first AcuEnergetics clinic in Freemantle, Western Australia. AcuEnergetics draws not only from the Indian Vedas but also from the classics of eastern Chinese medicine, the Jewish Kabbalah and from the latest innovations of western bio-science as well as many other sources.

In 2000 Kevin Farrow decided that he must also become a teacher of AcuEnergetics. In 2001 his book, SkinDeep, was published and in the same year he opened The Natural Alchemist shop in Balmain, NSW. Since April 2006 the site has been expanded to become the AcuEnergetics Centre, containing a five room clinic, training school, student library, The Natural Alchemist shop and bookstore.

AcuEnergetics Process

An AcuEnergetics practitioner is trained to deal with a variety of ailments. Patients may be seeking treatment for a physical injury, chronic health problem or work/family related stress. It may be that a patient is seeking help for a reoccurring emotional problem, or that they are simply wishing to relax their body and guard against illnesses before they come into effect.

AcuEnergetics does not necessarily require physical touch. The practitioner directs his or her attention more to a person’s energy fields than to their body. The energy produced by a practitioner’s hands may be perceptible to some patients, they may feel as though they are being touched when in reality the practitioner’s hands are further than 30 centimetres away.

Although AcuEnergetics practitioners are highly capable of working with energy fields, channels and chakras, they do advise their patients to seek diagnosis by a doctor of conventional medicine in cases where the illness is serious. It is thought that treatments such as AcuEnergetics may be used best in conjunction with western medicine.

AcuEnergetics Courses

The AcuEnergetics School, when opened in 2005, was blessed by Khandro-La, a Buddhist teacher from the Indian Himalayas. It has become popular for people wishing to develop their own understanding of the energy fields that surround the human body, as well as for those who themselves wish to become AcuEnergetics practitioners. Weekend workshops are offered as well as regular weekly sessions that culminate in a Practitioner Training Certificate.

Course level 1 is titled “Skills for Living”, it is a weekend long workshop that teaches people how to open their hearts and how to feel and move energy. The level 2 course, entitled “Inner Alchemy” runs over two weekends and focuses on teaching students to balance the energy of their bodies. The level 3 course is practitioner training, it runs over six months and provides detailed instruction on both the theoretical and practical sides of AcuEnergetics. Students of the level three course are permitted entry into the Australian Association of AcuEnergetics Practitioners.

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