Thursday, October 22, 2020

Amanda Noga from Yoga Alchemy | Soul Cleanse Series – Part 1


Amanda Noga is a kind-hearted, funny and soulful woman / yoga teacher. For the longest time, Amanda and I were pen pals. I could sense her relaxed and welcoming energy just through the emails she’d fire my way and when I finally met her in person, I wondered how I would make her my new best friend.

Since then, we’ve spent hours chatting, laughing and making stupid jokes. We talk yoga, the way water tastes better out of glass bottles, business and love and she’s even shown be how to do fishtail braids which I still don’t quite understand. She’s one of these super modest teachers who knows so much and has experienced a trove of learnings, done heaps of travel and self-discovery, yet still keeps it real, grounded and accessible. I kind of love her.

I am beyond thrilled that she’s a key player in the Soul Cleanse Urban Retreat. Get to know Amanda a little better by peeking through our chat below.

What does it mean to Soul Cleanse?

Our Soul is the part of ourselves that is constantly calling us to go deeper, to shed our layers and live in alignment with our true, divine nature. To Soul Cleanse is to take time to clear the clutter, the noise, the fears that cloud our intuition and deepest knowing. When we dive deep it can be a fiery adventure. As we burn through these layers, it’s vital to take time out to get quiet, be nurtured and recharge so we can emerge renewed.

What are some of the most nurturing things you’re currently doing to keep yourself in alignment?

For me, this time of year is all about nourishment and going inward so there is a lot!! I am loving my self massage with Ayurvedic oils to balance dry winter skin & stiff body! Drinking loads of spicy tulsi chai tea with coconut milk and reading yummy inspirational books. Getting warm with dynamic yoga, getting quiet with sitting meditation & mantra and reflecting with my “free-flow” writing practice.

Tell us about your delightful and heart warming studio, Yoga Alchemy.

Alchemy is almost one year now and she’s growing into a little urban sanctuary! I love that the space is so warm and as soon as you step into the studio all of the busyness and noise of the city outside seems to drop away. The process of Alchemy is all about transformation and we are loving sharing this practice with our community and watching their paths unfold.

We offer a range of yoga classes as well as workshops to educate and support students in taking their yoga off the mat. It’s so exciting to integrate yogic lifestyle through the food we eat, creativity, environmental activism, community – this is where the magic happens!

What are you most looking forward to with the Soul Cleanse Urban Retreat?

Community!! It sounds kinda cheesy I know but there is something really potent that happens when we come together to practice and be real about who we are. I have had many wonderful experiences practicing in big groups at various festivals in India and America. I’ve found that even if we don’t speak to our yogi neighbours, there’s a strength that comes from a supportive group, intentionally allowing our true selves to be revealed. Hopefully we can create a space for that to ignite.

What are your big dreams for the next year?

I have some exciting projects in the pipeline. I love being a student of yoga and I am constantly learning from inspirational teachers (and life inself!). I’m currently in the process of studying with Shiva Rea, undertaking her advanced teacher training which is just so rich and juicy. It’s so cool to share these gems with the students at Alchemy and have the space to play and be creative!

I’m also hoping to get back to beloved India for my fifth pilgrimage. I’ve learnt so much about myself from my travels to the home of yoga. I love the colourful craziness – it forces you to let go and get real!

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