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Alternative (Oriental) Treatment for Headache


Headache is no doubt one of the most frequent disorders from the beginning of human race and it’s still a mystery that doesn’t unravel.

It boasts the variety of symptoms and, sometimes, it also contains the pain in the face. There are numerous types of headache: migraine headache, tension headache, cluster headache, or the headaches from trigeminal neuralgia and temporal arteritis. The general causes of headache can be classified into two:

  • (1) local lesion in head, chest, abdomen and internal organs;
  • (2) the headache accompanied with fever;
  • (3) general lesion like virulent status. Other than these, headache is from anger, depression or neurosis that causes the tension in the muscle.

Although it can be viewed as a sole disorder, it can develop into the versatile symptoms with being mixed with other symptoms. For example, it can be chased with flu, pulmonary tuberculosis, hysteria.

In the disease like meningitis or encephalitis, it occurs with vomiting.

In the oriental medicine, the cures for headache depend on the following factors: ‘wind evil’, dampness, coldness, heat, congestion, the insufficiency or weakness of ‘ki’ and ‘blood.

The symptoms of headache from wind evil are feeling dizziness in the eye, lots of sweating, and the herbal medicines for that are ‘goong-gui-hyang-so-san; Powder of Cyperus Tuber and Perilla including Chuanxiong Rhizome and Chinese Angelica Root’ or ‘bang-poong-kang-hwal-tang-Decoction of Ledebouriella and Notopterygium Root’.

The symptoms of headache from heat are fever, distention, thirsty, and the herbal medicine is ‘chung-sang-sa-hwa-tang; Decoction for cleaning upper heat.

The symptom of headache from dampness is feeling heavy in the head, and when the weather is gloomy and cloudy, it gets severer. The herbal medicine for that is ‘goong-chool-je-hyun-tang’; Decoction for relieving dizziness including Chuanxiong and Pinellia’.

The headache from congestion mainly occur to the people suffering digestion disorder, and its symptoms are dizziness, nausea, phlegm, feeling general heaviness. The herbal medicine for that is ‘ban-ha-baek-chul-chun-ma-tang’; Decoction of Pinellia, Bighead Atractylodes and Gastrodia’.

The symptoms of headache from indigestion are water brash, abdominal distention, anorexia, and they are due to the dyspepsia, constipation and the stagnation in the intestines and stomach. The herbal medicine for that is ‘ga-mi-ie-jin-tang’; Modified Two Old Drugs Decoction’

The symptoms of headache from the weakness of ‘ki(Ѩ)’ are anorexia, fatigue and helplessness; it gets weaker in the morning and gets severer in the afternoon. The herbal medicine for that is ‘ka-mi-jo-joong-ik-ki-tang’; Modified Decoction for controling middle-ki’.

The symptoms of headache from the lack of blood are panting, vertigo, and it’s not that severe but continuous; it gets severer in the afternoon. The herbal medicines are ‘tang-kui-chun-koong-tang’; Decoction of Chuanxiong and Chinese Angelica Root’ or ‘yang-hyul-kuh-poong-tang’; Decoction for Nourishing Blood and Dispelling Wind’.

Followings are some folk remedies for curing headache in the oriental medicine.

  1. cactus: when suffering from headache or insomnia of which causes can’t be found, boil down 100g of cactus for about 2 hours and drink it.
  2. plantain: when the headache is accompanied with flu, boil it down and drink it three times a day before meals. Daily dosage is 20 to 30g and the curing period is 2 or 3 days.
  3. mother chrysanthemum: boil down 15g with 200ml of water 3 times a day between meals. It can also be used as powder after being dried; take 2 or 3g 2 times a day between meals. It is helpful when the head feels painful due to the flu. However, the dosage is very important in that when taken too much, it may cause suppress the heart activity and lower the body temperature.
  4. cnidium officinale & gastrodia elata: grind them and make it into pill with the same proportion, then take 1 or 2g three times a day after meals. Above two plants are effective; sedation, spasmolytic and appeasement of pain.
  5. angelica tenuissima: boil down 6 to 8g of it with 200ml of water and take it 3 times a day or grind it and take 4g 3 times a day. This plant is good to be used as sedative and antipyretic.


  1. Chi

    Modern urban people are really pressed for time to get to their workplace on time in the morning. So, they usually skip breakfast or grab some bites with a cup of coffee or juice, and more than that, after lunch, the fatigue and hard work alike completely knock them out.. Every desk in the office has one or two computers on it which they’re watching for considerable time, thereby causes dizziness, stiffened shoulder and ceaseless headache, etc.
    Headache, a neural disease, not an inflammatory one, is caused when the vessel in the cranium gets some impact or clogged, which puts much pressure on nearby nerve tissue.
    Even with CT or MRI, its perfect clues have not easily been found, so it is, though unconvincingly, taken for granted as a nerve or stress causing disease. I think every disease has its cause, so this can completely be cured.

    A variety of headaches named like ‘Hyul-huh’; meaning deficiency of blood), ‘Ki-huh(; meaning deficiency of vital energy’, ‘Dam-gual phlegm due to abnomal retention of body fluid)’ as well as migraine, are caused by improper food intake which brings about a problematic blood and energy supply. All of these are digestive organ-causing headaches.
    Abuse of medicine, over-intake of antiseptic, chain-smoking, excessive drinking, all of which are burdensome to liver without producing fully purified blood, can cause liver-related headache.

    Circulatory organ-causing headache, too, is resulted from improper blood circulation: area above navel, hot one; below it, cold one, respectively. Remedies like sedatives, hormones etc. can never be the eternal and perfect cures for it.
    For headache is caused by improper blood circulation due to the pressure inside the brain, (1) artificial nose bleeding can control the pressure, (2) intake of medicinal substances that supports and strengthens above three organs can have great influence on curing it. The most important thing for patients to care of is his/her health.

  2. Yin

    In every country, chronic and migraine headaches are very common diseases. The headaches from cerebral hemorrhage, head bruise, meningitis can be cured when the causes are rooted out; the causes of headache from tension were not found before, so only some temporary treatments were made. However, a few years ago, it was revealed that one of the causes of chronic and migraine headaches is from the twist of cervical vertebrae(atlas).

    The outermost part of meninges encephali is dura matar which supports the head and divides it into up and down/left and right. Dura matar also keeps brain and the spinal cord safe.

    It covers optic nerve and affects the eyes: it is firmly stuck on the inside of atlas. Therefore, when the atlas gets twisted, it causes tension in dura matar with pressing the whole brain: the outcome is hypertension cranienne, thereby evoking headache, ophthalmalgia, vertigo or nausea, etc.

    It is hard to detect the twist of atlas by ordinary radiography; however, cross section radiography can detect the angle of twist and direction by 3-dimension image. Therefore, when it is corrected reversely, the diseases can be cured. The correction requires very careful and high techniques and the average curing period is one month(15 times, every two days)

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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