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Best Diet Books


Below you’ll find the reviews of 10 diet books I have read and rated based on how easy they are for people to follow and benefit from.

These books are written by experts in their fields and contain a wealth of information.

There are many books on nutrition worthy of reviewing and I will be adding to the book reviews section often.

Staying Healthy With Nutrition, 21st Century Edition:
The Complete Guide to Diet & Nutritional Medicine

Staying Healthy With Nutrition Book

I have learned more from Staying Healthy With Nutrition than any other book in the nutrition field. The authors, Dr. Elson M. Haas and Dr. Buck Levin, supply a wealth of information that’s incredibly useful in an easy to understand format. It’s broken down into categories of analyzing the building blocks of nutrition; evaluating diets and foods; discussing how to build a healthy diet; and explaining nutritional applications.

My favorite part of this book is the additional topics such as homeopathic medicines, herbal supplements, detoxification, holistic nutrition, and environmental aspects of nutrition covering pollutants and food additives.

My second favorite part is the Seasonal Cookbook with excellent recipes for seasonal items. They also cover special diets and foods for people with various diseases such as heart disease, cancer, cholesterol and more.

My third favorite part is the excellent section that covers approximately 80 pages of health questionnaires so you can test your health knowledge and get a general idea of your health level.

I highly recommend Staying Healthy with Nutrition, it’s my number one choice of the top diet and nutrition books I have reviewed

The World’s Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating

World's Healthiest Foods Book Cover

George Mateljan puts a different spin on nutrition. He takes 100 nutrient rich foods as “The World’s Healthiest Foods”, incorporates those into 500 delicious, quick to fix recipes, to give you the Healthiest Way of Eating.

The foods he focuses on supply the maximum nutrients for the minimum number of calories. Not only do the foods help you achieve an energetic lifestyle, but they are very tasty.

What I like about this book is the way the author teaches you about the healthy foods and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. I started by trying one or two choices each week. I was impressed after a few weeks to find my energy level had increased significantly.

Another thing I like is how he provides recipes, (most of which you can prepare in less then 10 minutes), and includes a section on dried and fresh herbs and spices. He’s also included weekly meal plans, tips for food preparation, tips for weight loss and a section that helps match foods to health related issues.

I highly recommend The World’s Healthiest Foods as my second choice of diet books to read

The Family Nutrition Book: Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Children – From Birth through Adolescence

Family Nutrition Book

Authored by William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N., they bring you “Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Children”. This is an excellent resource for parents and it includes topics from breast feeding to picky eaters.

This book also covers a vast amount of nutrition with information on how your body works, how to read food labels, weight loss tips, and how food assists in disease prevention. They have also included scientific explanations and behavior modification.

They discuss good fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins in an easy to read and understand format. The one thing that prompted me to buy this book was the comments made by other buyers. Each one included the fact that this book wasn’t only informational, but it was written so well it held their attention.

The Family Nutrition Book is my third choice.

See The Family Nutrition Book Today on Amazon.

Prescription For Nutritional Healing, Fourth Edition

Prescription For Nutritional Healing

This book is well known as the A to Z reference by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. It covers good nutrition, mineral and vitamin supplements, recommended dosages, herbal remedies and therapies such as ayurveda and chiropractic care.

Hundreds of illnesses with descriptions of over 200 common disorders are listed. Offered are natural ways to heal, ease and help prevent health problems.

It’s a great reference for looking up common conditions and finding natural alternatives through nutrition and herbal therapy. I do disagree with the theory stating “low fat diets that are basically vegetarian” are the answer to all health issues. Some of the information provided isn’t backed by actual studies.

Prescription for Natural Healing is my fourth choice.

See Prescription for Nutritional Healing Today on Amazon.

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

This is a great book for the basics of nutrition and especially beginners. The latest dietary guidelines from the USDA and USHHS supply scientific based information on fitness and food choices, the American Heart Association guidelines and the USDA MyPyramid guidelines.

They also cover areas in women’s health, dietary supplements, and the latest information on water and food safety. Nutrition myths and fad diets are also discussed.

