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Benefits Of The Trampoline


We just purchased a small exercise trampoline. I have good intentions for using it for physical therapy exercises and stretches to relieve the pain in my ankle. My spouse likes to get on it and jump around, while he burns calories and gets his heart rate up. I really enjoy that it comes with a bar to hold on since I am often off-balance on my feet. If you have not tried this aerobic exercise yet, then I encourage you to do so. It is different from routine exercises and helps burn calories much faster—and here is why.

First, it is great cardiovascular exercise. Trampolines are beneficial to strengthening muscles. Jumping increases your heart rate and makes oxygen much easier to flow throughout your body. In turn, you are going to feel much healthier and more alert. It is also a great way to keep your weight down and your BMI low. There are a few simple exercises that you can do to get your heart rate up. The first one is a side-to-side hop with your feet together, while you jump left to right. If your balance is really good, you may try the same exercise going front to back. Try these for 60 seconds at a time and then rest. You may then want to try both sets back to back. It is great exercise, so let us do it!

Likewise, consider each jump a remedy to stronger bones. It is normal for jumping action to put slight stress on the joints; this is a given. The fact is that the trampoline, which takes in over 80% of the shock, absorbs your vertical acceleration and deceleration. If you were jogging on a road, this would not be the case. While jogging is very harsh on the joints and bones, the trampoline protects them. Each landing is double of that what gravity is; consider that for a moment. This means that our bones are protected more from the bouncy trampoline than they would be from a gravel road. In turn, it means less sprains and breaks—which is always good.

Some people may be surprised to learn that jumping on a trampoline is also beneficial to your mental health. Exercise pumps oxygen into your brain, so it is always going to make you more alert. In addition, it gives you a more positive outlook on your lifestyle. Exercise releases natural chemicals that boost mood and energy. These chemicals often make us feel happier and make us want to get stuff done. This is awesome! The trampoline is sure to make you feel like a kid again. It is going to bring back those warm, fuzzy feelings of when you were younger, happier and loved to laugh for hours.

It is understood that the trampoline is a piece of exercise equipment. The trampoline jumping reduces body fat, while it helps balance muscle to fat ratio. In addition, it increases the rate at which your body burns carbohydrates. This is mostly due to the way that you bounce on the trampoline. The upward bounce increases bone tone and strengthens the muscles—including the ol’ ticker. Yep, the trampoline is even good for your heart.

It has been proven that cardio and aerobic exercise are excellent for the heart. When a person continually exercises, the heart muscle strengthens, pumping more blood with fewer beats. The heart has to work less than it would if a person were obese. This not only lowers your risk of heart disease, but also stroke and cancer. Also, it is eventually going to add years onto your life if you continue living this way. You could be living until your 80s or 90s if you lose the weight, instead of your late 60s if you keep the weight on. If you have kids or grandkids, this is a big game changer.

Consider your stress level as well. Many of us are in high stress jobs such as management, lawyers, doctors and so on. Many of us have stress from kids or housework. Whatever the source of your stress, take it out on the trampoline. Letting go of this stress can release feel-good endorphins into your body. They are going to make you happier and you might laugh more. Moreover, you are releasing your problems and getting your mind off them. It is not healthy to keep them inside, so work them out—on the trampoline.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that there is no age requirement for the trampoline. Small exercise trampolines are perfect for everyone in the family. The elderly do not have to worry about damaging their knees or back, while younger people may enjoy stretches or sit-ups on them. The trampoline works around your exercise routine. Best of all, it is easy picked up and moved to any room in your home. It is not a heavy weight machine or a heavy treadmill. I doubt our trampoline weighs over 30 pounds.

Moreover, the trampoline assists your body in detoxification and builds up your immune system. The jumping motion stimulates your internal organs, moves your cerebral-spinal fluid and is beneficial for your intestines. The more you jump, then the more you are benefiting your body. Your immune system is more equip to fighting up viruses, such as cancer and bacteria. This could also mean that you get sick less often and dodge the three leading causes of death—diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The more you exercise, then the more you are going to increase your metabolism. The metabolism helps burn off calories and helps your digestion system run much smoother. Likewise, if you are feeling healthy from exercise, then you are going to breathe better and sleep better. In turn, the more you use your trampoline, you are going to add years to your life and slow down aging. In addition, it does not take up a lot of room, which I really enjoy. All you need is a corner in a room of your home. All the time you need is 10—may 15—minutes a day. Try the trampoline and you will see how it changes your life!


  1. Anonymous


  2. Shelly

    I have my kids using rebounders every day after school. I have them do it before they eat their pre-dinner snack and do home work. The difference in them is amazing. They sleep better, have better energy, and even do better in school! I am considering getting myself a good one to use in the morning.

  3. Nerine

    I have exercised with a trampoline on numerous occasions. It’s the perfect exercise to do at home and you can even do it while you are watching television because you are staying in the one spot. It really gets the results. One word of advice if you are going to be bouncing on the trampoline for fitness, be sure to wear a sports bra, or if you are a bit larger, don’t be afraid to wear 2 bras at once. All of that bouncing can cause trauma to the breasts and ultimately, cause them to sag.

  4. Gabby

    This actually sounds like a lot of fun! I always find myself getting bored with whatever exercises I do, it just gets too repetitive, but who can say that a trampoline isn’t fun? I’d love to try this, it seems like something that wouldn’t even feel like exercise because you get so much enjoyment out of it. I think I could easily do this every day and yet still not get bored with it. I haven’t been on a trampoline since elementary school, but now I definitely want to!

  5. Heather Smith

    I have never thought of a trampoline as being beneficial in so many ways! Not only can you get your cardiovascular work-out, but you can also strengthen bones, and improve mental health! Who knew? Maybe it’s time for me to buy a trampoline…

  6. Susan W.

    I have to say that I LOVE my rebounder. So do my children! I like that I can hop on it any time through out the day, and just 10 minutes, I feel like I did 30 minutes of work. I always recommend it to everyone. My legs look 10 years younger after only using it for 2 months!

  7. Anjelica Way

    Take it out on the trampoline — I love it!

    I love to have fun, and that’s why the trampoline (along with dancing) is the exercise I love the most. I love the way you suggest different ways to jump. This is important, because trampolines can remove the boredom that you might find in running or walking.

    Even though I love the trampoline, I do tend to be a bit klutzy, so the balancing bars are a big plus to me! (especially when I’m trying a new move)

    I do a kick jump when I’m feeling angry, which is a GREAT stress reliever. No wonder people are croaking from stress and hardened arteries all the time. Everybody’s trying so hard to be polite, but anger has to be expressed from the body! I grab the bar, though, ’cause I’m not that crazy that I want to flip over backwards.

    Most important — the trampoline is fun! I think it makes you feel like a kid again. Good article.

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