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Home Exercises for Busy Moms


Women often have busy schedules that involve family, a career and a busy social life. Exercise may often be pushed to the back burner as mothers carpool their children to sports and play dates, but there is easy exercises to stay fit and still have time to everything else.

First, do not miss any opportunity to climb a set of stairs. This is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. This cardiovascular workout targets the core muscles in your lower body, such as your hamstrings in your calves. It requires your body to move in an upward direction, which it is not normally used to doing everyday. Just by this exercise alone, you’re shedding around 472 calories per hour if you weigh around 130 pounds, and up to 690 calories if you weigh somewhere around 190 pounds. Not too shabby for skipping the elevator!

Kids always love to jump rope and double-dutch with their friends. Now moms can get involved and shed some of those unwanted calories. Jump roping by itself targets core muscles within the butt, legs, arms, shoulders. This is a fantastic exercise for improving balance, while at the same time it strengthens muscles in your arms and legs. Each ten-minute session that you jump rope burns around 100 calories. Better yet, this is one that can get mothers involved with their children and still keep their workout routine.

If you are looking for an exercise to sharpen your mind and energize you, then jumping jacks may be one to try. Jumping jacks are another fun and quick cardiovascular workout that is easy to do at home. Consider this a full-body workout. You are targeting all the muscles in your body, while increasing your heart rate and delivering more oxygen into your bloodstream. In addition, you are burning fat, while those unwanted calories disappear for good. The key is to do about a minute of jumping jacks and then march in place. This will give you a chance to rest while you breath steadily and elevate your heart.

Many may be surprised to learn that gardening actually burns calories, but studies show that it may burn up to 300 calories per hour. This is mainly because it uses strength, endurance and flexibility to plant flowers and pull the weeds—among many other tasks. It’s best to break up gardening sessions into about 30 minutes so that muscles don’t get too worn out, but the effects are similar to push ups. With yard chores such as raking, arm muscles are being put to work. Likewise, when you bent down to plant or dig in the dirt, the leg muscles are being strengthened. You get the idea.

Push-ups are another great exercise if you are looking to target the upper torso muscles of your body. These muscles include the chest, shoulders, triceps and abs. Your lower back, legs and glutes are also getting a great workout that gets the blood flowing. This exercise is used most commonly in military and martial arts, but it is a great exercise to get the muscles woken up and ready to take on any challenge. The strength that it builds benefits your bones, while also strengthening your connective tissue and tendons. Similar to jumping jacks, this is a full-body, cardiovascular workout.

Finally, sit ups are for those who want to strengthen their lower back, arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles. These muscles are what most women want to improve, so it is worth the effort and time to put into it. Likewise, sit-ups strengthen your heart, which will eventually lengthen your life. Whatever aerobic exercise you choose, make it count. It is important to stay healthy. These are all simple exercises you can do at home—with your kids, no doubt—so take advantage of the opportunity. In addition, do not slip on your workout just because you are busy; there is always time to get in a bit of exercise.



  1. Jeannie Wong

    Having to work and then take care of the kids has made it difficult for me to look after my body and I really want to get back to looking good again. When I was younger I had no trouble at all losing the weight and staying in good healthy shape even all year round.

    Now things are not the same and I need a plan I can follow to keep my body in great shape.

  2. Audrey

    I try so hard to incorporate exercise into my daily regime but it can be so difficult with the children and chores and busy life. Added to which I seem to spend so much time driving my children around to their different extra curricular activities that i’m just too sedentary. I started to avoid elevators and always take the stairs plus I bought a pedometer to show me just how much I wasn’t walking during the day. This simple device on my belt really focused my mind to walk more. I encouraged the kids to walk to more activities with me and we all feel better already plus I have the evidence in the number of steps to show me how well I’m doing.

    • Minnie

      me too! That is why I am beginning to follow a plan that I can stick to. My problem is that I choose a plan which I would have easily bee able to do a few years ago before my first baby was born. But now with two kids I am sticking to a plan that I can fit into my schedule and that is a way that I have been able to better stick to my workouts.

  3. Felicia

    Bouncing back to my pre-baby shape was a NIGHTMARE! I love him to pieces, but giving birth messed up my body pretty bad: I had cellulite, a huge muffin top and chunky arms. My mom recovered pretty quickly and I was hoping I’m as lucky but no, I had to workout like crazy.

    Squats and planks did miracles for my butt and abs, I now look better than I did before being pregnant, while weighing 10 pounds more, but I like my body more now – I’m more toned and don’t have that skinny-fat look.

    So ladies, get your morale up by starting to focus on your body, even if you just do 10 squats.

  4. Amber

    This is wonderful and so easy to understand in keeping mama and baby healthy. I am starting right away to be more diligent in practicing these tips. Thank you!

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