Managing and preventing health issues, food allergies, and lactose and gluten intolerance are discussed regarding the interaction of drugs and food. They’ve also included a section on maintaining a healthy weight and weight loss, as well as solutions to blending good nutrition and taste into meals.

Of my top 10 nutrition books, this one has received the National Federation of Press Women Award and National Health Information Award, among others. If you’re new to nutrition, I recommend Complete Food and Nutrition Guide as the best book for beginners.

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet


I purchased the original book when vegetarianism was gaining popularity. This new edition is even better, it includes scientific studies and research that wasn’t available at the beginning of the era.

This book in no way pushes you to become a vegetarian or vegan. Instead, it gives you the facts if you’re considering a change. It’s also excellent if you’re transitioning into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

This is the best reference book I’ve ever read on vegetarian diets. I use it constantly. It completely and honestly discusses omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan diets.

An issue the authors, Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, bring to light is the importance of nutrients. They supply all the information you need to ensure you have enough nutrients in your diet as well as the sources to obtain nutrients if needed.

As one of the top diet books, The New Becoming Vegetarian is my top choice for becoming a vegetarian.

Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 3rd Edition

Sports Nutrition Guidebook

Nancy Clark is a well-known sports nutritionist and registered dietician. In this book, she explains the exact foods and dietary balance most favorable for athletes of all walks, and she backs it up with documented research.

Nutritionally, she emphasizes complex carbohydrates needed for endurance athletes especially. She does go into information on fast foods versus other foods. She also discusses foods to eat before and after fitness workouts, hydration and supplements.

Her latest edition includes a section on weight control, weight loss and tips on gaining weight, as well as recipes. Of the books I’ve reviewed,

Sports Nutrition Guidebook is my number one choice for sports nutrition.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight For Everybody

Authored by Donald Hensrud and Mayo Clinic, this is an excellent resource for nutrition as well as weight management. This book is extremely easy to read and understand, and laid out in a great format. The sections are Getting Motivated, How to Lose Weight, and When You need More Help.

From a nutritional standpoint, it focuses on the Mayo Clinic Pyramid, which doesn’t eliminate food groups, but teaches how to eat a balanced diet, and include lower energy density foods. They also promote fitness which plays a major role in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

Extremely easy and interesting to read, they lead you through identifying triggers that cause over eating, reading nutrition labels, ingredient substitutes, how to burn calories, and changing your bad eating habits into a healthy lifestyle change. As a bonus you’ll also find some easy to fix recipes using regular foods.

Although it’s directed towards healthy weight, it contains as much nutrition and diet information as the other books too. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody is a great choice for people looking for a diet book to help them lose weight.

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Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way

Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way Book

What does Cholesterol have to do with nutrition? Surprisingly many people ask that.

They’re aware that cholesterol is unhealthy and can put you at risk for heart disease or strokes, but they seem surprised you can control your cholesterol through nutrition.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, author, has written a very easy to understand book explaining how food discoveries can manage cholesterol.

He explains how “functional foods” such as Benecol and Take Control lower bad cholesterol and improve the ratio of good and bad cholesterol in as little as three weeks.

His theory is based on balancing the blood lipids without drugs and without side effects.

Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way is my top choice for this topic and has been included in the best nutrition books review because of the needed content on this subject.

See Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way on Amazon.

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation Book

How many times do you stop on the way home from work for fast food after a long hard day? Millions of people do every day, even knowing that fast food is unhealthy, but in our fast paced world, it’s a convenience. I used to do it myself, but there’s more to Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” than nutrition. It is a must read.

Eric will take you behind the counters where you’ll find overworked, underpaid teens, to factory farms and slaughterhouses ran by huge conglomerates. The hidden side of the fast food industry is exposed.

The author has devoted much time to the personal life stories of many people on both sides of the fence. He’s not attacking the fast food industry, but he exposes the crimes against humanity, the destruction of diet and earth, and the deflation of our economy and values.

See Fast Food Nation on Amazon.

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