Saturday, November 28, 2020

Boulder & Denver for Vegans


Our time in Boulder was far too short! We were only in the city for a month, not nearly enough time if you ask me. We were very fortunate to meet some AMAZING people while in Colorado. Some of the greatest animal activists I’ve ever met.

If you are in Boulder/Denver you have to first check out these amazing meetup groups. The Denver and Beyond meetup gets together weekly on Monday and Thursday to support local Boulder places to eateries. And the Boulder and Beyond meetup has a bunch of awesome stuff going on. Chances are if you are visiting the Denver area you will be able to get to one of these meetups.

But let’s talk food!

Boulder Vegan Restaurants

VG burger: In full disclosure, I did not eat here, my husband did. He opted for a burrito and loved it. They are the only 100% vegan place to eat in ALL of Colorado – so if you get to Boulder, please support them! Rumor has it they have amazing vegan sundaes as well and a host of other amazing vegan eats.

Sun Deli: Pizza? Calzones? Tasty salads? CHECK. This Italian pizza place hast it all and is a favorite, especially among the vegan college students. It’s not an all vegan or even all vegetarian spot, but the vegan menu is extensive.

Tsing Tsao: One of the vegan meetups we went to was the weekly Tsing Tsao meetup. Every Thursday, Tsing Tsao has an all vegan buffet for a very reasonable price. They also have a good vegan menu offered on the other days of the week. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about their vegan options.

Nepal Cuisine: Nepal Cuisine celebrates “Meat-free Monday” every Monday by having an all vegan buffet and only serving a vegan menu on Monday’s! It is a great spot with a lot of amazing fresh tasting Indian food. Just a note – the only thing that is NOT vegan is the chai tea if you get it ‘regular’, if you are ordering chai tea, be sure to ask for it to be made vegan.

Leaf: This is a more upscale vegetarian spot in Boulder with some good vegan options. It’s right near the 16th street mall and can get pretty busy on the weekends. They have some great raw options as well!

Whole Foods: The Whole Foods on Pearl Street became our home away from home. Mostly because our home did not have A/C and cooking was often hard with the heat. So we would head to WFM and get stuff from the salad bar, or my favorite, the baked potato bar. They had both white and sweet potato’s, which was really awesome of them.  So I’d just get my sweet potato and put some cooked broccoli on it, some black beans and call it a day. They also had some other healthier options in the deli and burrito making station. It is a very busy and often very busy WFM, but it’s a good one, with lots of vegan options.

Vitamin Cottage: Right behind the Whole Foods on Pearl there is this treasure of a grocery store. Vitamin Cottage is small, but has a lot of great options and a fabulous produce section.

Boulder Dinner Theater: Tell your waiter/waitress that you are vegan and they will help you with the menu – there (to my knowledge) is only one vegan option – but it’s an excellent one! Vegan tamales! So if you’d like to take in a show, don’t worry – you can have a great vegan meal as well!

Denver Vegan Spots

Watercourse: One of our favorite spots in the Denver area! A huge menu with lots of vegan options (it’s a vegetarian/vegan place). Their breakfast selection is really impressive and is served till 5pm every day! There are some nice healthier options at Watercourse, which I really appreciated… and for those of you who are not looking for healthier, they have things like vegan wings, and a big vegan dessert menu.

Watercourse is owned by the same folks who run City O City which focuses more on pizza.

CHOMP! Ok, this is not a place to eat – but it is a monthly get together that features up and coming vegan chefs! If you happen to be near Denver on one of the “Chomp” nights, PLEASE go! The one we were able to get to was packed full (like 70 people!) and the food was amazing! I was really impressed by the organizers and their passion for developing a more cohesive vegan scene in Denver.

As always, I know that I missed a TON of good places – we only have so much time in each city AND I really try to be healthy, so there are some spots I can’t tempt myself with But, hopefully I’ve given you a good list for your next trip to the greater Boulder area.

We loved our time in Boulder and we met some of the most amazing people, we can’t wait to get back!


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    Thank you for posting about Denver vegan spots! This would surely be a great help for anyone who are planning to have a trip to the place. And this would definitely be a great itinerary for everyone.

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