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30 Day App Challenges: do they really work?


Many of us want to lose a little bit of weight and tone up a little bit, but that can be really difficult when real life starts to get in the way. Even before you have left your bed there are a million and one things that you need to do – whether you are a parent who is caring for children, you have a job that requires a huge amount of effort, or you are trying to do both! Add into that the daily cleaning concerns, trying to keep bills under control, managing your finances, and ensuring that your car, your boiler, and all of your insurances are up to date . . . it really is a wonder that we get anything done at all!

That is why more and more people are starting to think about using technology to help them keep in shape and motivate themselves. One of the most popular bits of technology that is doing the rounds at the moment is what is generally called a 30 Day App Challenge. These apps are usually free – although they do sometimes involve advertising – and have specific tasks that you need to do every day for thirty days. The idea is that with an app, you cannot escape it as it is always in your phone, and you can gain a real sense of achievement by ticking those days off. Scientists also believe that it takes our minds and bodies around twenty one days of doing something over and over again for it to become routine, which means that these sorts of apps cover that as well

I wanted to see for myself just how useful – if at all! – these sorts of apps could be to someone who has to care for a home and work. The app I chose was a 30 Day Ab challenge, because let’s be honest, we have all wished that we were a little bit more toned around our stomachs! Here are some of my thoughts and notes through the thirty days:

Day One

The app downloads ridiculously quickly, and then it’s off to work! The first day is incredibly mild: I though that I would be started off on something really difficult, but actually the app has only asked me to do fifteen sit ups, five crunches, five leg raises, and a twenty five second plank. Of course, once I had done all of those I didn’t think it was so mild! I don’t usually do any exercise really, and it was amazing just how sore my abs felt after this really short workout. Hopefully in the next coming days, it will get a lot easier!

Day Three

Without wanting to exaggerate . . . this hurts! Today my app told me that I needed to do twenty five sit ups, ten crunches, ten leg raises, and a fifteen seconds plank. I like that each exercise does not just increase over time; while most of them have, the plank timing has decreased, perhaps to allow for that. I am sure over time, all four will build up again. I found it difficult to motivate myself to open up the app today, but ticking off the day really felt good.

Day Ten

I completely forgot to do my app exercises today! One of the major problems with the app that I have is that there is no reminder setting on the app, so if I do not bother to open up the app, there is no way for it to force me to do the exercises! Totally my mistake though, and I will just have to pick up tomorrow where I left off. At least my stomach doesn’t hurt any more.

Day Sixteen

One of the great things about this app is that there are actually scheduled rest days. Scientists have pointed out that in order for our bodies to actually gain the muscle, our bodies need time to recuperate, and to build up the muscles. It also means that I can tick off an entire day without doing anything!

Day Twenty One

It feels really great to be past the half way point, and I am really noticing a difference in the way that my abs look and feel. However, the number of each exercise that I do has really increased each day: I am now up to ninety sit ups, one hundred and thirty crunches, fifty two leg raises, and an eighty second plank. The planking is the worst – I always leave it until last in the hope that it will hurt less, but I guess I should start with it.

Day Twenty Five

I am now doing more exercise than I ever thought was necessary! It is taking me a good twenty minutes or more to get through all of these because I need rest breaks, but afterwards I feel really good. Although my abs hurt when I am doing the exercises themselves, they do not hurt once I finish, and I am really starting to feel so much better about my abs. This is actually working!

Day Thirty

This is the last day! And it is certainly not easy: but I made it. I have noticed a real tangible difference, not only in my abs but in my body confidence and in my energy levels throughout the day. I would definitely recommend the 30 Day Ab Challenge app . . . and best of all, it’s free!


  1. Sophie Curtis

    App challenges are probably the best way to start losing weight because they make your into a more competitive version of yourself and you stick to it far better. Most people fail to lose weight because they give up after the first exercise or just a few days into their diet or cleanse, these challenges help because they mean you are far more likely to continue and stick to the workouts which is key.

  2. kiera

    i want to start losing some weight by going on a 30 day fitness app challenge I have heard many people getting great weight loss results from app challenges and want this for myself!

    How do I start an app challenge today? 2019

  3. Sarah

    I started doing this and the squat challenge together plus i add some arm workouts also… it takes all up about an hour on day 20… sometimes I do half at start of the day and half at the end… but I feel so good after doing them all and I’m really seeing results!!

