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Alternative Medicine Natural Therapies Guide


What is an Alternative Therapy?

Alternative therapies refer to “the medical therapies that aren’t proven scientifically and unauthentic”, and the folk treatments from whole around the world are included in this category. From historical perspectives, they are far more older than the authentic medicine; for example, osteopathy from Egypt, dietetic treatment from Israel, bathing treatment from Russia and Bulgaria, physical therapy from Greece, cold and hot bath therapy from ancient Rome, meditation and yoga from India all of which have actually been used until recently. Then, what’s the difference between folk and alternative therapies?

Some medical specialists say that alternative therapies are those qualified from some authoritative organizations like NIH; folk therapies are those applied at some individual level but have broad recognition and some historical backgrounds.

Homeopathy (Homeotherapy)

The interesting and surprising principles of homeopathy

Drinking too much coffee causes insomnia due to its awakening effect: chains of thinking and sleeplessness. This is the symptom of caffeinism; in homeopathy, the treatment is also coffee (sipping one or two drops of coffee can ease the pain of sleepless night).

Homeopathy was originated by Dr. Samuel Hanneman two hundred years ago in Germany; he tested a medicinal herb for malaria, called cinchona, then almost the same symptoms of malaria like chillness, fever occurred to him. Finally, he found that the symptoms of disease occur not from the disease itself, but does during the fight and resistance in the body.

Homeopathy is still an unfamiliar type of alternative therapy. When the effects are scientifically proven and broadly acknowledged, numerous profit-driven pseudo-professionals would be rampant.

Beside the disease itself, other factors like personality, habit and physical constitution of the patients should be considered, and fixed quantity of dose which is appropriately diluted is most important.

When taking the medicine, instant food and stimulative beverages like coffee, black tea, alcohol should be avoided. Other types of drug will not be taken and stomach needs to be emptied at least one or two hours before taking.

More to say is that the medicines of homeopathy is cheaper in that they are the diluted forms of natural materials.

Aroma Therapy

The principle of aroma therapy

With an advent of 20th century in the west, aroma therapy has started to gain its ground as a scientific treatment. The term is made in 1937 named after a perfumed oil. When the aromatic plants emit fragrance, limbic system in the brain gets stimulated and have had all kinds of influences on the sentimental and emotional functions. Limbic system is a part of brain that controls and governs the primeval instincts like sexual drive, hunger, thirsty and also connects the signals from olfactory sense to digestive and generative organs thereby causing emotional behaviors and physiological reactions.

Usage of essential (perfumed) oil

There are four ways to use perfumed oil for treatment’s purpose:

  • (1) smelling: this is helpful for bronchitis, headache and stuffy nose due to the flu. Pour hot water onto the basin and add 5 or 6 drops and smell it; at ordinary times, put one or two drops onto handkerchief and smell it.
  • (2) bathing: this is helpful for insomnia and tiredness. After filling the hot water in the bathtub, add about 9 drops of oil and stay in the water for 20 minutes. Bathing stimulates skin and olfactory sense simultaneously elevating the effect of treatment. The oil permeate the skin and gets moved onto internal organs or cells.
  • (3) massage: mix the oil with vegetable one and rub it on the whole body. The dilution of 1%(10 or 20 drops of essential oil with 50ml of vegetable oil) is good for stabilizing nerve system; 3%(6 drops of ol with 50ml of vegetable oil) for the treatment of internal organs. The useful vegetable oils are, for example, almond, avocado, hazel, sunflower, malt. On the other hand, paucity of undiluted solution is put on the point of ‘kyung-hyul’ in the oriental medicine.
  • (4) aroma lamp: a bowl is placed over the light bulb or candle. This can be used for the treatment of insomnia or fatigue and also expel the worms, bacteria and bad odor when cooking.

Color Therapy

Color can be a treatment?

Light, heat and sound make, reportedly, different effects on the human body; color does, too. Each color has its own energy made of wave and oscillation frequency causing some measure of effects on the body. The principle here is what the particular type of color does on the human sentiments like peacefulness, excitement, warmness, coldness, etc. The color for therapy should be pure. The energy color contains is electro-magnetic wave; when shedding a color for 5 minutes, there occur both physical and mental changes.

