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Biodynamic Massage


There has been a long help belief that there is a link between the mind and the body. When both are in synch and working in a positive manner, the overall health is improved. However, daily stressors harm the psyche and subsequently the body can show signs of stress related pain. Headaches, muscle aches and a general “off” feeling are common indicators. In addition to typical daily stress, those who are undergoing psychological therapy can benefit from bringing the body into harmony as well. In both cases, the use of biodynamic massage can be beneficial.

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What is Biodynamic Massage?

The process was first introduced by Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist, Gerda Boyesen and further developed at Chiron. While there is some basis of Swedish massage in the technique, the process involves a much deeper attunement with the body and its energy. Each therapist works on a physiological level but also on an holistic level with the body’s energy.

The precise process can be customized for the particular needs of the patient. It can both relax and rejuvenate depending on the needs. Prior to receiving a biodynamic massage, the therapist consults with the patient to determine any issues that are occurring and to establish goals for the session as well as subsequent ones. This way, the therapist can concentrate the energy where needed.

What are the Benefits of This Massage?

The benefits of this body therapy have been used to reduce stress, as therapy for psychosomatic illnesses, to augment psychological therapy and to increase body awareness. Therapists perform the technique by using verbal and physical stimulation to unblock stress. It considers emotional, psychological and physical issues that are occurring so you feel more relaxed and confident. Patients undergoing biodynamic massage have a sense of well being immediately following and for a long time afterward which is why it is so beneficial for tackling psychological as well as physical issues.

Practical Uses

The physical effects of biodynamic massage can help promote circulation, increase energy and relieve stress. For anyone who suffers from headaches, skin problems, hypertension or digestive problems, this process can be highly beneficial. In addition, because of the concentration on mental balancing, it also assists with anyone who is suffering from anxiety or depression. For those with insomnia, he relaxing effects on both the mind and body can help alleviate sleeplessness.

Biodynamic massage is becoming increasingly popular with those who are interested in alternative therapies. It is also used quite often in conjunction with traditional medical treatments for both mind and body. Cost for this treatment is relatively inexpensive and it may be covered under some health insurance plans.

It is recommended that new patients get at least six treatments to take full advantage of the health benefits associates with biodynamic massage. However, additional treatments may be recommended depending on the particular issue. Most people find the process so beneficial that they choose to continue regular treatment simply to maintain a positive outlook on a daily basis. They can choose to go as needed or adhere to a regular schedule of periodic treatments.

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