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Beauty Therapy Course


Beauty Therapy is a newer field, and a beauty therapist is technically known as an Aesthetician. With a beauty therapy course, you will learn how to apply therapy to clients with various treatments that are applied to the face and body. Beauty therapy covers many areas, including beautician services, electrolysis, facials, and more, in an effort to improve the physical condition and appearance of the face and skin.

Science and research into human behaviors and feelings have shown us that people have a better sense of well-being when their outer appearance is improved. However, in the past clients were expected to go from one professional to another to achieve this, with none of those professionals taking the whole body appearance into consideration – focusing only on what they were trained to focus on instead, such as the hair or the face. This is because these individuals did not take a beauty therapy course, and instead took a specific course, such as cosmetology.

Aestheticians concentrate on the whole outer appearance of the individual, and they learn to do this in a caring and intelligent way. It is important that the Aesthetician be well groomed themselves as well. Furthermore, a professional Aesthetician also knows when they can help, and when the client needs to see a doctor instead. All of this is learned through a quality beauty therapy course.

Unfortunately, in many areas, the student who wishes to become an Aesthetician must take numerous certificate programs to fulfill their goal. However, there are more colleges offering beauty therapy courses that are more complete these days.

The salary that one can expect as an Aesthetician will vary depending on where they are located and the type of business that they work in. Typically, those who work for themselves for select private clients will earn more than those who work for salons, but those who work for more upscale spas also do very well – and it all starts with a beauty therapy course.

Beauty Therapy Course Resources

Course Title: Aesthetics and Laser Training
Name of Company: Kerisma Aesthetic & Laser Training Institute
Location: 7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Suite 1064, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Description: Education is this field is available for doctors, nurses, current Aestheticians, Laser Technologists, and those who are just getting started with their education.

Course Title: Esthetics
Name of Company: The Skin Institute
Location: 1955 Commerce Center Circle, Ste A, Prescott, Arizona, United States
Description: The course offered by The Skin Institute is very intense, including 600 hours of classroom education, as well as lab training and practical experience. Through this complete course, you will be skilled enough and eligible to pursue a career in a salon or spa, to own a spa or salon, to become a professional makeup artist, or even to work as an inspector or examiner for the State Board in your state.

Course Title: The Professional Esthetics Program
Name of Company: Steiner Institute of Esthetics
Location: 10000 N. 31st Avenue, Ste D-100, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Description: The Steiner Education Group is available in 9 states, with a total of 17 campuses, which makes it possible and easier to attend these classes regardless of where you live. You can be trained to work at one of the Steiner companies, or any other company in the world through these courses, which cover 720 clock hours, taking approximately seven months to complete if you are a full time student.

Course Title: Aesthetics
Name of Company: The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona
Location: 7547 West Greenway Road, Ste 500, Peoria, Arizona, United States
Description: A variety of course programs are offered under the heading of Aesthetics, including Aesthetics, Advanced Aesthetics, Aesthetics for Cosmetologists, and Aesthetics with Laser Certification for the Medical Office, and Professional Makeup. The company also offers day and evening classes with flexible schedules, and accommodations are available.

Course Title: Salon Aesthetics
Name of Company: Academy of Aesthetics Arts and Sciences
Location: 7890 South Hardy Drive, Tempe, Arizona, United States
Description: This is an introductory class that covers the basics in a wide range of aesthetic techniques. The school offers more advanced course programs as well, but this is the starting point if you are not already a professional.

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