Friday, September 18, 2020

Beauty Therapy


Beauty is not skin deep! And there’s more to a beautiful woman – or man – than a pretty face with loads of make-up.

What is Beauty Therapy?

Beauty therapies consist of three branches:

  • – Facial therapy or aestheticienne
  • – Physiatrics or body treatments, and
  • – Electrology or epilation

Facial therapy usually consists of manual and electrical treatments on the face. Pedicure, waxing and manicure also come under this section.

Body treatments include manual and electrical treatments on the body. The use of body packs, massage and exercise also come under this section. Innovative packs like the chocolate packs compete with traditional packs like fruit packs and mud packs. The aim is to pamper and exfoliate the body. These treatments also provide an effective and safe outlet for tension, stress and anxiety.

Electrology treatments include the removal of hair both from the face as well as the body, using electronic devices. This is an area of super specialty where much money is made. But due to the great demand for services and qualified professionals, many people also end up with scarred faces and bad experiences.

How Can Beauty Therapists Help?

Also known as aesthetician, a Beauty therapist is not your regular beautician. A Beauty therapist is a beautician, electrolysist and a body therapist all rolled into one. Treatments are designed to improve the skin and tone the clients’ body. All forms of beauty treatments give the mind a feeling of well-being and confidence. Thus a caring, tactful, intelligent and well-groomed therapist can make his or her patients feel good in the head too!

Beauty therapy borders on the field of medicine since the course covers the bare essentials of certain skin conditions that augur disease. Aestheticians are qualified to know when they must refer a client to a doctor.

Beauty therapy is now attracting a lot of interest because of the growing desire to feel fit and look good. Professional therapy involves certification in classes from a reputed college or private school. Entrants can range from seventeen years upwards. But this therapy is a field where maturity and experience can be a definite advantage.

Beauty Therapy and Natural Medicine

As people move towards natural products and natural treatments, beauty therapy is also innovating new treatment systems that use and rely on natural products. Treatments such as Aromatherapy and Aroma-massage are believed to aid the body’s natural healing processes. By maintaining the balance of the body and enhancing the feeling of ‘wholesome treatment’, optimum health for the whole body is ensured.

Skilled treatments for wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, acne, scars, dark circles, cellulite and tired eyes are some of the most sought after treatments in beauty therapy.

As people become older and feel the need to preserve their shape and looks, therapy becomes even more necessary. In a world where good looks and fitness counts a lot, the therapy has moved from the realms of luxury to a necessity. With rising stress, tension, fast foods and damaging lifestyles many people make use of beauty therapies just to unwind and get away from it all.

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