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Cardiovascular Technologist Schools


Have you always had a desire to work in healthcare? Do you not want to go to school for eight years to become a doctor? Not all people have aspirations to become doctors, and many who do simply cannot afford to wait that long to enter the workforce. Becoming a Cardiovascular Technician may be a suitable answer for you in either case.


You can participate in Cardiovascular Technologist Schools and earn an associate’s degree to enter the workforce in this field. This degree can be earned through a community college or junior college, and you can even take some courses online. You can also opt for a four year degree at many institutions, and in either case, certification will be required as well.

Most Cardiovascular Technologists work in hospital settings, but a small percentage work in private doctor’s offices and clinics as well. There are also specializations in this field, each of which requires their own certification. These include Invasive Cardiology, Noninvasive Technology, Echocardiographers, Vascular Technologists, and Cardiographic Technicians. Those who have the most certifications tend to get the best job offers.

This is a growing field in healthcare, and the field is expected to continue growth through 2016. Unfortunately, as heart disease becomes more prevalent, the professionals in this field will be in greater demand. On the other side of that, however, as more attention is given to prevention of heart disease, this field will be in greater demand as well. At the same time, you must consider the impact that laws regarding insurance and Medicare will have on this field as well.

Cardiovascular Technologists earn about $50,000 per year, but often earn up to $75,000 annually if they have numerous certifications in the field. Those who work in hospitals tend to earn the most on average, but those who work in Cardiology centered institutions often make the largest salaries.

Schools Resources

Course Title: Certificate Program in Cardiovascular Technology
Name of Company: Sanford Brown Institute
Location: 10500 Forum Place Drive, Suite 200, Houston, Texas, United States
Description: This is a complete certificate program that enables the student to earn a certificate of completion for work with patients concerning EKGs and other cardiovascular testing.

Course Title: Cardiographic Technician
Name of Company: Daymar Institute
Location: 283 Plus Park Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Description: Upon completion of this program, students will be eligible to sit for the Certified Cardiographic Examination.

Course Title: Associate Degree in Applied Sciences – Cardiovascular Technology
Name of Company: Eastwick Colleges/HoHoKus Schools
Location: 10 South Franklin Turnpikes, Ramsey, New Jersey, United States
Description: Eastwick College offers day and evening classes, and also has satellite schools to make it easier for working adults to attend classe.

Course Title: Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
Name of Company: American Institute College of Health Professions
Location: 1420 Celebration Blvd, Suite 309, Celebration, Florida, United States
Description: This program is open to anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree in any field, or those who already hold an associate’s degree in a healthcare field.

Course Title: ECG/Plebotomy/Lab Assistant
Name of Company: Fortis Institute
Location: 166 Slocum Street, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: It is important to note that this program trains you for all three areas of healthcare, and not just cardiovascular technology.

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