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How To Dance Like Beyonce

When it comes to dancing there are few women that have the type of high spirit moves that Beyonce has. She has this aspiring new age Tina Turner energy with legs that seem to never tire out. Any fan that has inspired to dance like Beyonce should consider following a few of the tips below.

Study Her Videos

The first thing that die hard fans must do to dance like Beyonce is study her videos. She has a lengthy catalog so it may be hard to pick just one.

You may have to ask yourself what Beyonce style of dance you are interested in doing. She has a lot of choreographed moves. Some are fast. Others are slow. The bulk of her moves involve steps that are greatly connected to the chorus. This is when she really turns up the heat and gets busy.

If you plan to duplicate her low hip thrusts and slow grinding you may need to consider watching the “Dance For U” video. The people that want to do the high leg lifting that she does should consider “Single Ladies.” A lot of her old school dancing can be summed up on a single video called “Get Me Bodied.”


Another thing that you must consider is exercise if you truly want to dance like Beyonce. This doesn’t mean watching the video and trying to do the dances right away. This isn’t exercise in the traditional sense. It is true that dancing like Beyonce will keep you in shape, but you have to get in shape first. People that are not in shape that attempt to dance this way will only tire themselves out quickly.

You need to stretch and consider squats. This is one of the most valuable exercises you can do. Beyonce drops low quite a bit and squats are the closest exercise regiment to get in shape to duplicate these types of moves.

It is also good to consider jogging or running for your exercise routine. Beyonce can dance for a long time. This means she has bundles of energy and stamina. About the only way to build the stamina and dance without losing breath is by running.


The more you watch Beyonce the move you realize that she is someone that can dance without any assistance. She does have lots of group routines, but her ability to dance alone and freestyle makes her an original.

For this you may want to consider more of her concert footage. This is the time when she may turn up the heat, break away from her routine group dancing and wow the crowd. She likes to pump her derriere high while she sinks low. You should practice this to a couple of Beyonce songs in a mirror.

If you are not getting the hang of it you should get online and access YouTube. There are lots of women – many that indulge in stripping and pole dancing – that have tutorials about Beyonce dance moves.

“Master Cleanse” Diet To Lose Weight

Coming soon, Beyonce and the Master Cleanse diet.

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