  4. Karthik

    I’m new it’s been really work or not that I really want to know them I would be get them

  5. kayla

    Hi there

    I have to admit that whatever calories you are taking in for the day , you are burning throughout the day. Meaning doing ab exercises will help you tone a flatter stomach. Its all about being consistent and eating more protein and less fat.

  6. Aral

    Are we supposed to do each exercise on one setting? 125 sit ups? Really? 60 leg raises?
    Can we break them somehow?

  7. Aral

    Are you really supposed to do each exercise in one setting? 125 sit ups without a rest in the middle sound unrealistic to me (let alone more than 40 leg raises…)
    Please enlighten me
    Thank you

    • Zmejia

      I dont think I can do that many situps but I definitely can do at least 60 leg raises tho somedays its easier n some not I been only using it for 8 days but idk if it’s the same app but this one I can set how may I can do to whatever I feel I can do but i left mine as is but day ten I’m feeling it and it also feels great soreness means it’s working I’m using like 4 different apps tho but there all pretty mutch the same excersises but they’re definitely working ??of corse it depends how heavy you are or whatever like some people may take more then 30 days to get abs every person is different body types so hmm lol good luck I’ll let yall k ow what’s up after I’ve done n reach my goal

  8. Niyah

    I use this app also 30 day challenge abs workout set to easy. I’m on day 10 and it’s kicking my butt. I don’t usually exercise and don’t have time for a gym so I thought a few minutes a day for free would be great. It definitely makes you work for it but I think the results will be worth it.

  9. Maven

    Hey Guys! I actually started the challenge last month and I’m on my 24th day already. I started with the Abs Workout then suddenly realized that it would be more balanced if I try to do the full-body and arm workouts as well. It feels so good and I can see that my abs are molding now and it’s revealing every time I do the workouts. Try this and you will never regret and so far it is really working for me :)..

  10. Riley

    I have been doing the 30day challenges on the 30 day challenge app for roughly 3 months although I’m only on month two since I had to start over a few times due to being sick. I am currently working on 6 challenges I believe and I like how the app allows me to work out on all of these for 6 months although by month 5 I have to pay 5.99 for the app I think. I have seen improvements also the app has alarms and shows you how to do each workout. Def worth it!

  11. Ashutosh

    Hey I’m planning to start with this app, but being a beginner don’t know which level to start with.will u please recommend me some.

  12. Gowtham

    And what’s the diet for the challenge?
    How much calories should we utilise daily?
    What should we avoid?
    Is diet or any other exercises necessary for this?
    Plsss help me solving these

  13. Anonymous

    Ummmm. I wanna start it but I wanna know too are the results noticeable ? Im afraid if I wasted 30 days in an inappropriate app
    Help …

  14. hifza

    I have just started the 30 days fitness challenge. Its really workii saw changes on very 3rd day. I m really loving it. I have 54 weight i m only Asking how much i m going to loose in 30 days coz i want 45 or 46 weight. Its my ideal

  15. Camsey

    I am currently on my 5th day with this app and skipped the rest day part. I incorporated soccer practice on my rest day. I was able to get a lot of comments that I look thinner than the previous week. This app really works for me because I am not a runner(jogging or marathon) kind of person and just want to do things at home or in the field(soccer practices). I downloaded this app because I need to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. I was so sad when I tried a wedding gown that I really really love but it didn’t fit especially on the arm part. This motivated me to use the app and to finish the workout sessions. Another thing that I do is I use the easy plan and medium plan in one workout session. I also downloaded the 30 day plank challenge and use this app right after I am done with the easy and medium plan. I will definitely continue using this app until I reach my target weight. Thanks for this review. It would help a lot of people be motivated to workout at home even just for a couple of minutes. 🙂

  16. Elizabeth

    At first I was a little worried it wasnt gonna work because I had previously had stomach surgery 2 years ago for a blockage and all that muscle had been cut happy to say im on day 15 @ I have taken photos from the beginning I must say I am seeing major happy I took this challenge and the squat challenge on im sure looking forward to my summer body.

  17. Barb

    I’m loving the challenge on day 21 I admit it is hard but just knowing that it is good core exercise is a great feeling for me and yes I have a flatter tummy?

  18. Anjelica Way

    After re-setting it to Day One for over a week, I finally started it! The trouble is that after I looked at some of the demo exercises, I thought… “My God! Are they kidding with that plank? And I think I would throw my back out the way they’re doing the leg lifts and the sit-ups.” So I decided to do the whole 30 days, but only the crunches! That’s something I can do!

