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Art Therapy Courses


Art therapy is gaining in popularity in the field of psychology, especially with children and those who have a difficult time expressing themselves with word. Art therapy essentially allows them to express what is feeling or what is going on through the use of art, enabling a therapist or psychologist to better aid the client.

Art therapy courses are available that will help you to become an art therapist in a wide range of arts that include music, dance, art, and even drama and poetry. As the field of art therapy progresses, additional types of art therapy are also added, such as photo art therapy. Art therapy is used in a wide variety of fields that include counseling, social work, school psychology, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, and rehabilitation. Art therapists work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, out patient clinics, in private homes, prisons, and many other venues.

The American Art Therapy Association, or AATA, has certain criteria that must be met for accreditation and membership. You must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four year school, and at least fifteen semester hours must be spent in studio art and you must also complete twelve semester hours in psychology. You must also obtain a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, have one year of post-graduate work with the proper supervision of a registered art therapist, and fulfill all of the other requirements of the Art Therapy Credentialing Board.

Note that in order to become licensed and registered as an Art Therapist that you need a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. This is very important, as it means that this is not a field that you enter upon completely high school. It is a career that you work towards after completing four years of college.

The earning potential of an Art Therapist is equal to that of any other professional in the medical field who has a Master’s Degree in your area – and this does vary from one geographical area to another. In terms of the availability of employment, there are many opportunities currently available, and a higher demand for Art Therapists is expected in coming years. Many Art Therapy Courses are available in an online environment.

Course Information

Course Title: Expressive Arts Therapy
Name of Company: International University of Professional Studies
Location: Makawao, Hawaii, United States
Description: Both Masters and Doctoral programs of study are available for Expressive Arts Therapy, which involves the use of many different types of art for therapy purposes, including poetry, dance, music, art, ritual, drama, storytelling, and movement.

Course Title: Art Therapy and Counseling
Name of Company: Ursuline College
Location: 2550 Lander Road, Pepper Pike, Ohio, United States
Description: The College offers three tracks for the Art Therapy and Counseling program. Students may choose from a 60 credit hour program, the 50 hour credit program, or the 62 hour credit program. Each track satisfies the requirements for three separate licensing organizations, so make sure that you choose the correct track for the licensing that you require.

Course Title: Graduate Art Therapy
Name of Company: Saint Mary of the Woods College
Location: 219 Guerin Hall, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana, United States
Description: This is a program that consists of 48 semester hour credits that focus intensely on both creativity and spirituality. The program uses traditional classroom settings, combined with distance learning and clinical experiences.

Course Title: Master of Arts in Art Therapy Program
Name of Company: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Location: 37 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Description: The Art Institute of Chicago is one oldest art schools in the world, and it isn’t any surprise that they were also one of the first schools to implement an art therapy program as well. The program fully prepares students to work in the field of art therapy, in a wide range of settings, with many different types of clients.

Course Title: Art Therapy
Name of Company: Springfield College
Location: 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA, United States
Description: This is a two year program designed for graduate students who wish to pursue a career as an art therapist. The student will learn theory and practice in the field of art therapy, enabling him or her to pursue a career in a wide range of fields and venues.

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