In Britain, there was a black-colored bridge on that many people committed suicide. However, after changing the color to green, the death rate, to much extent, decreased.

Color is also a nutrient composed of more than twenty nutritive substances: yellow-colored vegetables or fruits like corn, peach are good for the movement of lower body; red-colored ones like cherry are helpful in producing blood; green-colored ones like spinach, cabbage are providing minerals in the body.

Back in 1927, Dr. Baldwin in Pennsylvania, found the fact that color therapy is highly effective and recommendable in treating the diseases like cardiopathy, asthma, bruise, allergy, pneumonia, eye inflammation, recuperation after surgery.

Color therapy is shedding a light of color on the affected part for about an hour in the dark room. It is recommended to get this therapy before meals or more than two hours after meals.

Color therapy in your life

In the house, people can select the right colors at their needs using cellophane paper. For example, when suffering insomnia, pink color is helpful; when covering the cellophane paper on the light bulbs, be sure to watch out a fire. This principle can also be applied to the things like dish, clothes.

  Physical constitution & dietetic Therapy

The principles of physical constitution & dietetic therapy

Viewed from modern western medicine, all the causes of diseases are virus or bacteria. It insists expulsion of the two factors surely can bring back the healthy body. However, alternative therapies have some different points of view: human gets ill not from the decayed cell itself, but from the body that is not accustomed to the situation. That is to say, biochemical changes in the body cause all the disease. The changes are, for example, excess of protein or fat, wrong dietary pattern, overeating, tainted foods and environmental pollution, smoking, drinking, lack of physical excercise, tiredness, stress, etc. Based on above facts, this therapy is centering on building and strengthening the immune system by controlling the dietary pattern.

The very notion of physical constitution doesn’t only exist in the oriental medicine; Hippocrates was originally a devotee of natural therapy and he divided the physical constitution into four(fire, water, wind and soil). For people of fire, cold food was recommended; those of water, warm food; it these ways, he tries to balance and harmony of human body.

In oriental medicine, physical constitution of human is divided along the two lines: ‘yin and yang’. The people of yang have more hot energy than those of yin, more frequent diarrhea, hyperchylia, and they like to eat meat; those of yin have dry skin, short of energy, frequent constipation, other than these, they are introspective, slow, feeling more chillness, indigestion.

The effects of this therapy

The specialists on this therapy point out that disease in the human body is caused by the imbalance of its functions and that the most probable reason is bad dietary pattern. When the people of yin get ill, the food of yang can, to considerable extent, treat the disease; for those of yang, vice versa. Followings are the classification of foods along yin and yang.

Foods of yin: barley, black bean, grey adzuki bean, black sesame, perilla seeds, cabbage, grape, kale, buckwheat paste, the white of an egg, pear, persimmon, etc.

Foods of yang: unpolished rice, glutinous rice, yellow bean, red bean, corn, sesame, ginger, tofu, chicken, the yellow of an egg, apple, water melon.

Physical constitution should always be set into light alkali

  1. Avoid overly cooked or baked foods: every foods in itself has enzyme, but heating them demolishes the enzyme. Undigested foods become decayed in the large intestine and make blood cloudy.
  2. Avoid instant foods : instant foods like hamburger or spaghetti contain minced meat on that iron gets exposed and rusty.
  3. Drink water as much as you can: water conveys most of the foreign bodies and emits them. When drinking, give it a time to chew, then swallow; swallowing fast washes digestive enzymes on the stomach.

  Vitamin/mineral Therapy

What does vitamin and mineral do in the body?

Vitamin is one of the six nutritive substances with protein, fat, mineral, water, carbohydrate. Although it doesn’t generate calory or energy, it does the important role as catalyzer of all metabolism assisting the functions of enzyme. When it is deficient or excessive, various side effects can occur. Mineral accounts for 4~5% of our body: it maintains the physical and mental health and constitutes bone, dental tissue, muscle, blood and nerve cells. It also helps to keep the physiological operations; strengthening the skeletal structure; sustaining the functions of heart and brain; activating all the activities of nerves and muscles.

When vitamin and mineral are deficient…

Most types of vitamin is not composed in the body, so it should be taken from outside. Even when a type is deficient, whole body can be endangered; the dietary patterns of people in this century actually cannot support the full and harmonious intake of vitamins. For fulfilling the necessary amount of mineral and vitamin, it is required to have both the foods and the supplementary drugs.

