Friday, September 18, 2020

Big Nose? No Problem in Chinese Medicine


Tipped off from the Cleopatra’s nose printed on the money issued at Egyptian time, she seems to have had a long hooked nose and a big mouth. In old Roman days, the size of man’s nose was seriously considered to show his stamina.

Man’s stamina refers to masculinity, courage and persistence. Napoleon is said to have told, “I need men with a big nose. I always prefer choosing that kind of person unless no other flaws are identified.”

He is right. The one with ample hairs of nostril and no nasal mucus is the proof of healthy and nice-looking nose. It not only shows masculinity, but also prompts efficient heart exercise.

When sleeping with only one side of arms leaned against the floor, it’s hard to breathe with lower nostril than upper one. The same thing is true with lungs. Usually, each nostril gets tired only with 13 hours of breathing. So, we should keep it healthy.

One of the ways to keep it so is to frequently turn the body to the left and right when sleeping. It is also helpful to rub the body with a dried towel. It should be started from the remotest part from the heart, and often massage the skin around the nose. When we’re in deep trouble or get nervous, touching the nose makes us feel calm down. Diet is important; too much sugar does more harm than good; vegetables and seaweeds are desired. Above are also applicable when healing the allergic splenitis.

Followings are three most commonly found symptoms of allergic splenitis;

  • (1) ceaseless spasmodic cough;
  • (2) uncontrollable runny nose;
  • (3) hard to breathe with stuffy nose.

Sometimes, it comes down with allergic conjunctivitis showing eye mucus.

The rims around the eyes turns to be darkening, and lymphs are swollen. It carries it with the symptoms like:

  • (1) spasmodic headache and fatigue;
  • (2) drowsiness and easily getting nervous;
  • (3) frequent abdomen ache, sore legs etc.

The seeds of a cocklebur, called ‘Chang-i-ja’, are often used for a single-time treatment.


  • (1) Fry them till the color turns to light brown mix 10grams of them with 300 to 500ml of water boil it down by half take it on occasion daily.
  • (2) Grind them by 42grams a day take it three times a day with hot water.(boiled ‘U-geun-pi’) liquid is more preferable.)
Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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