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Ativan Works for Social Anxiety Disorder or Not?


It’s quite common to take a drug called Ativan if you suffer from social phobia or a full anxiety disorder. This page tells you how well it can work, it’s side-effects and what a regular dosage would be.

It’s real name is Lorazepam and it belongs to a group of medications called Benzodiazepines. Ativan is the brand name, but it also has another brand name “Temesta”.

How Effective Is Ativan For Anxiety?

Like all benzodiazepines, Ativan merely “covers up” the disorder – so it doesn’t cure you of social anxiety, it just masks the condition. It offers some temporary relief (6-12 hours per pill) by sedating you. 

Why does this sedation work so well?

Ativan nullifies the central nervous system (CNS), and as the CNS is what triggers the anxiety response, it cannot work and so you cannot get anxiety.

Ativan works well for some people and yet for others, it has no effect on their anxiety. For those that it does work for, it’s effect is fast and it reduces panics significantly. It really depends on the person.

I’m not a fan of medications for social anxiety because the relief they provide is too short-lived. They don’t solve the underlying disorder either.

What are the side-effects of using
Ativan for social anxiety?


A sense of drowsiness is commonly reported by people who use Ativan for social anxiety. You become quite slow to respond to things, which isn’t much good if you need to drive somewhere.

Lack of balance

Use of Ativan also messes with your balance, so it’s not unusual to stumble or trip up.

I haven’t used Ativan but it seems as if the effects are a little like being drunk.


Due to being drowsy, your mind slips quite easily and as well as confused, you can also become forgetful.


As you’re so relaxed your muscles can’t perform so well.

Tolerance (immunity to it’s effect)

In the long-term, you can become tolerant to Ativan. This means that your body will learn to cope with it, and thus you’ll need more of the drug to get to that relaxed effect that you’re looking for.

Dependence (a need for the drug)

You could also become dependent on Ativan, whereby when you don’t take it, you get nasty anxiety symptoms. Thus, you’d need the drug to prevent those withdrawal symptoms.

Are you already taking Ativan social anxiety medication?
Don’t worry – it won’t hurt you.

Whilst the withdrawal symptoms and side-effects FEEL really bad, they aren’t as harmful as those feelings would make you believe. These drugs will NOT kill you. They won’t harm your long-term health.

What are the normal dosages
of Ativan for Phobia & Attacks?

It’s normal to begin taking Ativan at a dosage of 0.5mg. As the weeks pass, your doctor will probably up your dosage to 1mg, then 1.5mg and possibly 2mg.

1.5mg of Ativan should be enough to make most people reach the desired effect.

Once the dosage goes above 2mg, the side effects begin to start making taking this drug more of a burden than a relief.

The tablets come in 0.5, 1 or 2mg forms

More Important Facts About Ativan

  • It is only recommended for 2 – 4 weeks of treatment
  • It has a high addictiveness potential, compared to other benzodiazepines
  • Ativan often costs between 2 and 4 US dollars per pill. It really depends where you buy it, and in what quantity.

Drugs Like Ativan
Are NOT The Answer

In the long term (1 month+) medication for social anxiety cannot help you. It is for short-term relief only. After a month, your dosage would need to be high enough that the meds would give you as many problems as solutions.

It’s a Lose-Lose situation. Follow a natural plan to overcome social anxiety in your life.

Emily Murdoch
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