Vitamin & Mineral therapies

When something bad occurs in the body, the designated agents of vitamin or mineral gets taken or injected.

1. Anorexia: take foods that contain vitamin A like green vegetable, fish, liver, egg, green vegetable; those that contain vitamin B1 like yeast fungus, nut; those that contain vitamin C like tomato, potato, cabbage; those that contain biotin, sodium, zinc
– Supplements: take 50mg of B-complex 3 times a day, zinc tablet and 21,000mg of B12

2. Diarrhea: take foods that contain vitamin K like yogurt, alpalpa, soy oil, cod-liver oil pills; those that contain niacin like liver, meat, peanut; those that contain vitamin F like vegetable cooking oil, peanut, walnut, seeds of sunflower
– Supplements: take 1mg of potassium and 1 or 2 spoons of lactobacillus 3 times a day.

3. High cholesterol: take foods that contain B-complex like yeast fungus, Lima Bean, raisin,
– Supplements: take a spoon of lecithin 3 times a day

4. Fatigue: take foods that contain zinc, carbohydrate, vitamin A, C and D
– Supplements: 100ml of B-comlpex and 200mg of vitamin B12 2 times a day, 50mg of vitamin B15 3 times a day

5. Memory impairment: take foods that contain vitamin B1 like yeast fungus, meat
– Supplements: 500mg of glutamin 3 times a day, 2mg of choline 1 time a day, 50mg of B-complex 2 times a day


The basic principles of the chiropractic method

Chiropractic is originated from Dr. Palmer in U.S. over a hundred years ago: cairo refers to ‘hand’, practic means ‘treatment’. Literally, treatment is made by hand without resort to operation or drugs. Human backbone, when in the womb, shapes like C; 3 to 4 months after birth the second C-shape is made in the neck; a year from it, the third is made in the waist.

Backbone is composed of 24 joints with propping the head above and being fixed at pelvis. Normal curve of backbone and the movement of 24 joints, ribs and four limbs’ joints have very close relationship with the conditions of central nervous system including brain.

The 31 pairs of spinal nerves centered on backbone transfer the command from brain to the whole body and send all the stimulus detected from terminal part of limbs. Due to bad pose, stress that affects the normal situation of backbone, the spinal nerves gets severely pressed; this can cause disorder of central nerve system including brain. The disorder develops to the pain in backbone, waist and malfunctions of internal organs. Chiropractic can settle these problems by pressing and readjusting twisted parts of backbone and muscles near it: the basic principle of this therapy.

The effects of chiropractic treatment

Nowadays, many people who are voicing the pain in their back or neck often get the chiropractic treatment; in the U.S. a third of the patients under the symptoms get this treatment. Other than the pressing and readjusting, chiropractic also stimulates the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling and taste.

Recently, a new type of medicine is born between chiropractic and Cranial nerve physiology. The medicine has been getting many good results in treating a human vegetable, autonomic disturbance, apoplexy and other internal diseases of which causes are unknown.

Chiropractic can cover broader field than people think: other than backbone-related ones, it can treat disc, degenerative arthritis, back pain, neck pain, spondylolysis, hand tremor, ear-ringing, tinnitus, apoplexy, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

  Vegetable therapy

How it originated

The nature of vegetable as a drug is too widely known. Therefore, many people take it for the supplemental and preventive purposes like juice or raw eating. The researches and clinical tests on more than 100 kinds of vegetable are already progressed further.

How to take for various symptoms

  1. Constipation: For chronic constipation, amaranthus is helpful; for men, (young) radish is good. 2. Kidney: When kidney is in bad condition, even back pain may be accompanied. Spinach is good for it.
  2. Disease from stress: Lettuce, to some extent, can quench the stress.
  3. High cholesterol: Parsley is good for the people who often overly eat and like to have meat.
  4. Liver: Kale is effective on hepatitis or hepatocirrhosis.
  5. Stamina: Crown daisy is helpful when stamina gets weakened due to the accumulation of fatigue or seasonal changes.
  6. The flu: Green onion is traditionally known for curing the flu.
  7. Rheumatic arthritis: Leopard plant is famous for detoxification and good for autoimmune disease.
  8. Gastroenteric disorder: Cabbage is good for these diseases.

