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Can Alcohol Harm Your Baby During Pregnancy?


When you are pregnant or nursing, everything that you do, or do not do, has a profound affect on your baby. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your baby is affected. If you aren’t getting enough exercise, your baby is affected. Can alcohol harm your baby during pregnancy?

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Alcohol and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, anything that you consume is being passed to your baby, and this includes alcohol. If you use drugs or smoke cigarettes, your baby is being affected. If you eat healthy, and avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, your baby will be healthier.

When you drink, if you are pregnant, the alcohol passes through your body, to the placenta, and directly to your baby. Your baby may as well be curled up in the uterus with a bottle of whatever it is that you are drinking.

The Dangers of Alcohol to Your Baby

If you drink when you are pregnant, and you continue to do so throughout your pregnancy, your baby could be born an alcoholic. This is a condition known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. This means that your baby is addicted to alcohol right now – not when he becomes an adult, although the risks of alcoholism as an adult are greater, even if the baby doesn’t have FASD.

Additionally, your baby could be born with one or more of a multitude of birth defects, and these are irreversible problems that will have life long effects on your child.

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Even just drinking a little alcohol now and then while you are pregnant can have long lasting or life long effects on your baby. The child could have mental defects, physical defects, or both. Not knowing that you were pregnant does not reduce the risks of damage to your child if you drink. For this reason, if you even suspect that pregnancy is possible, simply do not drink any alcohol until you are 100% sure that you are not pregnant.

If you have a problem with alcohol, and you learn that you are pregnant, talk with a doctor immediately about your addiction, in an effort to protect your baby from the effects of alcohol, and to get help for your problem as well. Remember that we have no idea how much alcohol it takes to cause problems for your baby – and for some, even a little alcohol can be detrimental.


  1. NG

    Moderate drinking can reduce the possibility of not only heart disease, artery hardening and apoplexy, but also bone fracture by women facing menopause.Study shows that moderate drinking is good for our health.
    So let’s find out how much drinking is good for our health.
    definition of moderate drinking
    beer, wine and other alcoholic beverage has different amount of alcohol. So we can measure the amount of alcohol by gram. Since alcohol 1cc is about 8gm, 250cc beer, 25cc wine contain same 10gm alcohol. According to health department of America define the moderate drinking as two and a half cup a day and 4 times a week. If you drink more than that you might have physical problems.
    But it depends on people’s sex and age.
    benefits from moderate drinking
    moderate drinking relieve the stress and tension. It also stimulates the appetite for the elderly and is good for digestion. Three cup of alcohol a day is know for reducing the danger of artery disease. Also it is good for generating hormone For women encountering menopause and preventing osteoporosis.
    Two cup of alcohol a day can reduce the danger of apoplexy, but 7 cup of alcohol a day is not good.
    moderate drinking also affects to prolong life span. Research in Australia shows that moderate drinking prolong life span by 7.6 month for men, 2.7 for women.

  2. chen

    A report came out explaining women’s low-tolerance in drinking. According to this report, the activity of ADH(alcohol dehydrogenase) that helps the digestion of alcohol in the stomach is not stronger than that of men; while women have low-tolerance on wine or hard liquer, they show high-tolerance on beer. The alcohol metabolism of women is slower than men between the proof of 10% and 40%, so more alcohol is circulating in the blood. For beer, of which proof is around 5%, the speed is almost the same between the two sexes. The quantity of 3 types of ADH was also tested on the subjects; for women, that of the third class ADH is less than men by 58%. This result shows that women are more vulnerable than men to the alcohol-causing diseases like cirrhosis of the liver; those of lower weight and thick adipose tissue are more susceptible than who are not.

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