Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Behcet’s Syndrome (Chinese Medicine)


Behcet’s syndrome is the disease that was found in 1937 by Turkish doctor whose name is Behcet’s. It is kind of a rare disease spread mainly in the areas like Middle East, China, Japan, Korea. In the oriental medicine, it has been called ‘ho-hok, the possession of fox)’. There are many unidentified and unspecified sources going around about the origin of the disease; allergy, environment, topographical characteristics, race, etc.

In view of oriental medicine, the two factors are the most probable cause of it, such as the infiltration of pathogenic dampness or noxious heat. The symptoms of this disease are mucous ulcer on mouth, tongue and genitals and, especially the erythema nodosum on the calf. The disease isn’t perfectly treated; it goes on and off. Ulcer in the mouth can be found on oral mucosa, tongue, tonsils with various depths. It’s painful when taking hot or salty food.

When it strikes the eyes, it may infiltrate to iris or blood vessels of retina: it gives pain in the eyes, weakens the eyesight, muddles the color of iris, becomes bloodshot; when it lasts too long, the patient may lose sight. When penetrating into the central nerve system, it may cause meningitis that gives the symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, neck stiffness, and even the paralysis of lower body. When incurring into the internal organs and becoming ulcer, it may occur massive bleeding ending up with death. The ways to alleviate this disease are to avoid overwork, mental and physical fatigue, to keep nutritional balance. For those who already under the diseases like diabetes, anemia, tuberculosis, it is lethal.

In case of metrelcosis, it’s hard to manage the normal sex life between husband and wife; when it’s on the skin, the festering scar remain for so long a time. This is the same case with those who suffer arthritis or neuralgia; it gets severer when it rains or becomes cloudy.

For there hasn’t been any cures found yet, the temporary treatments are made with steroid or immune response suppressor. However, these may cause some serious side-effects, so the patient should be very careful in taking them.

The treatments from oriental medicine are ‘keum-eun-hwa’, ‘sa-kwa-rak’, ‘keum-ja-tang’, ‘poh-gong-yung’, ‘ho-ma’, ‘yeo-myung-hwan’.

The initial curing period is about three months, then the most of the pains from Behcet’s syndrome goes away.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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