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Allergic Rhinitis Treatment with Oriental Medicine


The core for the treatment of allergic nasal disease is to avoid the antigen. If that is dust in the house, it’s important to do perfect cleaning, and things like curtain and carpet are recommended to be taken away. If pollen does matter, it’s smart not to walk outside during the season when it flies; needing to go outside, it is necessary to mask the face. The better way to escape from it is, – though it’s funny but serious -, moving away to the pollen-free area. What matters most is that from willow tree; so, the only way to be safe is to strengthen the resisting power.

In the western medicine, antihistaminic drugs are used, but it may make the patient sleepy; when studying or driving, it bothers.

In the oriental medicine, the cause of allergic rhinitis is thought to be ‘the heat of deficiency type’ in the lungs from the disorder of water metabolism; the effective herbal oriental medicines for this are ‘soh-chung-yong-tang’ and ‘hyung-kye-yun-gyo-tang’.

All the allergic diseases, viewed from the oriental medicine, are from weak lungs, much heat in the body, and the disorder of water metabolism, all of which are stemmed from the effect of poisoning from water.

When under repeated coughing, runny nose, one naturally gets nervous and irritated. In these cases, there is no other way but to change one’s physical constitution. Followings are the herbal medicinal substances helpful for allergic diseases: ephedrae herbra, herbaceous peony, fruits of schisandra chinensis, licorice root, etc. One of the basic principles in the oriental medicine is to continuously take herbal medicine that fits one’s physical constitution.

Among the four physical constitutions of human(‘tae-yang-in’, ‘tae-eum-in’, ‘soh-yang-in’, ‘soh-eum-in’, the curing effect for allergic rhinitis is the highest(about 70%) in ‘soh-yang-in’; the herbal medicines that lower ‘the heat in the upper body’ treat it really quickly.

When some allergic reactions occur in the bronchi, it’s hard to treat because some unwashable materials ooze out from the lungs; in case of nose, the protection from the intrusion of antigen or its removal can treat the disease. For the protection, to mask the face is crucial when going outside; for watery snivel, ‘soh-chung-yong-tang (Minor Decoction of Green Dragon)’ is desired to be taken with ‘oh-ryung-san (Powder of Fiv Drugs wit Poria)’.

Other than these, anti-allergic ‘bracket fungus of the genus omes’ may let it up swiftly (a couple of days); when accompanied with the neck stitching or the pain of pressure on lower-left part under navel, the medical decoction of the ‘arrow root’ is helpful; when feeling vertigo, the medical decoction of ‘snake’s beard is operative.

These types of diseases may occur during the spring and fall when pollen flies. Before the seasons come, take the medical decoction of the ‘arrow root’; then the rhinitis, of which main symptoms are severe coughing and snivel, may not appear. Contrary to the ordinary people’s thought, it’s far more effectual to block a nostril with absorbent cotton than just blowing the nose hard; the symptom only occurs in only one side of nostril.

The reasons for the rhinitis from the pollen have not been specified yet, but one thing is sure that it is very closely related to the environmental pollution. For those who are suffering pollen allergy, to mask the face and take ‘soh-chung-yong-tang (Minor Decoction of Green Dragon)’ every two hours is important; when there appears much snivel, take ‘oh-ryung-san (Powder of Fiv Drugs wit Poria)’ with it.

For those who start fit in the early spring, it’s required to take anti-allergic ‘bracket fungus of the genus Fomes’ from the last fall because the mast cells produces histamine that makes snivel in the nose.


  1. NG

    Many mothers are worrying about that their child is suffering from the cold all around the year. The symptoms are runny, stuffy nose and coughing. These are those that frequently occur to the children susceptible to allergy. When lasts especially in the summer, it is called chronic rhinitis.

    The decline of immunity accounts most for the allergic rhinitis. Besides, there are some outer factors like pollution of air and water, instant foods, synthetic flavoring matter, antiseptic, etc. Among those, the pollution of water that is up to 70% of human body is the chief instigator of all other diseases. Other than these, radioactivity from cement in the new building may cause it; a medical report has it that children living in new apartment are more than two times susceptible to allergy than those in old apartment.

    Followings are advice to keep children off from the chronic rhinitis: (1) moderate physical exercises like climbing the mountain, jogging are needed, but swimming should be avoided; (2) foods that contain antiseptic and chemical flavoring matter should be avoided; (3) drink clean water as much as possible.

    In the oriental medicine, those kinds of allergic rhinitis are treated with the toughening immunity and alleviating the symptoms. ‘So-chung-ryong-tang(Minor Decoction of Green Dragon’ is the most commonly used herbal medicine; other ones like ‘yuk-mi-ji-hwang-tang(Decoction of Six Drugs Including Rehmannia,’, ‘bo-joong-ik-ki-tang(Decoction for Reinforcing Middle-energizer and Replenishing Ki,’ are also very helpful.

Wang Wei
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