  Magnetic and Electronic needle therapy

The basic principle of magnetic and electronic needle therapy

In view of alternative therapies, the causes of disease lie not in the problem of a specific organ, but in that of energy streaming in the body.

Therefore, the disease can be treated when the energy streaming gets straightened and normal.

Bioelectromagnetics that have firm scientifical background among the alternative therapies is in the same line with the principle. Magnetic and electronic needle therapies are the branches of above medical science.

Bioelectromagnetics is based on the meridian(‘Kyung-rak’) system in oriental medicine. There are 14 meridians in the body and they are horizontally-distributed channels that are deeply crossing among the four limbs, upper body and brain. Some of the meridians appear on the surface of skin and the areas are called ‘Kyung-hyul’. There are about 360 of them in the body that are closely connected to more than two organs. Acupuncture in the oriental medicine is to stimulate the points so as to affect the designated organs.

The theory of bioelectromagnetics is based on the fact that electric conductivity near the point(‘kyung-hyul’) is higher than in other areas; when the points gets stimulated by the materials like electronic, magnetic agents or laser beam, magnetic fields can be generated in the body.

Energy conductivity detected in the points(‘kyung-hyul’) reportedly reflects the physiological situations of some related internal organs; diagnosis can be made by testing the changes of conductivity. When the value of test is higher than normal, it means inflammation or fever in the organs; when it is lower than usual, some degenerative phenomena can be expected.

Cells or organs in the body have their own frequency, amplitude and oscillation frequency. Usually, normal and abnormal frequencies coexist, but the factors like toxin, injury, infection, uncured disease, autoimmune disorder can have bad influence on them.

Diagnosed by electronic needle, then treated by magnetic therapy

Magnetic and electronic needle treatment is a representative type of bioelectromagnetics. Electronic needle can check the changes of energy status with giving electric shock on ‘kyung-hyul’s, then treat the disease found with magnetic therapy; stick each pole of magnet on the points(‘kyung-hyul’) diagnosed by the needles for an hour.

Bioelectromagnetics therapy is especially effective on functional and nervous diseases.

Four characteristics of bioelectromagnetics

This therapy is specially favored by the patients who’re undergoing some incurable diseases because it stimulates meridians in the body and finally brings back the healthy body condition. Followings are the distinctive characteristics of bioelectromagnetics therapy.

  1. Effective prevention of disease: before the onset of certain types of disease, electronic needle can detect it by the changes of energy status in the body.
  2. Easy detection of the progress of disease: This therapy can easily check how further a disease progresses. Changes of energy status in the body also enables the electronic needle to follow the progress.
  3. General check-ups over the whole internal organs: The scope of diagnosis that usual medical devices can detect is somewhat limited, be it intentional or not, to the very area in bad condition. However, the diagnosis by bioelectromagnetics can cover the whole body on the general defects and changes.
  4. Treat what modern medical science can’t treat: There are many diseases that modern medical science can’t treat like those that are functional or nervous; bioelectromagnetics can diagnose and treat them.

Growing Interest in Alternative Medicine & Treatments

Recently, public interest and scientific researches on alternative therapies are sharply increasing in developed countries.

The current medical systems are divided along the two main steams, so called ‘authentic medicines’: western medicine & oriental medicine.

However, alternative therapies are not included in both above. The reasons are that although there are many cases proven to effective, most of them don’t have scientific background. For now, numerous researches and studies on the therapies are being vividly made mainly in developed countries on the west. As more and more people are turning to the therapies for the treatment purpose, U.S. started in 1992 the systematic and big-scale research under the supervision of OAM in NIH. Moreover, many top-notched universities in the U.S. have already included it as a regular curriculum.

Alternative therapies in the western countries are classified like dietetic & nutritive therapy, mental & physical therapy, traditional & folk therapy, bio-electromagnetic therapy, physiological treatment, ‘Sooji-chim'(hand-acupuncture) therapy, medicinal herb therapy. In some western countries, oriental medicine is also regarded as a branch of alternative therapies.

Although the scientific basis of the therapies are not fully identified yet, many clinical cases have ceaselessly been reported. Therefore, sooner or later, authentic medicines would have sincere interests in the current tide and apply some types of eclectic medical treatments.


