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Breathing exercise for the Midbrain


The Midbrain exercise is useful in strengthening the healing powers of our Brain to support us in our healing and maintenance of our physical form as well as building the strength of that miraculous receiver in our brain that perceives the finer energies of the Universe.

I am also including the Hara Breathing Exercise, which is the crux of the 5 breathing exercises named also in the Kushi’s book, the Book of Do-In:

It is most useful to establish the Hara Breathing exercise so that the Midbrain one will be done with more synchronicity. However, the Midbrain exercise on its own merit can stand alone in importance.

This exercise is most useful in times of deep grief.

From my studies I learned a weakness in the Midbrain can occur from a weak blueprint from our parents, drugs – over-the-counter and street, iatrogenic diseases, those induced by medications like the pill, those for mood disorders, procedures for abortion, vasectomy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, hormonal treatments, the influx of pesticides in our food and the effects on the delicate energies of the organ function, environmental influences to intimate places like our homes, fouled air and water; poor education regarding eating/evacuating/exercise and living in general from stewards of us when were younger who didn’t know how to either, the stagnated build-up in the intestines (there is a relationship of the roots of us to the brain), and the general success of sales/advertising to convince us that refined foods, those “industrial, better living through chemistry, manufactured ones, like protein powders, tvp’s, refined syrups, honey, sugar crystals, powdered milk and powdered eggs.

In addition it is important to mention also the hydrogenated, plastic fats, those found in margarines and salad dressings, and those they were modeled after, the saturated ones, the palm and coconut oils, butter, lard, tallow, etc., polyunsaturated oils, like the ones refined from whole foods like the corn, sesame,  rice bran,  safflower, soy, sunflower, canola, cottonseed, grapeseed, even the olive oil , and those speciality oils (these all have no fiber nor vitamins nor minerals to aid in their digestion, and are not whole food) that contribute to platelet aggregation, plaques, atheromas and arteriosclerosis, all of which slow the function to the important part of us, our computer, our brain, slowing its function in addition to all the other blood and hormonal pathways in the body, so that the finer energies from heaven’s forces cannot energize us due to the stagnation caused by what we are taking in as food and thought. Using a diet in whole grains and vegetables without all the gremlins is useful to unload the system, along with physical exercise like walking; and the exercise can be more empowering. Please refer to information found in the article, Ginger Compress for the Intestines.

Using a diet in whole grains and vegetables without all the gremlins is useful to unload the system, along with physical exercise like walking; and the exercise can be more empowering. Please refer to information found in the article, Ginger Compress for the Intestines.

The following exercise is taken from page 45 and is #5 of the 5 methods described in the sections on pp. 44 & 45, in The Book of Do-In, by M. Kushi. This exercise is for strengthening the Midbrain, aka interbrain from Mr. Herman Aihara, now deceased. It is a great joy to pass along this exercise which has made my life wonderful.

Breathing with the Region of the Midbrain: The Breathing of Spiritualization:

This breathing is done at the region of the midbrain, the inner center of the head. (Close your eyes and focus them to look at a point just above your brows, in the center of your forehead, called by some, the 3rd eye. Dorcas). The inhalation is made slowly but sharply, as if breathing up toward the zenith of the head, with the feeling of lifting the body upward. This inhalation (you will still feel the support coming from the Hara) should be made smoothly and continuously, as long (an inspiration, inhale) as possible (through the nose), and at its extreme point, the breath is suddenly but gently released. The exhalation should be made downward (and out) toward (and out of) the mouth.

The effect of this breathing is to spiritualize our relative consciousness toward a more universal scope, and it further serves to release our perception into bondless dimensions, including the understanding of events taking place at a distance. The entire physical metabolism rapidly slows down as this breathing is repeatedly exercised, and the body temperature decreases as if approaching death. (end of quote).

This exercise can be used freely, sitting or standing, working in meetings or?

Because of the point of focus, the time that this exercise might be the most useful would be at Heart/Small Intestine time or 12 p. m. to 4 p. m.

For those of you who use another system and have learned 11 a. m. to 3 p. m. is the best, there is certainly that option to use as well.

May Ling
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