Friday, January 22, 2021

The Best Detox Tips I Know


Sometimes it can just feel as though our bodies have become clogged up and congested. It doesn’t matter what you eat, when you drink, or how you sleep, you just seem to be running on half power the entire time.

That is usually when a detox comes in handy but so often the after effects of the detox are worse than you were feeling before! Celebrities try out detoxes all of the time, but they probably have full time nutritionists that can carefully tailor their diet to something perfect for them. For the rest of us, we find often that a detox can give you unwelcome side effects, such as constipation or headaches, and that is the last thing that you want. So how can you make sure that your next detox is going to be fun, easy, and what’s more, give you that refreshed feeling?

Well, it can certainly be difficult: which is why we have tracked down some of the best detox tips out there. Instead of merely starving yourself for twenty four hours and hoping that did the trick, did you have any idea that these were great for you?

1. Sort out your liquids first.

There is absolutely no point in even thinking about going through a detox if you are drinking irresponsibly and no, we don’t just mean alcohol. Of course, if you could cut out alcohol altogether, that would certainly help, but there are much better drinking habits that you should get into if your detox is going to be a success. First off, double the amount of water that you are already drinking. Try to drink very little tea or coffee, or any other caffeinated drinks. They just mess up your system, and cause you to become dehydrated. Drinking more water will help flush out any toxins, and keep you more alert throughout the day. If you are finding it difficult to drink that much water in a day, keep a one liter bottle of water with you at all times. Always pour your water from there, and then you have a visual representation of how much water you are drinking and how much more you need to the rest of the day.

2. Increase some dairy and lose others.

Believe it or not, it is definitely possible to eat dairy products whilst on a detox: you just need to be a little bit selective instead of just gorging yourself with cheese. Cottage cheese is naturally incredibly low in fat, and along with probiotic yoghurts and drinks are perfect for balancing the delicate balance of your digestive system. Your immune system will also thank you, as all of those probiotics will help you prevent a cold or any other nast bugs. Team cottage cheese with smoked salmon or cucumber for that perfect lunch. Unfortunately, you’ll have to say goodbye to butter, full fat milk, and the rest of the cheese family.

3. Replace red meat with better protein.

Protein is essential, but unfortunately it often comes with far too many strings attached. When going into a detox, make sure that you replace some of the more toxic protein that is in your diet with other sources of protein that are really beneficial for your body. Red meat is especially dangerous, and too much of it can lead to problems with your heart, and even cause strokes. Definitely something you want to avoid. But do not worry, because there are many great tasting and delicious foods out there that you can substitute red meat for. Some of my favorite, Lentils and chickpeas, are brilliant for using in a wide variety of recipes, and are much cheaper than meat too.

4. Enter exercise.

A good detox doesn’t just change what you eat, but also what you do. Now, not all of us love exercise, and it is often very difficult to introduce an exercise regime into your day when you are working hard, or a mother, or have a ridiculous schedule. However, without a gentle stroll every day, your body will not be able to revitalise itself through muscle growth. Even if it is only for twenty minutes over your lunch hour, then that is something. Of course, if you have a little more time that you can invest in your health, then you should look into something like a Pilates class, high intensity, low pain exercise that will give you better posture and balance, as well as toning.

5. Know when to treat yourself.

A detox should never be about punishing yourself, and it should never be about losing weight. That is a slippery slope that ends in an unhappy place, where you hate your body and the way that you look and feel. Instead, a detox is a short period of time which you allocate ahead of time to really treat your body well and that includes treats. A treat of dark chocolate or a hefty glass of red wine once a week will not mean the end of your detox, and is a great way to reward yourself for all of the hard work that you have put in for the last seven days. That doesn’t mean going mad: no late night takeaways, or nachos for elevenses! But there is no reason, unless you want an unbelievable strict detox regime, why you cannot have something that you love every once in a while.


  1. Betty Fleming

    thanks I think that to eat legumes like lentils and chickpeas and food items like those are a better way to increase protein in the diet without needing to eat meat

  2. Tofuran ahmed retu

    your article are very nice.thanks for to make lamon essential oil?

  3. Maya

    I notice that there are lots of detox diets you can purchase. They are usually very expensive and involve drinking juices instead of eating. I have always thought them to be unhealthy and a waste of money because people clog up their systems with so much junk food before and after that there doesn’t seem to be much point to clean it all out if you are going to put it all back afterwards. Drinking lots of water with lemon is the best detox you can do and it’s cheap and doesn’t require you starving yourself with weird berry juices nobody’s ever heard of.

