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Before & After Liposuction Surgery Results (with Pictures)


What are the best and worst before and after photos from people who have had liposuction procedure?

Most people want to see photos before and after the liposuction surgery procedures before deciding whether it’s as treatment they may consider

So, let’s take a look before and also after the surgery. Not just the pictures, yet what is the preparation before, during and after?

Best Before & After Photo

This is a photo of one of the best case scenarios for liposuction treatment.

As you can see the large amount of fat has been sucked out and the body shape for this woman contoured.

The problem is that while liposuction does permanently remove the fat cells, that does not mean that they will retain the lost weight. This is the biggest problem with this surgery, it sucks out the fat, yet it does not change the lifestyle of the patient.

As soon as they continue to eat an excess amount of calories and not exercise, the fat cells will simply come back again.

So this is why I think that liposuction is a short term solution for a life long problem. Learn how to exercise to lose weight and keep it off for life.

Worst Before & After Photo

This is a photo of Tara Reid and shows her lumpy liposuction results from her surgery.

As you can see the procedure in this case has caused a permanent lumpy appearance that can likely not be fixed with additional surgery. In fact that would probably make it worse!

What’s more if you only have a bit of fat to lose it is far better to follow a weight loss plan rather than resorting to liposuction.

How about the “before” preparation and the “after care” of liposuction?

If you really must go for the surgery, despite the bad before and after above and also knowing full well the risks and dangers/side-effects, then let’s take a look at exactly what to expect from this treatment…

Don’t take for granted that the surgeon will “take care” of everything for you.

Hey! It’s your body, your health and it’s a decision you need to make for yourself in your life.

Just be very, very careful about this.

Before Liposuction

Right. May be we start with this: “Do you need to take photos of liposuction before and also after the surgery?”

I see this as really a good opportunity to judge your surgeon’s integrity and professionalism.

A professional surgeon who’s conscientious and thorough in his or her work will take photos for you before the procedure.

He or she will take a photo of you before the surgery, as a means for you to judge the result of his or her work.

What about you yourself? I would say you take pictures of yourself too (timer delay, mirror or ask a friend to do it) for your own records so that you can decide whether any ripples or bumps present after the surgery were present before the surgery.

(P/S: Liposuction doesn’t guarantee to remove every ripple or bump, but it should not make new ones if you’ve good skin elasticity and if the surgeon is experienced and skillful)

If your surgeon doesn’t take photos of you before surgery, hey, I think you should be on alert already! Something’s not quite right there…. Ask him or her to do it and if he or she refuses, it’s cue that he or she has got something to hide…

Ask Questions

OK. That settled.

Can we scroll back to even before you come to this photo stage? The stage where you consult the surgeon about the procedure.

How do you find out all the info about the surgery and about the surgeon?

Well, ask as many questions as possible.

First on the procedure itself. Ask questions like:

  • Place of surgery – in the surgeon’s clinic or in hospital? Does he or she has adequate facilities or has to rely on a hospital’s facilities if complications arise during surgery?
  • The duration of the entire surgery so you can make necessary arrangements like taking days off from work or arrange family matters
  • The result you’re expecting, is it realistic? If not, how much deviation you expect? This will provide you a picture on how you would look or the area under surgery would look. The surgeon should come to an agreement with certain level of your expectation
  • The cost involved
  • Any post procedures that you should consider to enhance effects of liposuction . If so, the surgeon needs to tell you about the said procedure
  • What type of anesthesia the surgeon uses, general or local. General anesthesia affects the whole body so it’s more likely to cause side effects than local anesthesia
  • How would the surgeon manage the fluid balance during the procedure
  • What’s the procedure for monitoring recovery after surgery, how long the period to take to recover and what side effects you can expect
  • If the actual results deviate from the agreed ones, would the surgeon repeat or correct his or her “work”? He or she must have the established policies on this matter which he or she should provide to you
  • Ask for the names and contact numbers and address of the surgeon’s patients who have undergone liposuction under him or her so that you can get first-hand information from them on the surgeon and the surgery

The Surgeon

  • Is the surgeon trained in liposuction and is he or she a board-certified surgeon who has undergone specific training in cosmetic surgery? The thing is this – if you must go for the liposuction, then really, you must go to a board-certified surgeon who has high standing in the field with impeccable medical credentials
  • The number of liposuction procedures the surgeon has done and the average number of areas he or she has treated
  • The duration the surgeon’s patients take to recover or return to work following liposuction
  • The surgeon’s rate of doing “touch-up” or “repair” procedures and their costs
  • The percentage of patients who have major complications. The surgeon should not hesitate in providing this information to you
  • The surgeon’s history of malpractice lawsuits and coverage of malpractice ….Don’t rely on what the surgeon tells you; do your homework on him or her thoroughly

See, you need to do quite a bit of homework already before the surgery.

After Liposuction

Most surgeons will show you photos of the results before and after on cases they’ve already completed, to “impress” you. That’s their first intention.

Of course the photos depict the “bad shapes” before and the “wonderful beautiful” shapes after.

Be careful about these photos….unscrupulous surgeons may “manufacture” their own photographic “results.”

They could digitally copy the photos from other reputable and skillful surgeons who consistently turn out good results or digitally modify their own patients’ photos.

So be realistic about this. In the first place, if you expect your body to look as beautiful as one of the “shapes” in the photos, you could be in for a disappointment because your body’s unique and different from the bodies in the photos.

The so-called good results of liposuction varies from person to person and depend on each person’s condition such as:

  • The amount of fat the surgeon removes. The more fat he or she removes, the higher the chance of scarring, bruising, denting, lumping and sagging of your skin in the treated area
  • The elasticity of your skin affects appearance of skin after liposuction. A younger person with good elasticity would have smooth and natural look on the skin after surgery. If you’re obese and subsequently lose a lot of weight, you would have less skin elasticity than a person who’s not obese or never has been obese
  • If a person’s older (50 and above), the skin could become saggier or remain saggy after liposuction. If the surgeon were to remove all the fat pushing out against the skin, the skin would usually not contract well after liposuction. Wrinkles and bruises would usually form
  • Whether you’ve had liposuction before in the same area. If you’ve, chances are scars would become larger and more prominent

So, don’t rely solely on the surgeon’s before and after photos that you may well be shown.

Take Stock of these Things

Now after the surgery, be real. You should expect a recovery period of between 1 to 6 months for full recovery.

Let’s face it, a surgery is a surgery, no matter how simple it is. You need time to recover because you’ve wounds to heal, inside and outside.

What aftercare that comes after the liposuction surgery is no different from any other surgery.

Take stock of these post surgery developments – the surgery pain goes away in about a week; the swelling subsides in about 2 weeks and the numbness around the treated area could remain for a few months.

Then in bout 4 weeks, when swelling has fully subsided, the treated area should look less bulky. In about 6 months, the area should have its new leaner, tighter appearance.

You can only resume doing exercise (if you’re exercising before the surgery) after a lapse of at least a month post surgery as there may be risk of moisture-related infection and opening of wounds.

The Surgery and the Surgeon is the most Important

Photos can be important but the most important things are the surgeon (I’m beginning to sound like a recording machine……Ahem….I’m trying my best to drive home this very important point).

I see photos as a starting point to get you drill down every details and information about the surgery and about the surgeon.

Then, you decide what you want to do.

My stand is this – liposuction is not medically necessary, so don’t do it. Moreover, it isn’t a way to help you lose weight.

Lose weight by this tried and true combo – exercise and eat a healthy diet.

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