Saturday, September 19, 2020

Austin Vegan Food


I love Austin for vegan restaurants and great spots to eat and relax.

So if you are headed to Austin for you might want to know where to go for food. Well, I’ve got your list …

First up – my absolute favorite spot:

Counter Culture:

First of all, Sue, the owner – she is awesome. That’s enough reason to go. Second, the food – even more awesome. Third – it’s in a blue food truck near a very cool strip of stores. I loved Counter Culture, each and every time we went. And trust me, we went a lot. I can’t even tell you what to get, because anything you get will be perfect. I did love any sandwich, loved the raw brushetta, raw donut holes. YES, raw donut holes. That is why I love Sue the most. Well, there are other reasons (like the pac man salad) and my husband loved her because she did vegan corn dogs one day we were there. I feel like I could make the time line of my trip by what I ate at Counter Culture, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. She is also serving vegan brunch on Sunday’s. So get your brunch on every Sunday! Seriously, this is the best spot in Austin for vegan food – and it’s not expensive, it’s cool, and there is outdoor seating. Bring cash!

Casa de Luz:

You walk through the beautiful grounds and get to the dining hall called “Casa de Luz”. It’s a fantastic place – you pay one price and I think that you can have as much as you want .. Lunch & Dinner at Casa de Luz consist of soup, a side salad, and an entrée plate with grains, greens, veggies, beans, and pickled vegetables.

So for newbies – you walk in, and there is a place where you pay for your meal up front. They give you a little token. You go and get your fabulous tea, salad, soup. Someone will bring you a plate of warm food, and you give them your token. If you want something else from the warm foods – you just go and ask the people in the kitchen.

I also HIGHLY recommend picking up some dessert – because it is AMAZING. and healthy – go figure.

For a great video review – check out my friend and her video review on Youtube.

Bouldin Creek:

This is kind of a must when you are in Austin. It is a small coffee/cafe and it is fantastic. It is not all vegan (all vegetarian). But any of their dishes can be made vegan, and seriously, you just have to go there for breakfast. My favorite was the “Il Tipico”. Just get it with the tofu scramble – tell them you want it all vegan, and they will hook you up. They also have some tasty vegan desserts and drinks.

Kerbey Lane

So it will happen… It’s like 2AM you just got back from some awesome concert in Austin and you and your friends are hungry. Is there a 24 hour place that has good vegan food? YES!

There are a few options at Kerbey Lane, and the one we went to had a separate menu to help us out. It is good late night food.

Wheatsville Co-op.

If you are vegan, and if you are in Austin, I think getting a “Popcorn Tofu Poboy” is some kind of law. Seriously. You need to try it. And then you need to join the facebook fan page for the popcorn tofu – that is how good it is. They have some other good vegan options in the deli, but really, if you only have a day, that is what you need to get.

Toy Joy

Just down the street from Wheatsville is my favorite store in Austin. Toy Joy is way better than any drug. It is a trip just walking into the place. And if you can make your way back to the ice cream bar – you will have found paradise. Vegan soft serve, vegan milkshakes, vegan drinks, vegan candy. And even some gluten free cones if that’s your thing. They have happy hour every day in the afternoon, but just go – like anytime. They are open late, and they are always awesome. And it’s vegan soft serve!

Whole Foods:

They have vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a decent raw foods bar. The Whole Foods in Austin is the main headquarters and the first one ever built. If you need something quick – it’s the place to go. It’s also like a circus on most days, it’s kind of like the Disney World of Whole Foods.

Other spots:

There are a bunch more that I could list, but if you’ve only got a few days, I thought I would just mention my favorites. For more places to check out go to the Vegans Rock Austin page here.


  1. Abby

    Would love to see you while you’re back in town, if you have any spare time. Excited to hear of your latest adventures.


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