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Attractor Field Therapy Treatment, Uses & Benefits


Attractor Field Therapy (AFT) is a treatment that has been developed out of research by Dr. David R. Hawkins. In his book, “Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour”, Hawkins claims that, although we may believe that we have control over the forces determining our lives, in reality we are governed by invisible powers over which we have no say.

What is It?

Contrary to mainstream belief, Dr. Hawkins states that genetic science can provide little assistance to our understanding of health. For example, genetics, cannot explain cellular differentiation. Every cell has the same genetic information, yet how one cell becomes brain tissue, and the other a part of the toe, is still a mystery to geneticists. Dr. Hawkins found the answer to this question and many others in the energy patterns that form the basis for all living things. Embracing Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of “M-fields”, Dr. Hawkins claims that these energy forces affect not only our physical being but our mental state and context.

Meridian energy altering formulae, such as Attractor Field Therapy, have developed as a result of Dr. Hawkins’ studies. They work by eliminating the symptoms of the particular mental or physical disorder through the elimination of the energy fields that are its cause.


Attractor Field Therapy, and other “Meridian Therapies”, have their background in acupuncture, a therapy generally considered to have developed in China and Tibet.

As Chinese culture was introduced to the West, the art of acupuncture spread into Europe; these therapeutic forms mingled with Western ideas and new concepts developed. From the early 1970s, Detroit Chiropractor, George Goodheart, made discoveries that led to the development of the Art of Applied Kinesiology. As the 1970s progressed, his work was used as the basis for a new subject that John Diamond, a psychiatrist, successfully developed: Behavioural Kinesiology. This new subject, in turn, also served as a foundation for Energy Therapy, which more recently has been developed into “Meridian Therapies” such as Attractor Field Therapy.

Related Therapies

Many of the new “Meridian Therapies” sprang from Thought Field Therapy (TFT), developed by Dr Roger Callahan in the early 1980s, a psychologist who had been studying Chinese medicine extensively. One of his early successes was the treatment of a client suffering from acute water phobia; from then on the study progressed into an effective and complex therapy.

TFT involves the tapping of acupoints in a particular pattern, known as an algorithm. Relevant acupoints are tapped in a specific order depending on the diagnosis. To assess progress, the Subjective Units of Disturbance (SUDs) rating is assessed before and during the treatment.

Attractor Field Therapy Treatment

Attractor Field Therapy treatments work by interrupting the energy flow through the acupuncture Meridians. The treatment does not involve needles, and the process is painless. Although self-treatment is possible, it is recommended that two people take part; one to read the instructions, and the other to carry them out. Since the treatments are precisely formulated, they must be performed accurately. It is especially important to follow the timings prescribed on the instructions carefully.


Attractor Field Therapy treatments performed on a person with a physical illness, rather than a pain disorder, take time to effectively eliminate the disorder. For example, fingernails that are infected with fungus will need to grow out, and mental disorders will also take a whileto resolve after the formula is completed. Since the body changes gradually after it has been affected by a disorder, the same pattern applies to a body that has been cured of a disorder; although the illness may be eliminated, the time it takes for the body to recover to its normal state will be gradual.

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