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Anger Management Online Courses


Many people will benefit from an anger management course, but typically, people only take those courses if they are ordered to by a state agency. Some people are required to take such courses in order to satisfy an agreement with the court, while others take such classes as a part of counseling that they are receiving.

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Through anger management classes, you will learn the best and easiest ways to control your anger. While courses can be taught by a wide range of professionals, they are often taught by counselors who have earned degrees. Taking anger management classes in an online environment is usually a great deal easier than having to take the classes in person.

However, some people will not do well with an online course, and will need to take the classes in person. Some courts will also require that you take the classes in person. Aside from this, many online courses have been approved by various agencies and courts, allowing you to take the courses on your own schedule, without having to miss work or to travel to and from the classes.

The cost of online courses will vary depending on how many hours of the courses you require. The typical rate, for an eight hour course, is around $100, but could be less. Obviously, the more hours that are required, the more it will cost. Most anger management courses that exist for the purposes of satisfying court orders will award a certificate upon completion, which can be presented to the court by you or your attorney.

While these courses are used to satisfy court orders, they can also be taken for the purpose of personal growth and understanding. Do not assume that the shorter courses will do what you need them to do – the longer courses typically provide more information and are more rewarding.

Online Courses Resources

Course Title: Online Anger Class
Name of Company: Online Anger Class
Location: 333 Third Street, Suite 4, Laguna Beach, California, United States
Description: Online Anger Class has various anger management courses ranging from eight hours to fifty-two hours in length. The courses have been approved by many agencies that might require or request that you take an anger management course, such as the California State Board of Corrections and the Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification as well as many others.

Course Title: Various Anger Management Courses
Name of Company: Conflict Coaching and Consulting, LLC
Location: 10130 Mallard Creek Road, Suite 300, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Description: Mastering Anger also has classes ranging from eight to fifty-two hours, and provides a class for teenagers as well.

Course Title: Anger Management Program Online
Name of Company: Dr. Fiore & Associates
Location: 381 S. Carole Lane, Orange, California, United States
Description: This online course is based on the book, “Anger Management for the 21st Century,” written by Dr. Tony Fiore. Through the course, you are taught the eight tools of anger control, and how to apply them to real life situations.

Course Title: Various Anger Management Courses and Services
Name of Company: Center of Solutions, LLC
Location: United States
Description: While there is an online anger management course offered through the Center of Solutions, you can also obtain services that include group counseling and individual counseling.

Course Title: Online Anger Management Course
Name of Company: Anger Management Training Institute
Location: PO Box 131608, Houston, Texas, United States
Description: This online course was based on the book written by James A. Baker called “Anger Busting.” There are twenty four lessons in the course, and there is a certificate available to satisfy court orders as well, which is included in the cost.


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