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Calmbirth is the name given to a number of different hypnobirthing methods, designed to help train mothers for childbirth. Calmbirthing is both a philosophy and a physical technique; it is aimed to teach a mother and her birthing companion to relax in order to experience a drug-free, natural birth in a more comfortable manner. Calmbirth has been credited with making childbirth virtually painless without the aid of medication. It is based on the belief that when the mind and body are in harmony, birth becomes to the natural process it is for other living creatures, with reduced need for medical intervention and a less traumatic entry to the world for the child.

Bruce Newman Calmbirth

Robert Bruce Newman developed the Calmbirth method in the 1990s, and has since presented more than 90 hospital and conference training seminars on it. Many of these sessions were held at universities in the United States of America, and he has taught at the University of Colorado, Naropa University, and the City University of New York. The method is based upon philosophical modes of relaxation and spirituality that he learnt during more than 20 years of training with Tibetan meditation teachers and doctors. Newman has written many books about the Calmbirth method, and also texts on general relaxation and calm healing.

Bruce Newman Calmbirth Description

The Bruce Newman Calmbirth method is based on mind-body medicine and meditation science. The training sessions were started in 1998 in Southern Oregon hospitals, and are now used widely throughout the world. The Calmbirth prenatal classes are focused largely on the innate abilities of mothers that are often overlooked in modern medicine. Women are encouraged to use natural childbirth, without the aid of drugs or surgery, as a primary option, but if medical intervention is necessary, the Calmbirth method can still be implemented to make the birth less traumatic for the child, and help heal the after-effects. The classes are focused on teaching mothers to breathe in a certain way in order to reconcile the relationship between the physical body and they body’s natural energy. This is believed to help reduce anxiety, manage pain, heal the nervous system, and enhance the immune system, as well as aid the child’s reaction to its birth.

Peter Jackson Calmbirth

Peter Jackson is an Australian midwife with 30 years experience in the General, Midwifery and Psychiatric disciplines of nursing care. He has worked largely in regional and country hospitals, where he saw many mothers whose experience of childbirth was traumatic – filled with anxiety and fear. This led him to the implementation of the Calmbirth methodology . Note that Peter Jackson has no connection with Bruce Newman.

Peter Jackson Calmbirth Description

Calmbirth classes prepare pregnant couples for childbirth. The aim is to help these couples access their natural inner resources to help deal with the anxiety, fear and tension that can accompany the birth of a child. It employs the practical skills of relaxation, breathing techniques and visualisation to create a calm environment for the baby to be born into, and focuses on the body of the mother as an instrument involved in a natural process, rather than resisting this exercise with drugs. It also stresses the relationship between the mother and her child through the birth in creating a bond that will then affect the baby’s future.

Calmbirth Benefits

The Calmbirth method is believed to reduce the anxiety and tension surrounding childbirth in both the mother and the child. It supports birth as a natural process, and therefore reduces the need for medical intervention that are believed to increase negative feelings toward the birth and brings biological enrichment. The mother is believed to communicate with the child through the combined energies of their bodies, and thus the child feeds from their mother’s relaxation through the birth. Meditation is also believed to increase pain tolerance and produce endorphins that can also decrease the likelihood of post-natal depression.

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