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Losing Weight In The Wrong Ways


If you are not comfortable within your body because you feel that you are carrying too much extra weight, then of course the most healthy thing would be to do is to increase your fitness, and make sure that you eating healthier. That is the best way to lose weight, and there are loads of different ways within that band of healthy living that you can try out, from pilates to kickboxing, juicing to Atkins. But unfortunately there are other ways of losing weight that are simply wrong: in fact, they could make you unwell, and could even cause you to gain weight.

So what are these wrong ways to lose weight? We have collected together the five common traps, and also a different angle that you could try to make sure that you are losing weight safely:

1. You are fasting continuously.

It makes sense, right? You want to lose weight, and food contains calories. Therefore the best way to lose weight would be to completely stop eating. This is so totally wrong, and we want to get the message out there so that people can stop starving themselves. When you completely stop eating for more than twelve hours, your body realises. However, your body is much more instinctive than you realise, and it will automatically assume that you are going into a drought season. In the past, when humans went through a period where they couldn’t find enough food, their bodies actually went through a chemical change: the fat cells within our bodies actually start storing up more fat, so that we can survive for longer. This still happens to us today, so if you are fasting continuously, then you will trick your body into thinking that you are about to starve, and you will start putting on weight! Obviously this is not what you were going for.

Instead: try the 5/2 diet. It includes calorie limitation, rather than cutting them out completely, and is a great way to learn better portion sizes.

2. You are ignoring your body.

Of course you’re hungry: you are teaching your stomach to be content with a smaller amount of food, perhaps, or you are training yourself to be happier with fruit than chocolate. Hunger pangs of course should be ignored, because that is just your body crying out for the old ways, which you are trying to move past. But when you have an underlying illness, then it is ridiculous to pretend that you are feeling totally fine if you are not. This particularly applies to people with diabetes, or any condition linked to blood sugar levels. Our bodies do need sugar and fats, just not in the amounts that we typically give them ñ but if you can them out completely, your body will suffer, and try to tell you. Sometimes a little treat can go a long way into restoring your body’s balance.

Instead: ensure that you always have a healthy fruit snack bar in your handbag. If you start to feel unwell, you can eat that with minimal guilt.

3. You are not drinking enough water.

Water, water, water: without proper hydration, how on earth are you going to keep going? We have been emphasising the importance of being hydrated for years, and yet still people are not quite listening. Without enough water within your system, your digestion system cannot break down the food that it has, which means you could end up retaining the weight longer. Water also flushes out your system, and keeps you from getting bloated. Water keeps you alert, allows your brain to function, and keeps your willpower strong. Water is also the reason that we feel hungry eighty percent of the time ñ we think that we are hungry, but instead our brain is just confused. We are thirsty.

Instead: try to drink one glass of water every two hours, and match your caffeine intake with a glass of water. That way, you should be hydrated.

4. You are binging.

We all slip up on our diets every now and again, but sometimes after a long hard day, it can be all too simple to just grab the biscuit barrel, and keep going until we reach the bottom. Binges are not good, and they are never pretty, and can be found in almost any form ñ from alcohol, bread, sweets, whatever is your guilty pleasure that you have desperately been trying to keep away from all that time. Of course, as soon as you finish the binge, you look around you at all of the wrappers and feel terrible. But does that ever stop you from doing it again in the future? No. Binging is actually really bad for your stomach ñ the massive intake of food leaves it struggling to process it all, and that means that toxins will stay in your digestive system for longer. You will end up with a very uncomfortable stomach, not to mention all of the calories that you have just ingested.

Instead: decide on a reward that you will give yourself every evening for being good ñ a square of dark chocolate, or one biscuit. That way you still get your treat, but without going crazy.

Losing weight can be simple as long as you do not abuse your body, and as long as you avoid these four major pitfalls, you should be on your way to a healthier, fitter you.

7 Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

Almost everything in life can be achieved by sheer willpower. The same is the case with losing weight. Resisting temptations and eating right does require a lot of willpower! It may however be noted that resisting mouth-watering treats may not always be possible, and women often end up giving up on their willpower after some point in time or the other. So why not go for an option that altogether does away with the need for testing your willpower?

