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Candidiasis – Causes And Remedies


Candida (or Candida Albicans) is a mycosis that lives in the human intestine. It is a part of the intestinal flora. Everyone has in their body a small proportion of Candida and other bacteria that keep each other in balance. When certain imbalances occur in the body, the mycosis can become infectious causing candidiasis.

Causes Of Candidiasis

One of the cause is the excess of antibiotics, as they kill both harmful and harmless bacteria allowing candida to multiply. The uncontrolled consumption of certain foods and the lack of others (food imbalance) has the same effect.

The stress can influence the appearance of imbalances that lead to Candidiasis, when the body has low immunity. After menstruation, when the body has lost iron and calcium, becoming weak, it fights harder against Candida multiplication. It was found that Candidiasis is more common after menopause.

The use of steroids, pills and other hormone-based drugs can influence the body chemistry. The spores can be spread at the public toilets.


Symptoms Of Candidiasis

The vast majority of women have candidiasis at least once in their life. Unfortunately, this infection is very common today and the most common type is vaginal candidiasis. The most common symptoms of the vaginal candidiasis are: burning and itching on the vulva and the surrounding areas, white-yellow secretion with a thicker consistency, possible burning on urination and sometimes during the sexual intercourse.

Oral candidiasis – in the mouth area- looks like a white foam on the irritated red skin. If you try removing it, most likely it will bleed.

The skin candidiasis usually occurs in very young children because of the moisture accumulated in the area covered by the diaper, and it is quite similar to the oral candidiasis. It can occur in adults as well, but it’s very rare.

The Diagnosis

In the event of the candidiasis symptoms, a doctor consultation is a must. A series of tests on his recommendation, primarily analysis of secretion will be made. If the infection recurs or the symptoms get worse, a blood test will be made.

Candidiasis has common symptoms with other diseases and sometimes the diagnosis will fail. It happens quite often for women to think they have recurrent candidiasis, when in fact it is something else. Consult a physician to determine the precise causes of your symptoms, especially if you are pregnant.


Generally, the treatment is prescribed either vaginally (eggs) or cream (which is applied orally, vaginally or locally, depending on the type of infection) or oral therapy (pills). The treatment usually lasts for 3-7 days and up to two weeks, in more difficult cases. If the symptoms do not disappear in a week, consult your doctor again.


Candidiasis does not disappear by itself. It usually disappears pretty quickly with the necessary care, but has the bad habit to reappear in the event of stress or other issues that cause new imbalances in intestinal flora.

In more severe cases, candidiasis can reach the bloodstream, causing damage to kidneys, heart valves, lung or brain. These are very rare situations, but serious. It is very difficult to treat persons diagnosed with HIV.

If the infection recurs too often, a more detailed analysis is made. The excess of Candidiasis can be a sign of more serious diseases such as AIDS, diabetes or leukemia.

How Can It Be Prevented?

A good local hygiene and a balanced diet can help prevent these infections. However, as there are many different and varied factors that lead to the development of mycosis, it is difficult to avoid it completely.

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