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Ayurveda Balance: 4 Aims of Life


Ayurveda Way of Motivation and Integral Balance By Four Basic Pursuits Of Human Life

Ayurveda four aims of life represent the various aspirations of all human being. If we analyze all our desires and pursuits, we will find that these can be grouped under four basic human pursuits.

All of our activities and fantasies and goals in life revolve around these basic pursuits. We can become fulfilled as a human being only if we balance these aspirations and longings harmoniously with our present conditions.

What Are Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life?

Actually the word aim or goal is not that much appropriate to use, it should be replaced with aspiration or pursuits. Goals and aims are usually made deliberately and after conscious willful decision.

Aspirations stand for our longings and deep desires. Pursuits includes our conscious and unconscious activities. Pursuits emerges as the right choice among all these words.

So Ayurveda four aims of life are…

  1. Dharma: Religion, merit, virtue, righteousness, duties, nature, one that should be followed among the present choices of actions, the characteristic property or attribute are some of the related meanings.
  2. Artha: To strive to obtain, desire, object of desire, cause, motive, five object of senses, one that can be perceived by senses, business matter, wealth, profit, good.
  3. Kama: Desire, objects of desire, desire of sensual enjoyments, lust.
  4. Moksha: It means liberation, emancipation, freedom of soul from compulsions of birth and rebirths, attainment of Cosmic Consciousness.

We have checked their meanings in Sanskrit language. This quadrant of human aspirations is usually associated with religious activities, monetary or economic activities, sensual pleasures and spiritual aspirations. I will like to present it with some variance.

4 Dimensions Of Human Living:

Everyone is talking about four dimensions of life, be it yoga gurus, new age medicine experts, management guru. These dimensions have been associated with our livfe right from the beginning. These are physical and economic, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

The four dimensions of our life are ever present. It might be possible that one or more aspects of our nature is being underutilized or being ignored.

Dharma And Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life:

The word ‘Dharma’ means moral rules, activities in accordance with natural and universal principles. ‘Dharma’ also means one that should be chosen or done or exercised out of given choices. It is not good or bad in the context of our liking and disliking. It is in context with natural principles.

This alignment guides all the aspects of physical life – the body as well as economic considerations.

Artha And Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life:

This dimension of ‘Artha’ is related to our mind. All the ten senses, sensory organs are controlled by mind. The word ‘Artha’ also means ‘the objects of senses’.

So ‘Artha’ is associated with that part of our life or mental life that is related with five sensations of sound, touch, vision, taste and smell and five executive sense organs like hands, legs, sexual organs, excretory organs and tongue.

Kama And Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life:

‘Kama’ is used for emotional aspect of our life or in relation to heart or feelings. ‘Kama’ signifies the emotional aspirations of all of us. It is related the part of our mind or ‘heart’ that deals with feelings or emotions.

Moksha And Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life:

‘Moksha’ is related with spiritual aspirations and our soul. This dimension of our life is usually ignored or neglected.

In this sense, the Ayurveda four aims of life indicate toward the presence of four aspirations and dimensions of our life. Whatever activity we are doing in body or mind is related with body and money or sensations or feelings and emotions or soul and spiritual life.

Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life And Motivation:

Motivation can never be wholesome until all these four aspects of our life are not united. There are four categories of activities.

  1. Physical Activity or mechanical activity.
  2. Activity with presence of mind that is we are attentive. Action with mind.
  3. Activity with presence of mind as well as feelings, action with mind and heart.
  4. We are deeply united with the activity in our consciousness to the level that we are doing it with a sense of oneness. Action with mind and heart and soul.

So when we feel that some activity is important for us, we should spend some time to prepare our body, mind, heart and soul to perform it with unison. That performance will be with great orchestrated symphony and synergy and integrity! Isn’t it evident so many times in our lives under various circumstances? Of course, we all have felt it so many times. That is true motivation and being truly motivated.

Finding Balance And Synergy In Ayurveda 4 Aims Of Life:

I remember the saying of one of my uncle, Shri Yashpal Singh about the balance and synergy of these fundamental human aspirations.

“We should soar in this world like a bird whose body is made up of Dharma or principles, and who moves toward the spiritual goal of Moksha or Liberation by balanced use of two wings of Artha (monetary pursuits) and Kama (emotional and social pursuits).”

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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