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Bachelor Paramedic Degree Online


If you have a penchant or desire to help others, and you handle emergency situations and crisis situations well, you might do well in a career as a paramedic. While classroom and on-the-job hands-on training will be required, you can work towards your bachelor paramedic degree using an online course.


Not everyone has what it takes to be a paramedic. You need a certain amount of medical care knowledge, the willingness to work an irregular schedule, and enough education to qualify for and pass a state examination. You also need to truly care about other people – including absolute strangers. As a paramedic, you will work for a private ambulance service, for a hospital, for Life Flight Helicopters, or for the fire department. Some law enforcement agencies will hire those who have a paramedic background as well. Additionally, you could be employed by a corporation, but this is not typical.

In the paramedic field, you will find that the more education you have the more job offers you will have. Additionally, those with more education command higher salaries as well. Education and training are vital in this field, as people’s lives depend heavily on your skills. As a paramedic, you will be dispatched to emergency situations by a 911 operator. When you arrive, it is your job to evaluate the situation – from a health standpoint – stabilize the patient, and transport the patient to the nearest hospital. You will also typically be in contact with the hospital that you will be transporting the patient to, and you may or may not receive instruction from a doctor at that hospital during the transportation process.

Additionally, you must learn how to use special equipment that paramedics use in their work. This equipment includes backboards, EKG machines, blood pressure cuffs, splints, and much more. While paramedics and emergency medical technicians both work in the same environment, there is a difference between the two. Paramedics have the training to provide more advanced care for the patient, and therefore have more responsibilities than EMTs. Paramedics earn about fourteen dollars an hour to start, but typically earn more as they gain experience, or as they further their educations.

Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Science
Company Name: Indiana University at Kokomo
Location: Kelley Student Center, Room 208, 2300 S. Washington Street, Kokomo, Indiana, United States
Description: For this program, you will attend any university, including the Indiana University at Kokomo for the first two years for the basic coursework, and then after you have earned 29 approved credit hours, you will be admitted to the Paramedic Science Program through the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Course Name: Paramedic Care
Company Name: Northern Arizona University
Location: South San Francisco Street, Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
Description: This is a 120 hour degree program that includes 35 credits of Liberal Studies, 24 credit hours of Health Sciences Core Classes, 60 hours of Discipline specific coursework, and enough electives to total 120 credit hours.

Course Name: Emergency Medical Services – Paramedic and Technology Management
Company Name: Kansas State University
Location: Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, United States
Description: Through this school, you can obtain an associate’s or bachelors degree that would allow you to work as a paramedic, and many of the classes are available online.

Course Name: Bachelor of Clinical Practice – Paramedic
Company Name: Charles Sturt University
Location: P.O. Box 789, Albury, NSW 2640, Australia
Description: This program is available in a classroom setting or online through distance education. It is a full time program.

Course Name: Paramedic
Company Name: Montana State University
Location: 1500 University Drive, Billings, Montana, United States
Description: This school offers both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree for future paramedics. Some of the classes are available online.

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