  1. Chi

    In oriental medicine, apoplexy is also dubbed as ‘wind evil’. If severe, there appear hemiplegia, twisted mouth, language disturbance or stupor. According to the ‘Dong-eui-bo-gam’, one of the leading old oriental medicine book, apoplexy attacks people over 40 when their stamina becomes weaker or feels, to much extent, sorrow or joy. More specifically, the symptoms such as anemia, dehydration or obesity are the reasons. Other than these, followings can also be the factors: heavy drinking, overeating, too much intake of animal fat, lack of physical exercise.
    Because it is a gene-linked disease, when a family member has suffered it, the outbreak rate marks up to 9 times riskier to the entire family than those who not: smoking, 3 times; irregular heart rate, 5 times; valvular disease of heart, 17 times more dangerous. Among the hypertension patients, 48% of them suffers; for those suffering diabetes or hyperlipidemia, 15%.
    Once it occurs, perfect cure is pretty tough to be expected. Therefore, various adult diseases must be prevented and improper life pattern got to be fixed.
    Here are the very probable foreboding symptoms of apoplexy: (1) feeling dull on the big finger and forefinger, (2) feeling helpless on hands and feet, (3) stretching feeling on belly, (4) sight disorder (5) language or perception disturbance, (6) disorder of heart rate, (7) acute headache, (8) congestion of face, (9) ear ringing (10) dizziness.
    In terms of oriental medicine, it can be summarized that the flow of energy and blood is not normal and gets clogged or stagnated. The recommended foods are plain or light taste ones like seaweed, mushroom, cabbage, onion, pumpkin, etc. For the aftereffect of it like hemiplegia, radish juice or boiled radish is very helpful.

  2. PoYung

    An increased demand for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was attributed on Monday to its surging popularity among young people preferring natural herbs and tonics over synthetic drugs and chemicals.

    “There is popular belief that TCM is milder and has fewer side effects,” Chan Soo Sen, senior parliamentary secretary, told experts attending a research symposium in Singapore. “It is perceived to be a green medicine.”

    Describing TCM, long popular with the elderly, as a sector with tremendous market potential, Chan noted Western countries have started research and product development programs.

    “If Singapore wants to benefit from the market opportunities, we must have research and development policies and programmes of our own,” Chan stressed.

    He called for an upgrading of the standard of TCM pharmacy and dispensing in the city-state to ensure the products are of good quality.

    Noting most TCM pharmacists and dispensers here learned the trade from masters, Chan said, “Their training programmes are not regulated, and their standards vary.”

    The Ministry of Health has invited TCM experts from China to come to Singapore to advise on the structure and curriculum content of herbal dispensing training courses expected to start next year, Chan said.

    Modern Western medicine is the main form of healthcare in the city-state, while TCM is increasing in popularity as a complementary form with about 45 percent of the multi-racial population having consulted a TCM practitioner.

    About 12 percent of daily outpatient attendance opt to see TCM practitioners.

  3. Ray Ng

    In the hot and humid summer nights, it is hard to get asleep easily. Therefore, it affects badly to the next day’s activities. Nothing is more precious than one night’s sound sleep. Sleep means a lot more than its generally perceived purpose of taking rest. During the time, numerous activities are made in the body; among them, making blood in the liver and gall is no doubt the most important thing. The reason we feel freshness after a good sleep is the activity of new blood producing in the midst of sleep. Replenishing the body with vivid energy can even recuperate the immune power.
    Generally, the most desirable time of sleep is said to be 7 hours. However, the time varies with the physical constitution of people; big or fat people needs more time than small or skinny ones. Rather than sleeping in the position with looking at the ceiling, sleeping with curled-up position is better for health. When lying right on the bed and sleeping with four limbs’ stretched, nightmares or some empty dreams reportedly haunt the people.
    People breathe with skin in the daytime; with anus in the night. Especially for people of weak heart or of innately feeble body, sleeping in curled-up position is helpful. What needs to be kept in mind first during the sleep is ‘Do not open the mouth.’; the second one is ‘Be sure to turn off any lights in the bedroom before sleeping.’; the last one is ‘Always pull a quilt over the body’, which is especially essential for the old people.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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