The below listed tips and tricks will help you lose weight without testing your willpower to the limit:

  1. Always carry healthy snacks with you: Whenever you go out, ensure that you carry healthy snacks. You may carry them in your purse or your gym bag; but make sure that you have them at all times. Thus, whenever you have hunger pangs, you have ready access to healthy snacks that can satiate your hunger. You now need not go looking for less healthy food options to quell your cravings.
  2. Trim down the plates: Change your plates and opt for smaller ones. It is but a fact that such downsized plates will hold less food. It may however be noted that varied studies have indicated that eating off smaller plates makes us believe that we are eating more than normal. Avoid going for really small plates; instead you can trim down your plate size by about 2 inches diametrically. This will result in less consumption of calories and subsequent easy weight loss!
  3. Cook for the week at one go: List out the things that you would eat for the week such as salads, veggies, eggs, etc. You may then prepare these items for the entire week and thus avoid the temptation of trying something out of the usual.
  4. Store junk foods in the top cabinets: Humans are inherently lazy. Studies have shown that we tend to eat less when we have to move to get the food. Thus, if junk food items are stored at a place that is not easily accessible then we will invariably end up eating less of it.
  5. Do not avoid breakfasts: Eat a healthy breakfast! Every day! It will ensure that the levels of blood sugar are kept in check, which in turn will prevent overeating or hunger attacks during the day.
  6. Cut your food: This is another psychological tactic that makes us feel full even after eating small quantities of food. When you cut up food into small pieces, then the overall amount of food seems more, thereby prompting us to eat less. This option works best with foods like sandwiches and steak rather than small foods like fries or grapes.
  7. Avoid the supermarkets: Supermarkets are a haven of temptations. So if you are the kind that goes to a supermarket with a list of healthy food items but comes back with loads of junk foods and sugary treats, then its best to avoid the supermarkets altogether. You may ask your partner to do the grocery shopping, or you may get them home-delivered. There are many grocery shops that offer home delivery services. Doing so will not only help you avoid bad foods and thus lose weight, but will also leave you with extra time that you can dedicate to exercising or other activities.


  1. Kelley

    fasting can definitely be a good way of losing weight but of course like Sophie Jones always says it is not a long term solution. It is a good solution for losing some weight and getting your hormones and organs back in order, but then start the Clean Eating plan because that is what you want to do on a daily basis!

  2. Donna

    @ Christie Go to a real nutritionist rather than listening to broscience. They will actually test your blood. Or just use clenbluterol like everybody else. The safe way to lose weight begins with a thorough checkup by your family physician. He can check for any health problems that might defeat a simple diet plan. He can also help you set a reasonable weight-loss goal and plan a strategy to meet that goal within a reasonable time frame.

  3. Celia

    @ Christie Absolutely. Endomorphs typically have a difficult time losing fat with diet alone, so a well-rounded fitness program is a must for those with an endomorph body type. Exercise is essential to boosting metabolism and must include both weight and cardio training.

    Google endomorph body type and you will find information on how to do it. Here is a link to a site that may help

    Best wishes


  4. Kelly

    I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I have a binge eating problem at times, more often than I’d like to admit. It’s not always easy for me to stop at just one, so I’m definitely trying to gain some self-control in that aspect. I’ve been making an attempt to drink water when I feel like eating something, so I’m hoping that in time I’ll adjust to more water and less unnecessary eating.

  5. Ashlynn

    I had no idea that carrying healthy snacks with me would help me loose weight . Even if it’s pretty hard , this list will definitely help me with what I want to do with my body . Thank you !

  6. Marie

    I think junk food shouldn’t be stored anywhere. If you know you have an issue, just don’t buy them at all. Then your lazyness works for you and you won’t want to go to the store just to get a candybar.

    Awesome list tho! That one about healthy snacks rings especially true. You are much more likely to eat healthy when you have it handy.

  7. Jenny1988

    Nice list. Its still hard to do…
    The willpower is probably the most important, but these tricks sound very supportive. Especially the healthy snacks one sounds interesting, you have a good list for healthy snacks?

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