Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bed Bugs Bites, Causes, Treatments & How to Check


Bed Bugs can be pesky little critters. They are reddish brown six legged creatures that hide during the day and like to suck your blood at night. You can’t feel them on you but you may get the idea bugs are crawling on you if you know they’re there. They leave an itching red mark on your skin from bed bug bites. You may not see the actual bed bugs, but you can see their droppings which look like little black pieces of dust. So how do you get rid of these critters?

Natural Bed Bug Sprays

Insecticides are the first thing that people reach for when they know they have bed bugs. Insecticides leave toxic chemicals on your belongings long after the bugs are gone. Not only do insecticides kill the bugs, but they can also be harmful to children. So, it’s best to use a biological pesticide that doesn’t leave a toxic after effect. There are several all natural bed bug sprays available over the counter.

Wash Bedding Weekly

When bed bugs are an issue, make sure to wash your linens every week in as hot water as you can. The hot water will kill the bugs and wash them out of the linens all at once. Continue to launder in heat by setting the dryer on the highest heat setting also. The bed bugs won’t have a fighting chance.

Vacuum Thoroughly

While bedding is in the laundry, vacuum the floor well, especially around and under beds. Bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty house, but you can get rid of them a lot faster by vacuuming. This way if a few fell on the floor when you took off the linens, you can get them up and out of the carpet with the vacuum. Make sure you vacuum furniture upholstery and curtains as well. Even though they are called bed bugs, they can live in other upholstery and clothing.

Relieve Itching from the Bite

To treat the itching associated with the bed bug bite, apply a topical lotion with cortisone or tea tree oil to reduce inflammation and stop the itching.

Travel with Caution

If you are traveling, inspect the hotel bedding thoroughly for bed bug feces. Make sure you wash all your clothes in hot water when you come home from your trip. Do not take your dirty clothes out of your suitcase and put them on your bed. Bed bugs are easily transferred from one location to the next this way.

Kids and sleepovers make it easy for bed bugs to travel from one house to the next. Teach your kids how to watch for them and how to prevent bed bugs coming home with them.

Nobody likes having bed bugs in their house. Many people who learn they have an infestation will not be able to sleep that night until they know the bugs are gone. So follow these steps above to prevent and get rid of bed bugs in your house.

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