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Aqua Detox Food Bath Treatment at Home


Aqua Detox is a special foot bath that is intended to be used for the purposes of detoxification. Although the original name of the product was Aqua Detox, there are many derivatives sold under differing names. The Aqua style of foot bath comes with a special saline product which is to be poured into the bath. As you soak your feet in this saline solution, the Detox device will pass a small electrical current through it. The intended result is that toxins in your body will be drawn out through pores in your feet. This concept has evolved from ideas first proposed by Royal Rife.

Aqua Detox Benefits

There are many purported benefits of Aqua Detox style foot spas. It is thought that the foot spa will rehydrate, re-balance and re-energise a person’s entire body. One treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes, and it is suggested that this treatment be taken once per week for optimum results. The water in the spa will darken over the course of the treatment and this may be due to the release of toxins from pores in the feet. The idea is that gravity will cause toxins to accumulate in a person’s feet, and, thus, the Aqua Detox and related devices will be effective in detoxifying the entire body though they only act on the feet. It should be noted that Aqua Detox has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and therefore materials related to the product carry a disclaimer with words to the following effect: “it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Rife Devices – Background

Royal Rife, born in May 16, 1888, in Elkhorn Nebraska, was of Scottish ancestry. After completing his education he began to work for Carl Zeiss in their New York offices. Later he relocated to Germany, working in the Heidelberg offices of Carl Zeiss. Royal Rife created a number of extremely powerful optical microscopes, and through the use of these microscopes he developed his theories about disease.

Later in his life, Rife worked on “beam ray” devices that were intended to induce the correct resonances in a person’s body so that pathogens would be eliminated. Mainstream scientists rejected the benefits of Rife’s theories and devices.

Rife devices became popular again in the late 20th century with the 1986 publication of the book, The Cancer Cure That Worked, Fifty Years of Suppression, by Barry Lynes and John Crane. The book asserted that Rife’s devices were indeed successful in curing cancer but that the mainstream medical profession covered it up. The notion that the devices were able to cure cancer was based on the theory that cancer itself was caused by bacteria.

In the 1990s, Rife devices such as the Acqua Detox began to be sold under Multi-Level Marketing schemes. Such unconventional marketing schemes were considered necessary due to the perceived conspiracy that existed which would prevent medical treatments outside of mainstream science from being made available to the public.

Criticism Of Aqua Detox

Opponents to Aqua Detox have labelled it a scam. They have an alternative explanation for the darkening of the spa waters that occurs when a person makes use of the device. The claim is that the water does not darken due to the release of toxins from pores in the feet, but instead darkens due to rusting of the metal elements of the device. The rusting process is said to be accelerated by the electrical charge flowing through the saline solution.

Aqua OPIX – Agenta Group

In 2006 Acqua Detox came under the control of the Agenta Group. The Agenta Group now market a product called Acqua Optix. Acqua Optix is similar to the Acqua Detox in having electrodes for stimulating the release of toxins, but the product also incorporates over a thousand LED lights for the purpose of enhancing the foot spa experience.

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