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BioEnergetic Medicine


BioEnergetic Medicine combines eastern traditional and alternative ideas to involve the body’s energy system as an over-arching life-force, rather than looking at the way individual organs create good or bad health. Though approaches and philosophies behind bioenergetic medicine vary widely, many therapies rely on balancing what is called “spiritual” energies that surround the body. Imbalances in these energies is believed to result in general sickness.

Electro-acupuncture According to Voll

Electro-acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) is a common name for the treatment of measuring electrical conduction. It was developed by Reinhold Voll in the 1940s while he was investigating the effect of electricity on the human body. He found that, overall, the body had a low conductance. However, the areas of the body that corresponded to the acupuncture points of Eastern Medicine had a higher conductance than others. By measuring these points using a machine, it may be possible to diagnose hidden illness within the body.

Machines such as the Accusense 232 were developed for exactly this task. They emit a small current from a metal probe that is placed on the acupuncture point, and compared to a universal baseline to detect signs of illness. Although this is based on eastern medicine, these devices do not measure energy flow in the body in the same way.

BioEnergetic Medicine in Chinese Tradition

Acupuncture is a well-known bioenergetic medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It uses acupoints, which are said to be pathways for the circulation of the life force, qi, around the body. If the body is sick, the flow of energy is believed to be centred around the points at which the disease occurs. There are three categories of acupoints: regular (which is divided into two categories); the extraordinary; and the ashi points. The regular meridian acupoints relate to particular organs and are the most well known or easily understood of all the acupoints. The two regular vessel acupoints correspond to Du (posterior) and Ren (anterior). The extraordinary acupoints relate to the treatment of specific diseases. Ashi points are particular to each patient and illness, and as such to not have defined locations or names in the body. A professional in acupuncture will employ all relevant acupoints, usually a combination of all three, in order to treat illnesses in particular bodily organs.

BioEnergetic Medicine in Indian Tradition

Chakra, a Sanskrit term meaning circle or wheel, is another BioEnergetic Medicine in Indian philosophy that aligns the body’s spiritual energy from the base of the spine ascending to the top of the head. It links the body and mind into a single unit, as it associates physiological functions with aspects of consciousness to create a cohesive spirituality. There a many chakras in the body, considered to be the loci of life energy which flows along pathways called nadis. Western New Age medicine has linked the position of certain chakras those of the glands in the endocrine system. Chakras are philosophically based, and they are placed on varying levels of spiritual subtlety. The highest form is called Sahasrara, which is concerned with pure consciousness, and the lowest is called Muladhara and concerned with matter. The alignment of chakra energies within the body is believed to result in overall physical, mental and emotional health through balance.

BioEnergetic Medicine in the Future

Energy in the human body is still an area under investigation and a site of much discussion. Fields such as quantum physics offer a place where scientists debate the nature of energy and may help us to better understand the ideas of traditional bioenergetic medicine. The aim of bioenergetic medicine research is to collect as much information as possible from all spheres and combine them to produce holistic medical treatments based on both human energy and life-force philosophies.

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