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Acupressure Schools


If you’ve heard of acupuncture, you need to find out more about acupressure. Acupressure can be used in conjunction with other healing arts, such as massages, but it can also be used on its own as well. Many people avoid acupuncture because of a fear of needles and worries about sterilization. But those same people would be thrilled with the healing possibilities associated with acupressure.

technique class

A complete acupressure course will not only prepare you to take state board tests and to meet the requirements of any states licensing agencies, but it will also give you some basic information regarding business management, enabling you to have the necessary knowledge to start your own business for acupressure. Quality acupressure courses will also teach you about legal considerations, professional organizations, and of course licensing requirements and procedures. Most schools will also give you information about how to attract and retain clients.

If you do not have any desire to start your own business, you can also work at hospitals, health centers, various doctors’ offices, in spas, and even for massage therapists. Many acupressure schools teach you in such a way that you could also qualify as a massage therapist, which will give you what you need to get licensed in your state as a massage therapist as well.

Because of the career opportunities available, and the level of training that you need to be qualified by your state’s standards, it is very important that you not settle for cheap acupressure classes that only teach the bare basics, without giving you the information that you need to be a professional in your chosen field, with the proper credentials. There are many such schools in abundance.

Instead, you need a school that offers a full curriculum, with hundreds of hours of instruction. These acupressure schools are not cheap, but the earning potential of someone who has acupressure and massage therapy skills will more than pay for that education in a short period of time.

Recommended Acupressure Schools

Course Title: Acupressure I and Acupressure II
Name of Company: Samra University of Oriental Medicine
Location: 1730 W. Olympic Blvd, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, California, United States
Description: Acupressure I teaches the basic principles and techniques of acupuncture, while leading the student to acupressure techniques. This course requires the student to also be enrolled in the Fundamental Theories of Chinese Medicine. In Acupressure II, the student learns more advanced acupressure techniques, and this course is only available after completing Acupressure I.

Course Title: Acupressure
Name of Company: Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
Location: 3402 Connecticut Ave., N.W, Washington, D.C., United States
Description: This course focuses on Oriental Acupressure. The program has three levels. Level 1 is 5 contact hours, 4 practice hours, and 4 homework hours. Level 2 is 5 contact hours, 4 practice hours, and 4 homework hours. Level 3 is clinical practice. Distance or Online Learning is available.

Course Title: Certification Program in Asian Bodywork Therapy
Name of Company: Acupressure Therapy Institute
Location: One Billings Road, Quincy, MA, United States
Description: This is an intensive 730 hour program that can be completed in approximately 15 months. Students learn a great deal through this intensive course, qualifying them to meet all requirements of State Boards and the ability to pass any state board tests.

Course Title: Asian Healing Arts
Name of Company: East-West Healing Arts Institute
Location: 6425 Normandy Lane, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Description: This is an intensive program that covers 800 clock hours. It is important to realize that this is more than just an acupressure course. It covers instruction for acupressure, acustone, foot and hand reflexology, TuiNa, JinShinDo, and Polarity Therapy as well. It also covers massage techniques, including sports massage, Swedish massage, cranio sacral therapy, and deep tissue massage.

Course Title: 850 Hour Acupressure Therapy Program
Name of Company: Acupressure Institute
Location: 533 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California, United States
Description: Yet another intensive training program, this course covers 850 hours, and there are also 150 hour and 200 courses available as well. This school allows you to tailor your education by choosing from a wide variety of related electives to fulfill your hours.

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