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Asyra Device for Bioenergetic Assessment & Testing (Uses & Benefits)


The Asyra is an Electro-Dermal Screening Device designed by G-Tech. It is designed to non-invasively screen a patient for energetic imbalances. Energetic imbalances identified by the Asyra may indicate physiological imbalances or the presence of toxins. It is thought that EDS devices such as the Asyra can bridge the gaps in conventional Western Medicine diagnosis, and provide a clearer picture of not only the illnesses in the body, but also the treatments that will be likely to resolve them.

Asyra Background

Asyra testing differs from other Electro-Dermal Screening Devices in that it does not specifically involve the acupuncture meridians. Instead, the device tests frequencies, thousands of preprogrammed energy frequencies that each correspond to different physiological conditions. G-Tech founders, Mark and Joe Galloway, have drawn on decades of experience working with Electro-Dermal Screening Devices, to create the Asyra device; it is the pinnacle of their achievements in this field.

Asyra Filtering

What makes the Asyra device special is its unique filtering technology. If the system identifies a disturbance in the body, it will then cycle through an extensive list of homoeopathic treatments, sending a unique energy frequency into the body for each one. The machine judges by the body’s response to these energy frequencies and determines which treatment will be most effective for the individual. This system is designed to remove opportunity for ‘human error’; instead of relying on a trained practitioner to decide upon the treatment, the body itself choses its therapy. It is important to understand that the filter list is processed from top to bottom, a process that occurs very quickly. With other systems, the operator of the device may need to manually cycle through the frequencies to be tested. This is time consuming, and may result in the wrong treatment being selected due to operator bias.

Asyra Device Tests

The current model of the Asyra device is capable of processing the following tests: Comprehensive Energetic Analysis (includes 5000 items), Immune Susceptibility (2000 items), Miasma Influence, Cranial Suture Evaluation, Circulatory Support, Circulatory Disturbance, Detox Support, Emotional Stress (Bach Flowers), Hormonal Support, Hormonal Profile, Immune System Support, Metabolic Support, Metabolic Imbalances, Musculoskeletal Support, Musculoskeletal Imbalance, Neurological Support, Neurotransmitter Profile and Nutritional Maintenance.

Asyra Drops

Another key feature of the Asyra device is that it can transmit therapeutic frequencies into a homoeopathic solution. The patient then places a drop of the solution onto his or her tongue twice daily. Through the ingestion of the solution, the energy frequencies enter the body and are distributed throughout the energetic nervous system. This bring positive results for the patient’s wellbeing. According with the ideas of homoeopathy, it is not the physical substance that brings healing, but, rather, the energy frequencies that those substances emit.

With conventional medicine, each drug is reckoned to only transmit one frequency at a time. Thus people will take many drugs at the same time in order to treat their illnesses. Since the Asyra device works with Energy Medicine, it can imprint a combination of frequencies on to a single substance. Thus the patient is able to receive the effects of all the homoeopathic substances that he or she requires by administering only one substance.

The patient takes the drops two times per day. The correct procedure is to ensure that nothing else is placed in the mouth neither five minutes before, nor five minutes after, the drops. The suggested dosage is six drops for an average sized person and four drops for a child. It is suggested that varying from the recommended dosage is unlikely to have a negative effect. Side effects are unusual with such treatments, but it is suggested that a patient may feel slightly unwell upon commencing treatment. This is due to the release of toxins from the body.

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