    Now, before you judge me too harshly you guys, at least I’m doing something, which is better than the NOTHING I’ve done for all these years! I think Clara has a point there about just doing something and seeing some good results. I’ve only done two days but I already feel the muscles in my abs again.

    Haven’t felt them for many years…


  19. Clara

    Off course these work because you’re doing something! Even the slightest physical activity has results that you can see after doing it for a while. Not only does your body changes, but you feel better and more active, you climb a hill faster or you can run with your dog without feeling like you’re gonna have a stroke.

    I did the 30 day squat challenge and while my butt doesn’t look like a Brazilian one, the lift and toning is more than obvious. If you want to change your lower body, this challenge is perfect but you have to be used to doing them otherwise you could injure your ankle or lower back.

  20. Tonia

    Hmm…I have never used an app but I can see the attraction for people. For me, it’s a little like an alarm clock and pushing the snooze button…I would definitely turn the app off on the days I didn’t feel like exercising. I need a little more motivation than that, so I doubt an app would work for me. It is a great idea though and I like the idea that it tells you how many of each exercise you need to do because this gets confusing for me a lot of the time.

  21. Candace

    I like this idea because I feel I can do most anything if I know it’s only for 30 days. I haven’t tried using the apps, but did do a thirty day walking challenge which was fun. If you have a goal and a set amount of time in which to achieve it, it’s a lot easier to stick to your guns. Although, like a couple of people have said, you really have to set a phone alarm or some kind of reminder to help you get in the habit at first. Anything that encourages you to get in shape is all right in my book. I’ll look into these apps.

  22. Eugenia

    I also started the 30 days challenge i hope to complete it, for now everything is going well, it’s only my third day today, it wasn’t painfully as i thought it would be, i also run for 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, so… i am aiming for that 21 days, then i know after that i should be ok, i need to lose my baby weight.

    • Inge

      thanks to your observation about the ltitle piece of wood sticking out I was able to increase my old score by 8k+ using only 2 Birds. Again, thank you for your insightful observation. I wrote this twice because I thought your name was AngryAdvisor and I had directed it at that name.

  23. Emma Sinder

    I downloaded a free thirty day running app last year but I’m ashamed to say that after using it consistently for around a fortnight, I forgot to open it for a few days and by then I had lost my resolve. I definitely want to get back on the horse and try again though!

    • Veena sharma

      Am following it from 12 days n am seeing the results and with cardio its more effective…

  24. Anjelica Way

    Hey, it sounds like fun! What’s a little pain when you’re trying to prove (to I-don’t-know-who) that you can be macho enough to handle it?

    I think I would DEFINITELY need the reminder though! I’m so overwhelmed that I think I would forget to check the app 90% of the time. (And the thought of all that pain might remind me to forget.)

    Seriously, though, I’m kind of looking forward to trying it. All my life, my big bugaboo has been my core. I don’t know why, but it seems to have gotten worse over the years. I’ve never been thin, but right now I feel like Miss Piggy. With less self confidence.

    Okay, you’ve convinced me! I’ll download the app and stock up on aspirin.


    • Anjelica Way

      Oh,gosh! I hate to admit this, but even though I got an app that has a reminder built in, it doesn’t ring like an alarm clock, only gives you a visual reminder, and makes it very easy just to reset the days to Day 1!!!

      So I haven’t done anything! I’m a bum!!!


  25. Heather

    Okay, so I did one of these last year. I stuck to it, did everything it said, and after 30 days, I lost maybe 3 pounds and an inch off my waist. Maybe I should give this one a try. The one I did wasn’t free either! It was $2.99 I believe. So not worth it. I struggle with my baby weight, and have been for almost a year now. Most women can take it off in 4 months, not me!

      • Jessica

        It’s not the apps fault .
        And it dosnt automatically mean your lazy. Some people have major difficulties sticking to a diet plan due to the body already has adapted to your normal eating pattern . So for some people it’s a hassle to change and organise their habits and schedule .

      • Veronica

        Lol people are so weird on the internet. I wonder how sad your life must be to come onto some random comments section and post stuff like this.

        Anyway to the original poster: these apps work indeed, if you do them every day, which is easier said than done. I’ve used the ‘beach body’ diet and exercise regime with great results, you might want to give it a try.

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