  4. Kaila

    I like drinking a lot of tea, and I do mean a LOT. I usually drink at least 4-5 cups of tea daily. Sometimes, I like white tea, other times green tea. My boyfriend told me to slow down on the tea and start drinking water but I didn’t want to listen to him.

    But reading some articles (including yours) about the dangers of not drinking enough water or replacing water with tea or coffee or sodas, has made me rethink my “strategy”. Starting tomorrow I will be drinking 4+ glasses of water and increase this number as time goes by until I reach 8-9 glasses a day.

  5. olivia N

    A lot of people buy these detox plans and I have always thought they are a waste of money. This one is a lot more pratical. Water is always the key. Water flushes out your body and meats are always bad for you. Sweets, chips, burgers and all fast food is bad for you. Even if, at the very least you cut out fast food during the week and drink extra water, you can treat yourself on the weekends and still maintain your health.

  6. Bettie M. Bates

    Interesting article. I like that you mentioned knowing when to treat yourself. Detoxing shouldn’t feel like a punishment. It should actually feel like you’re doing some FOR yourself… which you are!

  7. Ames

    I already drink 7-8 glasses of water daily plus 1-2 cups of green tea and I am doing pretty good, liquid wise. I don’t drink alcohol except for a beer here and there.

    I also think treating yourself is essential if you want to keep eating right and not go overboard some day just because you couldn’t “take it anymore” and just wanted to eat the whole fridge.

  8. Kayce

    Exactly the kind of tips I was looking for. I have been wanting to start a detox for awhile now.

  9. Alessandra

    I couldn’t stress enough about water! I never liked sodas but I used to have an orange juice every day because I thought it’s a lot healthier and tastier than drinking water. I was super wrong as the orange juice seemed to bloat me but I blamed it on the carbs. I had a 3 day diet when I didn’t touch any carbs and I focused on drinking yoghurt and having some bits of grilled chicken breast while drinking orange juice. This is how I discovered the culprit and now I stick to my water.

    I’m not saying natural juices are bad for you, they just aren’t for me, so watch your diet closely and make sure you’re not eating something that is actually slowing your weight loss.

  10. Tammy

    I think a detox is something that my body could really benefit from, but like you said in this article, I’ve been afraid of the side effects that would no doubt come along with it. But after reading this I think I can manage to give it a shot and not have to be so worried about doing anything incorrectly. I know I need to start by drinking a lot more water – during the summer it was so easy for me to drink water all day, but now that fall is practically here I’ve been finding it harder and harder to resist the apple cider and pumpkin coffee, but I’m trying!

  11. Lisa

    Great info on detoxing. This will be my very first time so I am absorbing as much info as I can. I never thought of removing red meat from my diet as a form of detoxing but I guess it is thanks for the information.

  12. Kate Stale

    I was familiar with most of this image apart from the replacing of red meat. It’s the more you know. I will definitely use this in the future, thanks for the article!

  13. Fiona

    Caffeine and Alcohol are definitely two of my vices. I will be making a concerted effort to reduce both of these.
    I have already increased my water intake, so hopefully a couple of steps at a time will have my body working better.

  14. Eva

    Great advice. I have needed to enter detox for quite some time due to feeling awfully lethargic on a regular basis. These tips makes detox easy to understand which is something I have not quite understood before. Another advice point from me would be to try something like green smoothies. They are a great way to get a lot of healthy stuff into your body with one drink as a substitute for breakfast.

  15. Dana

    Excellent advice regarding the liquids! So many people put liquid junk in their bodies daily. Pop, artificial ice tea, coffee drinks that are like liquid cake *cough*Startbucks*cough*…if you’re a fan of those, give them up and see how much better your body will feel after an adjustment period…and how much weight you will lose!
    By giving up pop when I used to be chubby I lost nearly 10 lbs with that alone :/

  16. Jamie

    I could have sworn that dairy products are good to have little or none of when doing detox. You should do an article on how dairy products affect you when you do a detox.

    • Eugenia

      Great point Jamie, i thought you are not suppose to use any dairy products while on detox! i would like to know more about this as well

  17. Gina

    This is some really some great information. I am currently starting to drink more water and exercise more often so with that I am headed in the right direction. I don’t eat meat too often anyway so that is good. I appreciate the information on the chickpeas and lentils. I would probably prefer the chocolate to wine for a treat. I also liked reading about what kind of dairy is or isn’t good for detox. That was very helpful.

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