Friday, January 22, 2021

Baldness Causes in Oriental Medicine


In the oriental medicine, the hair is the part of the body that mirrors the energy status in the kidney and substitutes some functions of the lungs. Therefore, when the general conditions of kidney are well, hair is glossy and smooth; if not, the opposite things appear. Its falling off is considered to be in the same line with that. In the oriental medicine, the hair which is, like the skin, under control of the lungs, wards off the bad materials coming into the body. In this point of view, the importance of hair cannot be undermined.

The most common disease of hair is baldness. Among them, alopecia areatais the symptom from rather short-term stress and fatigue.

Other than this, the baldness may progress gradually for some period of time. In this case, the most probable reason is the lack of vigor in the kidney.

However, there are some more causes for it: the lack of ‘yin-hyul(blood containing ‘yin’, the ‘hyul-yul (blood heat), ‘han-seup-sa (the ‘cold-damp pathogen’,)’ and ‘Uh-hyul (stagnated blood)’.

Alopecia areata should be treated with supplementing the short energy and dissipating the locally stagnated ‘Qi’. The fading of color is caused most presumably be the lacks of energy or ‘hyul-yul(blood heat,)’. Too glossy or greasy hair is from the inertness of ‘damp-heat’ in the body.

According to an old book of oriental medicine, the reason that women has no mustache is the regular bleeding through menstruation. It says that hair is, too considerable extent, governed by blood. When the hair grows too fast, it means the lacks of ‘yin’ and the surplus of ‘yang’.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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