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Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for Diabetics


When someone has diabetes, it becomes very important to be able to track the level of glucose in the blood. This is vital for the diabetic to be able to manage his/her diabetes. Today, there are many devices that can be bought and used that provide the diabetic with many options.

One of the first self-test systems was made in the mid-1970s. Just as they were then, today these tests still use a sample of blood that is analyzed chemically by the device. However, the devices today are much smaller, which means a smaller amount of blood is needed. Today’s devices are also much more accurate.

Monitors nowadays have a small test strip that is coated with certain chemicals that allow it to do the test properly. A little sample of blood is needed and is usually obtained by pricking the finger. The blood is then put on the strip and fed into the device. In nothing more than a few seconds, the device is able to provide a readout of the diabetic’s glucose level at that moment.

There are many pros and cons to all of the current monitoring systems available.

First and foremost, these devices are very convenient; however, they do still require a blood sample from the body. In many cases, this can be very uncomfortable.

Because of this reason, some people only use the device once a day instead of three times daily.

Also, these devices can sometimes give inaccurate readings, especially if they are not maintained and calibrated how they should be.

The device has to be cleaned to prevent any of the old blood or chemicals from contaminating the monitor. This could easily ruin a reading.

Fortunately it is usually very easy to clean the device and results, most times, are just as accurate as ones given in a professional environment.

Many of the most contemporary devices have been able to exceed features from older models.

While many of these devices offer timeliness and convenience, many also offer other attributes that are nothing short of desirable. Some of the most recent devices are able to store test results that have been taken previously. This allows the diabetic to compare levels which helps to manage his/her diabetes even more. Some can even download results to a computer, and then from here the data can be graphed and analyzed.

Numerous models even let the user draw blood from other places than the finger. This allows a chance for the fingers to rest. It is been shown that continuous pricking leads to scarring as well as loss of sensitivity. This can also lead to running out of fingers to use which makes it even harder to draw blood which leads to a lot of discomfort. Many devices are able to draw blood from the arms, hands, and many other places.

However, there are even better devices that a diabetic can choose to use today.

Some of these devices use a small laser to make a tiny, painless hole in the skin. A drop of blood eventually oozes out and can be placed on the test strip.

This method usually only results in a tingling sensation. This completely gets rid of the use of needles and is much more sanitary, safer, and much more comforting.

Even better, some of these devices are able to work while the user is sleeping. That means no having to wake up during the night to prick a finger and get a test result.

The body continuously functions all 24 hours a day, so glucose levels can fall or drop at any time.

Today, diabetics are able to buy a watch that is able to monitor glucose levels and alerts the users if a certain threshold is reached or exceeded.

The most advanced devices don’t require any blood at all. They are able to sense the glucose level through the skin by using an infrared beam. These were first developed in the mid 1990s, but have only recently been FDA approved for at home use.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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