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Ayurveda Doctors: How are they Educated?


How BAMS Ayurvedic doctors Are Educated In India

An Ayurveda doctor is used for those persons who have earned their bachelor degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS). Unlike other parts of the world, this degree in traditional medicine is hardest to get and is equivalent in duration and curriculum to conventional modern medicine degree in India.

How Does One Get Admission In BAMS?

Seeking admission in any ayurvedic college requires that the student should have previous school education in Science stream.

In India, the education framework before any degree in University is like this:

  1. Play School or Prenursery: one year
  2. Nursery, Lower KG, Upper KG or Kindegarten: three years
  3. Primary Education: first to fifth standard – five years
  4. Junior High School: sixth to eight standard – three years
  5. High School Or Secondary Education: ninth to tenth standard – two years
  6. Intermediate Or Senior Secondary Education: elventh and twelvth standard.
  7. University Degree: three to five and half years
  8. Post-graduation: two to three years
  9. PhD.: three years

Right from high school, there are different streams for commerce, arts, science and agriculture students. To get BAMS degree or any other degree, one should get Intermediate or Senior Secondary education. And it takes 1+3+5+3+2+2=16 years of education.

BAMS Admission Through Entrance Examination:

Every student who want to sit for BAMS entrance must study Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany in Senior Secondary class.

Mostly the entrance examination is conducted at State level under Combined Premedical Test. It is called combined because there is one entrance for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, BAMS, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery and sometimes BUMS or Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery.

Admission to particular stream of medicine is granted on the basis of merit and student’s choice. All of the BAMS colleges are affiliated to State and Central authorities. Most popular colleges are run by State Government. There is separate entrance examination for some Ayurvedic colleges on national level.

Education For Ayurvedic Doctor:

Even before the National Independence of India before 1947, Ayurvedic colleges were operating in India but instead of degree by a University they are awarding Certificate from a Board of Ayurvedic medicine.

Even before the above mentioned Board certification system, Gurukula education were prevalent in India. Gurukula are the equivalent of modern residential school or college complexes with the chief difference in method of education.

In Gurukula tradition of education, the student and teachers lived together and all the practical and theoretical teaching is imparted by the experts. The students observed celibacy and devoted wholeheartedly to the cause of learning.

Ayurveda is taught now in colleges and like all other kind of schooling, college and university education, both boys and girls receive ayurveda degree. After 1961-62, the BAMS was converted into a degree while the duration remained same. And the syllabus and curriculum was centralized by Central Council Of Indian Medicine. BAMS degree is now awarded by University.

BAMS Or Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery – Doctor’s Degree:

The BAMS degree is four and a half year of academic curriculum in Ayurvedic college, Ayurvedic Hospital and Medical Hospital. After completing this degree, BAMS ayurveda doctors get compulsory one year of Internship in Ayurvedic Hospital, Medical Hospital and rural area.

So the minimum period of BAMS degree is five and a half year. The details of the curriculum for an aspiring ayurveda doctor will be dealt with in another article. But the point of importance is that BAMS is now an Integrated degree where students receive education in ayurvedic as well as modern medicine together.

In India, the duration of medical degree, homeopathic degree and ayurvedic degree is same i.e. five and a half year. And these medical graduates are considered equally professional in their own respective fields and for State medical services.

Higher Studies In Ayurvedic Medicine After BAMS:

BAMS is the basic education in Ayurvedic medicine. All other certificates and diplomas that are being offered now are presently illegal and no college is awarding them now. The Ayurvedic practice license is given by State Council Of Indian Medicine to BAMS doctors after they complete their degree and internship.

MD Or Doctor Of Medicine In Ayurveda:

After completing BAMS, there is a fairly increasing scope of higher education for ayurvedic based doctors. BAMS students can go to private practice, State ayurvedic services, or they can prefer to obtain MD (Doctor Of Medicine In Ayurveda).

MD in Ayurveda is a three year post graduation degree that is awarded by several ayurvedic institutes and universities. MD Ayurveda is available in different streams of Ayurveda – Basic principles, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene or Social and Preventive Medicine, Herbology, Herbal Pharmacy, ENT & Ophthalmology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery and Panchakarma.

Post Graduate Diploma Or Certificate For Ayurvedic Physician:

Some centers are awarding Post graduate diploma to doctors after BAMS in Herbology, panchakarma and several other streams.

Some reputed centers and ancient ayurveda lineage are also approved by State and National authorities and they are giving a certificate of two years duration to BAMS ayurveda doctors. They follow Guru-Disciple based teaching method.

PhD Or Doctorate For Ayurveda Doctors:

One can go for PhD just after BAMS or after MD. PhD is also a three year program. Most BAMS students don’t prefer getting a PhD in Ayurveda.

This is the study plan for BAMS. And this degree has replaced all other kinds of certificates or diplomas in ayurveda that had been in use previously.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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