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B12 Injections Help Weight Loss, How Long?


Can injecting a B12 vitamin cocktail help your body to better burn fat?

The answer depends on the other weight control methods you are using in conjunction with the supplement. While many may cringe at the idea of taking injections on a regular basis, others find that the diet aid is extremely effective when used with a sensible eating plan and regular exercise.

b12 injection

B12 has been a popular choice for dieters for years because of its many benefits, but the weight loss is linked to the element indirectly. The vitamin is helpful in promoting weight loss in the following ways.

  • It improves mood, which can help alleviate many instances of emotional eating. Those who have elevated mood are less likely to engage in damaging eating behaviors that cause weight gain.
  • Increases energy levels, making exercise and daily activities easier. Many people eat because they are feeling fatigued in an effort to boost energy, especially in the afternoon hours.
  • Helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium is an important nutrias that is believed to promote weight loss.
  • Metabolizes proteins as a digestive agent, allowing the nutrient to be absorbed without being stored as fat.
  • Metabolizes carbohydrates before they are converted to triglyceride fat in the body.
  • Helps the body to metabolize fat efficiently.

Vitamin B12 injections are typically combined with another agent that helps rev the metabolism while aiding in the digestion process.


Lipotropic injections are an important part of using vitamin B12 for weight loss. The combination of B12 and lipotropics is ideal for promoting weight loss, according to people who use this approach. The mixture helps to burn fat, reduce water retention and stabilize estrogen levels in addition to the benefits of B12 listed above.

Can Vitamin B12 Injections Promote Weight Loss

The answer to the question depends on the individual. The supplement can help, but people can’t expect to automatically drop pound just by taking the injections. Proper diet and exercise is necessary in order to achieve success.

Side Effects

The list of side effects is considerable for people who want to take B12 injections. Side effects range from mild diarrhea to swelling in the extremities, hives and chest pain. Many other problems may occur with the injections so it is critical to discuss the approach with a physician. This is an absolute must, especially for those who have any of the following conditions.

  • Low folic acid levels
  • Leber’s disease
  • Infections
  • Kidney disease
  • Bone marrow issues
  • Allergies to preservatives, foods, dyes, medications or vitamins
  • Pregnant
  • Nursing

The B12 injections are not appropriate for everyone and taking the vitamin can cause health problems in some people. Check with a physician before trying this approach to supplementing a weight loss plan.

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