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Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs List


Ancient ayurvedic herbs are described in the Vedas. Vedas are regarded as the treasure house of ancient wisdom of Indian civilization and culture. These ayurveda herbal remedies are important as some of them are found in Ayurveda and others are found only in Vedic literature. They are significant from historical and medicinal point of view in history of herbal medicine.

The literal meaning of ‘Veda’ is to know, or ‘the science’ or ‘the light’. There is difference of opinion among historians about the period of Vedic age. But it is accepted to be thousands of years back. So Vedas are naturally the resource of ancient wisdom.

Medicinal plants and herbal remedies had been popular and in use all over the world as far back as history is available and beyond that. So the findings of herbs and herbal remedies in Vedas is very interesting aspect of history of herbal medicine.

“These herbs are derived from nature and these have been present in earlier time, is present now and will ever be present. Seven hundred herbs are well known regarding their beneficial effects. Soma is the most important herb. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited by using these herbal remedies time and again.”

(Rigveda, Chapter 10/97, Verse 1,2)

“Herbs are important for the herbalist in the same manner as governing body of ministers is important for the king. One who knows about herbal remedies, is the physician and is able to treat the disorders. I know several herbs like Ashwavati, Somavati, Urjayanti, Udaujasa etc.”

(Rigveda, Chapter 10/97, Verse 6,7)

Medicinal Plants Mentioned In Vedic Literature And Textbooks Of Ayurveda:

Medicinal herbs of ayurveda has been used and mentioned in Vedas. We try to provide a list of vedic herbs. This is not a comprehensive and all inclusive list.

  1. Karanja
  2. Kinshuka
  3. Palasha
  4. Semala
  5. Khadira
  6. Durva
  7. Pippal
  8. Kamala
  9. Amla
  10. Godhuma, Masura
  11. Badar or Bera
  12. Mudaga
  13. Masha
  14. Priyangu
  15. Tila
  16. Yava
  17. Apamarga
  18. Arka
  19. Ashvatha, Khadira
  20. Tila, Arjuna. Yava, Palala
  21. Pippali
  22. Prishniparni
  23. Bilwa, Udumbara
  24. Ikshu
  25. Laksha
  26. Sahadevi
  27. Soma
  28. Munja or Kasa
  29. Guggul

Ancient Ayurveda Plants From Vedas Not Recognized in Textbooks Of Ayurveda Now:

  1. Talasha
  2. Chipudru
  3. Vishanaka

Four Types Of Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs In Atharva Veda:

  1. Atharvavani or related with Atharva Veda
  2. Aangirasi or related to Aangirasa
  3. Daivi or Divine
  4. Manushayaja or beneficial for common people.

References Of Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs In Vedas:

  1. Rigveda
  2. Yajuraveda
  3. Atharvaveda
  4. Samaveda
  5. Abhinava Bhaisajya Kalapna Vigyana (The Modern Textbook Of Ayurveda Herbal Pharmacy), 4th Edition, 1993, by Acharya Sidhinandana Mishra, published by Chaukhamba Vidyabhavan, Banaras, India

Ayurvedic herbs and herbal remedies are the mainstay of the preventive and curative approach of ayurveda medicine. The ayurveda medicinal plants are described in a unique way along the lines of ayurveda herbal pharmacology. Ayurveda associates a unique approach in the pharmacological description of medicinal plants that simply fits with ayurveda principles in an effortless and natural manner. 

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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